Protect Parent-Child Bonds

Fatherless Day - Nationwide event - at:  and/or

Annual Fatherless Day Rally - United we Stand on Friday June 13th 2014 because every day is an unlucky day for a non custodial parent, and anyone dealing with (anti) family court, cps among others.

  • Public · By Sherry PalmerTina M Granstrom and 2 others

    January 10 at 6:00pm until January 16 at 9:00pm in CST
      • Multiple locations

      FIGHT BACK with DIVORCE CORP., Ron and Sherry Palmer, Wendy Archer, Dr. Richard Warshak, and other guests. Divorce Corp. will be releasing a companion book to the movie and the Palmers will be officially releasing their next highly anticipated book "Protecting Parent Child Bonds: 28th Amendment" as part of a REFORM movement coordinated with the release of the movie. The amendment book gives you the tool you need to finally tell your lawmakers the exact change that you want!

      And receive 25% off of the most comprehensive constitutional parental rights book to date, "NOT in the Child's Best Interest." This book gives you the tools that you need to finally be heard, no longer feel like you are in the dark, and empower you to finally know how to fight for equal rights and time to your child!

      Attend the movie at any of the following locations listed on this page, stay for 15 min Q&A after the movie and receive your free link to the amendment e-book and the 25% off the parental rights book. We look forward to seeing you there!!!

      Space is limited. You can pre-purchase your movie tickets from: online...or buy at the door

      Locations releasing the e-book for free and the 25% coupon for the parental rights book are:

      DALLAS, TEXAS - (DIVAS Amber Rodgers hosting this location with a watch party!) You don't want to miss. Authors Ron B Palmer and Sherry Palmer, Wendy Archer of PAAO-USA north Texas, one of the star subjects in the movie, and Dr. Richard Warshak after the 7:00 p.m. showing at this location.

      GARLAND, TEXAS (listed as AMC Firewheel 18 on website) - (DIVAS Amber Rodgers hosting this location with a watch party!) You don't want to miss. Authors Ron B Palmer and Sherry Palmer, Wendy Archer, and Producer Joe Sorge after the 8:00 p.m. showing at this location.

      SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA (listed as Los Angeles AMC Orange 30 on website - Catherine MacWillie, retired Los Angeles Police Officer and Founder of will be guest at this location on January 10, 2014 only with Joe Sorge, Producer/Director of Divorce Corp.

      SEATTLE, WA (Brandon Brandon Lyons creator of app and candidate for State Senator guest at this location on January 12, 2014 after the 7:05 pm showing.

      NEW YORK CITY - Kevin Avard HOST of Speak UP and former State Rep. guest for Q&A on January 12, 2014 at this location.

      FLORIDA - Tina Tina M Granstrom will be handing out after the January 10th after the 8:00 pm showing.

      MINNESOTA, MN - Michelle Lowney MacDonald Shimota, Attorney and President of The Family Innocence Project guest for Q&A at this location on January 12, 2014.

      Find your location here and buy the tickets online in advance to ensure you get a seat on the nights that each guest will be there:

      If you cannot attend you can still grab your free e-book by registering by January 10, 2014 here: Only those that attend a showing and the Q&A immediately following the movie at one of the listed locations above, qualify for the 25% off coupon for the parental rights book, "Not in the Child's Best Interest."

      DISCLAIMER: All guests, other than the producers, would like everyone to know that they may not have seen the movie in advance and that while they all support efforts to bring awareness to problems in the system, they do not necessarily support or condone what everyone says, does, or believes. Their attendance at this event is purely to provide input to the audience as well as make them aware of services and tools to help them in their current efforts to get better results and reform the system. They hope that you will join them in viewing this film and taking part in reforming the system to make it better for yourself and future generations.

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