Is the DOJ in collusion with the Judicial Branch??

"There is no crueler tyranny than that which is exercised under cover of law, and with the colors of justice "
– U.S. vs. Jannottie, 673 F.2d 578, 614 (3d Cir. 1982).

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Obstruction Of Father/Son Relationship

  • Letter to Congress on the Denial of the Right to Impartial Judicial Review of Misprison of a Felony
  • 2008-Opposition to the Appointment of Eric Holder as Attorney General of DOJ
  • 2008-Criminal Compalint for violation of 18 U.S.C. Secs. 4, 241, 242, 1513 etc.
  • Court of Appeals Confirms Duty to Protect Father's Rights Under Treaty
  • RICO/Bivens and Federal Tort Complaint Against Judge J. G. Roberts et al.
  • July 2005--Recent act by Judge J. G. Roberts and the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia
  • Exception to Judicial Immunity
  • 2005 Letter to Congress on Collusion of DOJ with Judicial Branch

Because of the evidence of malfeasance of the Federal Judicial Branch conspiring in criminal collusion with Beltway Lobbyist/Attorneys and government attorneys (i.e. Eric Holder) to obstruct my rights as a father I have filed Federal Criminal Complaints under RICO in VA, D.C., CO, NY, and PA.



"There is no crueler tyranny than that which is exercised under cover of law, and with the colors of justice …"– U.S. vs. Jannottie, 673 F.2d 578, 614 (3d Cir. 1982).

“Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear." President Harry S. Truman

"The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, self-appointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny" (James Madison, Federalist No. 48, Feb. 1, 1788).


August 10, 2009, Criminal Complaints filed with Federal law enforcement in Va., D.C., NY, CO, and PA.

July 7, 2009, Criminal Complaint against Bob McDonnell et al. for Treason, Obstruction of Justice, and Misprision of a Felony filed with Virginia Law Enforcement.

2009 presentation to No. VA Delegates on Misprision of a Felony by Government Attorneys and Judges.


Court records confirms that attorneys in DOJ, the VSBDB, and the Office of the Attorney General of Virginia, Jane and John Doe conspired with Beltway Lobbyist/Attorney Eric Holder to file a fraudulent bar complaint against Rodriguez, so to have issued by the VSBDB’s void order disbarring Rodriguez for exercising his federal rights, and for judges in both Federal and Virginia courts deny Rodriguez access to impartial judicial review of the VSBDB void order-to cover-up treason.

The objective of the criminal conspiracy was to punish Rodriguez by depriving him of his business, profession, and right to employment as an independent federal civil litigator, in retaliation for:

(i) Rodriguez litigating for damages under the Federal and Virginia Tort Claims Act, and the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act ("RICO"), 18 U.S.C. §1961 et seq., for the violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1204 (Add-3), by the government’s obstruction of his federal statutory rights as a father to compel the securing of visitations with his Son pursuant to Article 21 of the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, Oct. 25, 1980 ("Treaty"), the International Child Abduction Remedies Act, 42 U.S.C. § 11601(a) & § 11602(1) and (7); Congressional Joint Concurrent Resolution 293, May 23, 2000; and, the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act ("UCCJEA") VA Code § 20-146.01 et seq. See Canter v. Cohen, 442 F.3d 196 (4th Cir, March 2006);

(ii) Rodriguez petitioning Congress, the General Assembly of Virginia ("General Assembly"), and law enforcement for an investigation of the criminal violation 18 U.S.C. §§ 4 and 1204 (Add-2) by the government’s obstruction of his rights as a father.; and,

(iii) Rodriguez opposing the confirmation of John G. Roberts as Chief Justice for making false statement to Congress violation of 18 U.S.C. §§ 4, 1001 and 1204, by as to Rodriguez’s Federal Tort and civil RICO action for damages for the obstruction of his rights as a father.

