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Rights of Non-Custodial Parents - Visitation Interference Law & Right of First Refusal

Location: Florida, USA

State legislative sessions are underway and family law bills are being introduced around the nation that are designed to improve non-custodial parent's access to their child/ren.

Under Illinoisvisitation interference law, The Steve Watkins Act; the law gave judges new tools to enforce access.  Those tools include suspending drivers licenses, assessing fines, requiring bonds to assure order compliance, ordering make up time and incarcerating offenders who repeatedly interfere with the other parent’s access.


Illinois Legislators have given the green light Illinois House Bill 2992 (First Right of Refusal) and have asked that we CALL TODAY. The 3rd reading (the final vote) has been set for tomorrow. (We now have 8 sponsors in the Senate – great job Richard and everyone else.) If we want HB2992 (Right Of First Refusal) to pass, and future support from legislators (or recognition that we are a political force), we need to make our voices loud and clear.

This is the final vote before it goes to the Governor. Remember, it has already made it through the House unanimously. Now it is before the full Senate.

We need to reach as many Senators as possible with calls, faxes, emails, etc., all asking for support of HB2992. Here is the list of Senators: http://www.ilga.gov/senate/

We only support organizations who show an understanding that children need both parents, and that either parent is equally capable of the choice to perpetrate hate or declare peace.

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