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The Family Court System operates behind closed doors with special access granted. The American people have been shut out. An American in the United States can walk into any court proceedings in a Criminal Courtroom and or proceedings in a Civil Courtroom and sit in the audience...BUT...try that in Family Court.
We respectfully urge the News Media to give this massive (Divorce) industry of $50 BILLION DOLLARS a year, the critical attention it deserves in order to inform the American people and shine a light on the injustice occurring in Family Courts that would inevitably, fundamentally alter the American economy and threaten American jobs.

Because of the the increasing use of various electronic devices including phones, tablets, and other wireless communication devices continually challenges a court’s legitimate concerns for courtroom security, participant distraction, and decorum. 

These electronic devices are redefining the news media, the informational product disseminated, and the timeliness of the content. They also result in new expectations for the court and participants for immediate access to information. Policies developed to address the court’s concerns should include enough flexibility to take into consideration that electronic devices have become a necessary tool for court observers, journalists, and participants and continue to rapidly change and evolve. The courts should champion the enhanced access and the transparency made possible by use of these devices while protecting the integrity of proceedings within the courtroom.

The television news media should be playing a vital role in informing the American people about the far-reaching and troubling implications if there in NO FAMILY LAW REFORM. A recent study by a public watchdog group found that there has been virtually no televised news coverage in the past six months.

Given the secret nature of Family Court proceedings and the virtual blackout from television news networks, the American people remain largely unaware of Civil Rights Violations, Due Process Violations, even Human Rights Violations and its effects on our country.

Our nation must have a thorough public debate. 
www.causes.com/actions/1725477-get-piersmorgan-pierstonight-cnn-to-talk-about-family-court-cps-reform-sharingmumdad http://www.causes.com/causes/409526-children-s-rights Florida Reform Family Law Now
Operation Cps Reform and Family Law Reform - Purple Letter Campaign
Fathers Forever Letter to the White House Campaign -American Family Rights
Families USA - Fatherhood - Fatherhoodgov - American Fathers Liberation Army - American Coalition for Fathers and Children - ACFC - Florida Bar Association
Orange County Bar Association - Dade County Bar Association - International Bar Association's Human Rights Institute - Cuban American Bar Association - Civil Rights in Family Law - Families Civil Liberties Union www.fclu.org - The Florida Bar Young Lawyers Division - Miami, Florida, USA -Fontainebleau, Florida - Bienvenido A Florida - Stop Emotional Child Abuse - Family Law Reform, Inc. - Family Law Reporting

#StandUpForZoraya #ILoveAndNeedMyDaughter #EndParentalAlienation

#StandUpForZoraya #ILoveAndNeedMyDaughter #EndParentalAlienation

#StandUpForZoraya #ILoveAndNeedMyDaughter #EndParentalAlienation
#StandUpForZoraya #ILoveAndNeedMyDaughter #EndParentalAlienation
#StandUpForZoraya #ILoveAndNeedMyDaughter #EndParentalAlienation

#StandUpForZoraya #ILoveAndNeedMyDaughter #EndParentalAlienation

#StandUpForZoraya #ILoveAndNeedMyDaughter #EndParentalAlienation

#StandUpForZoraya #ILoveAndNeedMyDaughter #EndParentalAlienation

#StandUpForZoraya #ILoveAndNeedMyDaughter #EndParentalAlienation


#StandUpForZoraya #ILoveAndNeedMyDaughter #EndParentalAlienation

#StandUpForZoraya #ILoveAndNeedMyDaughter #EndParentalAlienation

#StandUpForZoraya #ILoveAndNeedMyDaughter #EndParentalAlienation

Denial of contact between child and parent is actually a crime and CHILD ABUSE committed by court, CPS and unfit...
Posted by Anna Klarić on Thursday, August 13, 2015

STOP THE HEARTBREAK JUDGE MANNO-SCHURR ~~ 11th Judicial Circuit Family Court... http://bit.ly/1VBlVaG
Posted by David Inguanzo on Monday, October 5, 2015

Happy Birthday Zoraya!Stand Up For Zoraya
Posted by David Inguanzo on Sunday, August 2, 2015

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