B. Proceedings before the VSBDB

In 2003, DOJ’s independent contractor, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, acting as an instrumentality of DOJ, retained Beltway attorneys/lobbyists Mr. Eric Holder, Ms. D. Jean Veta, and Covington & Burling LLP, Ms. Susan Brinkerhoff, and Proskauer Rose LLP ("Holder et al."), from the District of Columbia mailed to the VSBDB a fraudulent bar complaint against Rodriguez for litigating to enforce his rights as a father under the Treaty and Va. UCCJEA (A-12). Also, Holder et al. conspired by use of the mail and wire communication with Rodriguez’s former client for them also to file a fraudulent bar complaint for Rodriguez litigating to enforce his perfected statutory property right under Va. Code § 54.1-3932 in his Virginia Attorneys Lien on approx. $3 to $10 Billion treasure troves sunk off the coast of the Republic of Colombia (A-4).

On November 28, 2006, based on the fraudulent bar complaints filed for litigating to enforce his statutory rights the VSBDB issued a void order revoking Rodriguez’ license to practice law in Virginia (A-4). The VSBDB posted the void order on the Internet and mailed it to federal courts in and outside of Virginia. The VSBDB void order was affirmed by the S. Ct. Va. on June 28, 2007. This Court denied a petition for certiorari, Isidoro Rodriguez, Esq. v. Supreme Court of Virginia et al., (S. Ct. No. 07-419, Nov. 2, 2007).

C. Proceedings before the D.C. Circuit

On December 18, 2006, Rodriguez gave notice of the VSBDB void order to all of the federal courts to which he was a member to request a show cause hearing, and to seek their protection as a victim pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 3771.

Subsequently on June 17, 2007, based on the evidence of the obstruction of his rights as a father and the interstate criminal conspiracy of the D.C. Ct. of App. Committee on Admissions ("Committee") to enforce the VSBDB void order to deprive Rodriguez of his right to a public hearing on his waver application and right to employment in D.C., a second civil RICO action was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia for damages for the conspiracy to punish him for exercising his Federal and Virginia statutory rights. Isidoro Rodriguez, Esq. v. Editor-in-Chief, Legal Times, et al., DC Dist Ct. No 07-cv-0975 (Friedman, J.) (Rodriguez II); DC Ct. Of App. No. 07-5234; cert denied Docket No. 08-411. See also denial of Writ of Mandamus pursuant to 18 U.S.C. §§ 4 and 3771.

An Order to Show Cause was issued by the D.C. Circuit on June 18, 2008. After Rodriguez filed his opposition to the imposition of any discipline based on the VSBDB void order, oral argument was held on April 7, 2009. The Panel’s Order of Disbarment was issued on April 21, 2009 . The Petition for Rehearing En Banc was denied on June 3, 2009.

Tuesday September 8, 2009 14:11

Mr. Isidoro Rodriguez, Esq.

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After our recent post about filing a complaint with the FBI, many of you asked how and why the FBI would care. See what the FBI has to say about criminal behavior by public officials such as judges. You can report corruption now by calling an FBI Corruption Hotline Near You: Or you can submit an online tip:

According to the FBI “Public corruption poses a fundamental threat to our national security and way of life. It impacts everything from how well our borders are secured and our neighborhoods protected…to verdicts handed down in courts…to the quality of our roads, schools, and other government services. And it takes a significant toll on our pocketbooks, wasting billions in tax dollars every year. The FBI is singularly situated to combat this corruption, with the skills and capabilities to run complex undercover operations and surveillance.”

Thoughts on “How To Contact The FBI”

  1. I had contacted the FBI via a registered USPS letter regarding the crimes committed against me including judges and lawyers as well a Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammer having a City of Batavia, NY cop threaten to murder me. I never heard back from the FBI. As a matter of fact, I wrote to many New York State as well as many Federal Agencies including the US Attorney’s Office but never heard back from many of them or refused to help me. More often than not, Government “Law Enforcement” is more apt to help(enable) crimes against citizens rather than bringing justice for them. I have been to Washington DC three times now without receiving any help for my children and I.

    • I also contacted the F.B.I. and was told that I should get a lawyer. I also contacted the Justice Department and the representative that I spoke with made a comment that I must be the only one who has a situation with the family court. And then hung up the phone. The Government known about everything that go on in this Country. It is about an enormous cash flow and we have to fine a way to make the change the Family Court System, because do not that the Government is not benefiting in some shape fashion or form. Some called American people need to wake up and stop being so stupid lay our differences to the side starting within the family
      • I am going to contact my state Senators, Representatives, Attorney Generals, the Mayor, and ….and the media…and every facebook site that has children’s interest. I am adding here as much of the information that this post will take:
        Judge Sheri Dean needs to retire, get suspended or be removed from the Harris County Family Law judicial system!
        We can’t change the harm she has already done to sooooo many families but we can stop her from continuing to make a mockery of the judicial system!
        Quotes copied from just 2 websites about Judge Sheri Dean as supporting evidence.:

        #1 party to a case represented by an attorneyMonday, August 27, 2012 – 03:21

        Heaven forbid you need a divorce and draw Sheri Dean. You do NOT want this judge…unless you are the wife-beating son of rich people in West Houston, regardless of childrens’ “best interests”. Please do society, and possibly yourself a or somebody you know, a favor and DO NOT VOTE to re-elect her this November.

        #2 party to a case represented by an attorneyMonday, August 27, 2012 – 03:23

        Vote for Bill Rice and Obama if you want a truly fair bench in Houston.
        #3 some other type of commenterMonday, August 27, 2012 – 03:33
        I heard she got grievances filed when she was a lawyer. I’ve heard she’s bad news. Even if you don’t vote Obama, please vote her out. It could be your bff or sister or boyfrieoyed nd who doesn’t get a fair unbiased hearing. Woe to all of you who have made any mistake whatsoever and find yourself unemployed, underemployed, or flat out broke by her mandated mediations that amount to squat.
        #4 witnessTuesday, June 11, 2013 – 00:54
        RUN do not walk away from Judge Sheri Dean of the 309th Harris County. I watched the most blatant act of injustice today with horror and dismay. A single mom of 12 years had her son taken away only because he wanted to try something different. When did we decide that a 14 year old has good judgement!? The mother is a hard working professional women who has purchased a home for her and her son; guided him through some challenges; made sure his grades are up and he is friends with good people; kept him involved in the church and activities that keep him out of trouble. Judge Dean took her son away – for no reason. She ordered him out of a good school district to attend a mediocre one. The father is a documented bigamist and had an affair with an under age girl, but Judge Dean thought he would be a good role model for this young man. Instead of his hard working, church going mother. This is Judge Dean. And then to top it all off she ordered that the mother would be held in contempt of court if her son saw her cry over the ruling!! This is Judge Dean
        #5 witnessSaturday, June 22, 2013 – 13:37
        Sheri Y. Dean, Sheri Dean, 309th Harris county family court judge, is running a campaign to get re elected. Please rise up and speak up. List of people who support and endorce corruption, cronyism, and abuse.

        #11 party to a case represented by an attorneyThursday, December 26, 2013 – 23:04

        I am not an attorney, nor have I had cause to be in a courtroom. That being said, I witnessed on multiple accounts Judge Dean clearly favoring one party over another, by allowing one side to speak and not the other and imposing additional penalties not requested by the petitioner. The following discourse sums up Judge Dean’s impartiality – “Your honor, you know that what you are doing is illegal”…response “So noted counsel”.

        #12 party to a case represented by an attorneyTuesday, January 28, 2014 – 21:23

        She does not follow the law and is harming children and the public. The complaints I have read are true. My son, family and I have been run through hell and are still there. This woman is not a Christian, conservative or moral in the least. As a male minister observed and commented, ” She runs a giant cash register benefiting attorneys at the expense of families in crisis.” Greg Enos describes her as a “mediocre attorney (and his neighbor) who made it to her bench by default.” Her colleagues describe her as a mean, nasty attorney who is worse on the bench. Other attorneys describe her as being totally unpredictable and biased. Some will not even take cases in her court because she is unethical and a lost cause. It’s bad when your peer group is trying figure out which fellow Republican will run against her so they can protect the public. The woman is a monster.:
        #13 party to a case represented by an attorneySunday, February 2, 2014 – 08:20
        We have also witnessed this judge’s bias toward men. She removed the children from their mother and gave custody to their father, The mother’s record is clean, but the father has a criminal past. The mother lives in an excellent school district while the father lives in a mediocre district. She doesn’t really listen to the trial or she doesn’t care. Always seek a jury trial in front of this judge!
        #14 party to a case represented by an attorneyWednesday, February 12, 2014 – 15:14
        I have watched this woman berate the people who appear before her and in one case, favor a mother who is a known methamphetamine addict who came into court looking like she just got off work at the strip club. She imposed ridiculously high payments on a man who was unemployed and even threw him in jail for a few weeks for falling behind on child support, thereby ensuring he fell even farther behind. I truly don’t see where she demonstrates any logic or common sense and she most certainly doesn’t dispense justice. She needs to be removed from the bench.

        January 15, 2014 link

        Someone from Kingwood, TX writes:

        I witnessed Judge Dean destroy my family member’s attempt as a grandmother to get a court order just to have visitation rights after her daugher was killed in an accident. The biological father (Not huband)took the child at the funeral an refused the GM the opportunity to see the child. In court, he failed a drug test, and claimed he paid child support to the deceased mother, but had no record of it nor did he have any visible means of support.The judge placed a court appointed investigator to intereiw all parties cancerned and the reported in favor of my family member’s request. The judge ordered to court reporter out of the courtroom and then accused my family member of coercing the investigator that the judge requested! How could she coerce? There were other things that took place during the hearings, but not sufficent to say, I cannot support this judges in a reelection even though she is unopposed.

        June 11, 2013 link

        Cheri M. from Alvin, TX writes:

        Shame on Judge Sheri Dean of the 309th Harris County. VERY Biased against women. In her court you can do EVERYTHING right, raise your children in a great environment – but she will still take them away! And then order you not to cry in front of them!

        May 24, 2013 link

        jeanette b. from Houston, TX writes:

        The 309 family court in Harris county tx is very corrupt! Judge Sherri Dean very biased against mothers, stay at home moms, even knowing there are children’s lives at stake. She is unfair, does not care if husbands cheat in marriages, and favors the men who have money…they are always the winners, regardless of fault. Sherri Dean needs to be removed as a family court Judge. Period!
    • I contacted legislators in my State, as well as the AG’s office and Governor’s office (with a cc to the White House, even). I received a call from my State’s office of DHS, which would be of absolutely no help in my and my children’s case as local DHS authorities had no authority in our case since the appointment of the court appointed guardian ad litem in 2011. I have often thought of contacting the FBI but felt it would do not good either. I am interested in reading of those parents and family members who did do so. The level of corruption is so widespread. I know reporting, eventually, is the only way to expose all the players in these games that are devastating families all over the Nation, the World. This in not just a county, state, national issue and it is mind boggling.
  2. Sure, maybe they should investigate my case, an the pics on my FB page. Ive seen nothing done yet after my EX. beat my sons. The rumor is true. Lancaster County PA is all for the women
  3. I called the local FBI office. I explained I believe there was a conspiracy to suppress my divorce case. I stated the GAL refused to interview my ex wife’s doctors, other expert and important witnesses. I filed two motions to remove the gal with 13 exhibits, including letters from my ex wife’s doctors stating the GAL had not contacted them. And testimony in the motion itself from my attorney that stated the GAL had not contacted him until after five months of repeated letters. They both were denied without a hearing. At the time the letters were written, it was one year and two months the GAL had been appointed to my case. The mediator lied to my attorney and said he was going to write a letter to the magistrate, I was able to prove the mediator lied. The letter was never written. Their was an eight month stay where I could not put my case together, this at the same time the GAL refused to follow Ohio procedure rule 48, guidelines for guardians ad litem. The clerk of courts still had not sent out the subpoenas the day before the first trial date. My attorney’s staff asked the clerk courts to fax over the subpoenas, They were told by the clerk of courts they were to short of staff to fax over the subpoenas. The police lost evidence against my ex wife twice. Then the FBI office asked why do I think their was a conspiracy. I was then told to contact local politicians, the Ohio attorney general, and even the governor. I said I did. And I also filed complaints with the ethics committee. I was asked if I contacted the Bar. I said they will report to the ethics committee. Then I was told I needed to contact the bar, that this was a civil case. So… I called the Bar. They told me to contact the ethics committee.
    • Upon reading the details of your case I am saddened even more – I have such a similar story – it’s such a nightmare to comprehend it happening to even one family? I can barely comprehend that others have been treated so horribly … how can this be occurring over and over again. I am so sorry for all the loss, damage that has occurred. I hope attention is called to this to prevent families just walking into court system, guardian ad litem appointments, corruption in courts, no oversight on county, State, Federal levels. It’s insanity and the ultimate violation of human rights.

  4. Clear cases where judges award unlimited alimony on short

    Marriages should automatically investigated. PLEASE!
  6. I want you all to know that there are lots of us out here in the same boat. The system sucks and we’ve been persecuted by it. I’m a Dad with a spotless record and a great relationship with my son. But every time my ex and I are in court (usually me trying to get some basic right and her protesting), her lawyer just starts defaming me. I get tired of all the lies. Why aren’t lawyers monitored more? Why aren’t they held accountable? Most of them are just evil bastards who’d do anything — including go behind your back — for money. And what they charge is criminal. I’m pretty much at the top of my field and, as a freelancer now, I get $20 an hour. How can folks like us pay $200-300+ per hour? And don’t get me started on judges.
    My very best wishes to you all!


  1. Like you perhaps, I am given hope from our fellow warriors...

    Oh, check this hero out!

    Or this one:

    Today is DAY 629 since my daughter was illegally abducted:
    Alan Ernesto Phillips (on Google+)

    Please feel free to pass those along in the hopes it may help buoy someone else up...
    Thank you!

    1. Thanks for your comment Alan!

    2. "Normal parents can put the needs of their children first. They know that demeaning and demonizing their partner harms the children, and however they may feel, they do not want to harm their children. The problem of brainwashing children arises when one or other parent or both put their needs first and use the children as weapons against each other. These are the adults who have personality disorders that go unrecognized in court. There both parents are given an equal hearing the problem occurs when one parent lies and cheats under oath, manipulates the judiciary and everyone in the case while the normal parent looks on in horror. Women will always be given the benefit of the doubt over men especially by men which is why so many men loose their children. The training of so called experts in the universities and in workshops has been in the hands of radical feminists for the last forty years as a result there is no level playing field between parents any longer. All I can say that I have seen children deprived of a loving parent reconnect after years of demonizing that parent. For other parents they have to live with the injustice for the rest of their lives their child or children are to damaged to ever know the truth." ~ Erin Pizzey

  2. “Relationship Estrangement and Interference is a form of Domestic Violence using Psychological abuse.”
    ~ Joan Kloth-Zanard of PAS Intervention.‎
    PAS Intervention stands for Parental Alienation Support and Intervention. It is an International Non-profit organization to End Child Abuse and Parental Alienation.

    The Father-Daughter Institute ~
    A father who leaves or is taken away from his daughter suddenly, and never again lives in the home with her again, can leave a daughter forever afraid to allow herself to be vulnerable to a man as an adult woman, for fear he to will surely leave her.
    Mrs. Johnson is a Psychotherapist, Researcher and Father-Daughter Communications Coach.
    The Father-Daughter Institute -


    What is the research that supports such a schedule? Where is the data that confirms that such a plan is in the best interest of the child?

    Well, reader, you can spend your time from now until eternity researching the literature, and YOU WILL NOT DISCOVER ANY SUPPORTING DATA for the typical visitation arrangement with the non-residential parent! The reality is that this arrangement is based solely on custom. And just like the short story, "The Lottery," in which the prizewinner is stoned to death, the message is that deeds and judgments are frequently arrived at based on nothing more than habit, fantasy, prejudice, and yes, on "junk science."

    This family therapist upholds the importance of both parents playing an active and substantial role in their children's lives----especially in situations when the parents are apart. In order to support the goal for each parent to provide a meaningfully and considerable involvement in the lives of their children, I affirm that the resolution to custody requires an arrangement for joint legal custody and physical custody that maximizes the time with the non-residential----with the optimal arrangement being 50-50, whenever practical. It is my professional opinion that the customary visitation arrangement for non-residential parents to visit every other weekend and one night during the week is not sufficient to maintain a consequential relationship with their children. Although I have heard matrimonial attorneys, children's attorneys, and judges assert that the child needs the consistency of the same residence, I deem this assumption to be nonsense. I cannot be convinced that the consistency with one's bed trumps consistency with a parent!

    Should the reader question how such an arrangement can be judiciously implemented which maximizes the child's time---even in a 50-50 arrangement----with the non-residential parent, I direct the reader to the book, Mom's House, Dads House, by the Isolina Ricci, PhD.

    Indeed, the research that we do have supports the serious consequences to children when the father, who is generally the non-residential parent, does not play a meaningful role in lives of his children. The book, Fatherneed, (2000) by Dr. Kyle Pruitt, summarizes the research at Yale University about the importance of fathers to their children. And another post on this page summarizes an extensive list of other research.

    Children of divorce or separation of their parents previously had each parent 100% of the time and obviously cannot have the same arrangement subsequent to their parents' separation. But it makes no sense to this family therapist that the result of parental separation is that the child is accorded only 20% time with one parent and 80% with the other. What rational person could possibly justify this?

  5. Children's Bill of Rights


    Every kid has rights, particularly when mom and dad are splitting up. Below are some things parents shouldn't forget -- and kids shouldn't let them -- when the family is in the midst of a break-up.

    You have the right to love both your parents. You also have the right to be loved by both of them. That means you shouldn't feel guilty about wanting to see your dad or your mom at any time. It's important for you to have both parents in your life, particularly during difficult times such as a break-up of your parents.

    You do not have to choose one parent over the other. If you have an opinion about which parent you want to live with, let it be known. But nobody can force you to make that choice. If your parents can't work it out, a judge may make the decision for them.

    You're entitled to all the feelings you're having. Don't be embarrassed by what you're feeling. It is scary when your parents break up, and you're allowed to be scared. Or angry. Or sad. Or whatever.

    You have the right to be in a safe environment. This means that nobody is allowed to put you in danger, either physically or emotionally. If one of your parents is hurting you, tell someone -- either your other parent or a trusted adult like a teacher.

    You don't belong in the middle of your parents' break-up. Sometimes your parents may get so caught up in their own problems that they forget that you're just a kid, and that you can't handle their adult worries. If they start putting you in the middle of their dispute, remind them that it's their fight, not yours.

    Grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins are still part of your life. Even if you're living with one parent, you can still see relatives on your other parent's side. You'll always be a part of their lives, even if your parents aren't together anymore.

    You have the right to be a child. Kids shouldn't worry about adult problems. Concentrate on your school work, your friends, activities, etc. Your mom and dad just need your love. They can handle the rest.


    ----Special Concerns of Children Committee, March, 1998

    "Children's Bill of Rights" is a publication of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. © 1997 - 2001. All rights reserved. "Children's Bill of Rights" may be reproduced under the following conditions:

    It must be reproduced in its entirety with no additions or deletions, including the AAML copyright notice. It must be distributed free of charge. The AAML reserves the right to limit or deny the right of reproduction in its sole discretion.

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      Brotherhood of Trainmen v. Virginia ex rel. Virginia State Bar, 377 U.S. 1; v. Wainwright, 372 U.S. 335; Argersinger v. Hamlin, Sheriff 407 U.S. 425 ~ Litigants can be assisted by unlicensed laymen during judicial proceedings.

      Conley v. Gibson, 355 U.S. 41 at 48 (1957) ~ "Following the simple guide of rule 8(f) that all pleadings shall be so construed as to do substantial justice"... "The federal rules reject the approach that pleading is a game of skill in which one misstep by counsel may be decisive to the outcome and accept the principle that the purpose of pleading is to facilitate a proper decision on the merits." The court also cited Rule 8(f) FRCP, which holds that all pleadings shall be construed to do substantial justice.

      Davis v. Wechler, 263 U.S. 22, 24; Stromberb v. California, 283 U.S. 359; NAACP v. Alabama, 375 U.S. 449 ~ "The assertion of federal rights, when plainly and reasonably made, are not to be defeated under the name of local practice."

      Elmore v. McCammon (1986) 640 F. Supp. 905 ~ "... the right to file a lawsuit pro se is one of the most important rights under the constitution and laws."

      Federal Rules of Civil Procedures, Rule 17, 28 USCA "Next Friend" ~ A next friend is a person who represents someone who is unable to tend to his or her own interest.

      Haines v. Kerner, 404 U.S. 519 (1972) ~ "Allegations such as those asserted by petitioner, however inartfully pleaded, are sufficient"... "which we hold to less stringent standards than formal pleadings drafted by lawyers."

      Jenkins v. McKeithen, 395 U.S. 411, 421 (1959); Picking v. Pennsylvania R. Co., 151 Fed 2nd 240; Pucket v. Cox, 456 2nd 233 ~ Pro se pleadings are to be considered without regard to technicality; pro se litigants' pleadings are not to be held to the same high standards of perfection as lawyers.

      Maty v. Grasselli Chemical Co., 303 U.S. 197 (1938) ~ "Pleadings are intended to serve as a means of arriving at fair and just settlements of controversies between litigants. They should not raise barriers which prevent the achievement of that end. Proper pleading is important, but its importance consists in its effectiveness as a means to accomplish the end of a just judgment."

      NAACP v. Button, 371 U.S. 415); United Mineworkers of America v. Gibbs, 383 U.S. 715; and Johnson v. Avery, 89 S. Ct. 747 (1969) ~ Members of groups who are competent nonlawyers can assist other members of the group achieve the goals of the group in court without being charged with "unauthorized practice of law."

      Picking v. Pennsylvania Railway, 151 F.2d. 240, Third Circuit Court of Appeals ~ The plaintiff's civil rights pleading was 150 pages and described by a federal judge as "inept". Nevertheless, it was held "Where a plaintiff pleads pro se in a suit for protection of civil rights, the Court should endeavor to construe Plaintiff's Pleadings without regard to technicalities."

      Puckett v. Cox, 456 F. 2d 233 (1972) (6th Cir. USCA) ~ It was held that a pro se complaint requires a less stringent reading than one drafted by a lawyer per Justice Black in Conley v. Gibson (see case listed above, Pro Se Rights Section).

      Roadway Express v. Pipe, 447 U.S. 752 at 757 (1982) ~ "Due to sloth, inattention or desire to seize tactical advantage, lawyers have long engaged in dilatory practices... the glacial pace of much litigation breeds frustration with the Federal Courts and ultimately, disrespect for the law."

      Sherar v. Cullen, 481 F. 2d 946 (1973) ~ "There can be no sanction or penalty imposed upon one because of his exercise of Constitutional Rights."

      Schware v. Board of Examiners, United State Reports 353 U.S. pages 238, 239. ~ "The practice of law cannot be licensed by any state/State."

      Sims v. Aherns, 271 SW 720 (1925) ~ "The practice of law is an occupation of common right."

  6. Dear Friends,

    One in six Americans know someone who has been falsely accused of domestic violence. The silver bullets in divorce, false allegations are sometimes used to obtain child custody. This despicable act removes fit and loving parents from the lives of their children.

    Please take a moment, as soon as possible, and speak out for the millions of children who are missing a falsely accused parent. And do it for the parents who are grieving for their children, stolen with a lie.

    Find your senators here:

    Take note of their party affiliation and phone number.

    If your senator is a Republican, call, and ask them to support Sen. Grassley's Substitute Amendment to VAWA.

    If your senator is a Democrat, call, and ask them to demand changes to Sen. Leahy's VAWA (S. 1925), to curb false allegations of domestic violence.

    Do it For the Children, Stolen with a Lie

    Thank you for taking a stand for affected families everywhere.

  7. A Support and Advocacy blog for Protective Parents and innocent Children harmed by wrongdoing under the color of law, the Family Law and CPS Industries. We investigate where the media can't or won't go.

    The people "have the right to instruct their representatives, petition government for redress of grievances, and assemble freely to consult for the common good." In Keeping with the Constitution, Blind Bulldog is committed to serving the common good in Shasta County.

    The following, brilliant take is from a Blind Bulldog affiliate from Southern Cal:

    "The untethered aggression of family courts is due to a vacuum of institutional client advocacy--unlike criminal courts, which have firmly-established constitutional rights, strict state and federal oversight of state court judges, and a dedicated “criminal defense bar” to thwart government aggression, or civil courts that have “plaintiffs'” and “defense” bars to balance one another’s private agendas, family court has no “litigant bar.” The divorce attorneys themselves favor aggression for the simple reason identified in the movie--follow the money. Attorneys have not filled that vacuum to defend their own clients, leaving them vulnerable to the natural tendency of government to intrude. Family court litigants are, sad to say, woefully unaware of what they’re up against, and the body count shows results that are entirely predictable--but we think preventable.

    Family court was created by lawyers and judges--literally--rather than the citizens it should be protecting. We’ve located the history through testimony and other documentation showing something like a Jekyll Island series of “off the record” meetings between California judges, attorneys, and bureaucrats in the 90’s to “set up” family court to their liking, then seeking what became essentially a rubber stamp granting unheard of discretion from the California legislature. This system is now unfortunately the model or trend for many states--hence our nationwide membership and approach. Citizens had virtually no input and maintain no control.

    Federal courts have observed unusually broad adaptations of “federalism,” “comity,” “standing,” and “abstention” legal doctrines to leave the vacuum unoccupied by otherwise ordinary protections of federal rights for individual citizens and legal consumers. Litigants themselves are outmatched in organization--they’re a revolving door commodity. No one wants to stick around long enough to enforce reform. Hence rampant abuse in a lop-sided system of foxes guarding the henhouse, and you and I are on the ever-expanding menu."

  8. “Justice is a part of the human makeup. And if you deprive a person of Justice on a continuous basis, it’s really an attack (and not to get religious or anything) but it’s an attack on the human soul. We have, as societies, evolved ideas of Justice and we have done that because human nature needs Justice and it needs resolution. And if you deprive somebody of that long enough they’re going to have reactions…” ~ Juli T. Star-Alexander – Executive Director, Redress, Inc.

    Redress, Inc. 501c3 nonprofit corporation, created to combat corruption. Our purpose is to provide real assistance and solutions for citizens suffering from injustices. We operate as a formal business, with a Board of Directors guiding us. We take the following actions to seek redress: Competently organize as citizens working for the enforcement of our legal rights. Form a coalition so large and so effective that the authorities can no longer ignore us. We support and align with other civil rights groups and get our collective voices heard. Work to pass laws that benefit us and give us the means to fight against corruption, as is our legal right, and we work to repeal laws that are in violation of our legal rights. Become proactive in the election process, by screening of political candidates. As individuals, we support those who are striving to achieve excellence, and show how to remove from office those who have failed to get the job done. Make our presence known through every legal means. We monitor our courts and judges. We petition our government representatives for the assistance they are bound to provide us. We publicize our cases and demand redress. Create a flow of income that enables us to fight back in court, and to assist our members impoverished by the abuses inflicted on us. Create the means to relieve the stresses on us, as we share information and support each other. We become legal advocates for each other; we become an emotional support network for each other; we problem solve for individuals on a group basis! Educate our judges, lawyers, court personnel, law enforcement personnel and elected leaders about our rights as citizens! Actively work to eliminate incompetence, bias/prejudice, special relationships and corruption at all levels of government! Work actively with all media sources, to shed light on our efforts. It is reasonable to expect that if the authorities know we are watching and documenting, that their behaviors will improve. IT'S A HUGE TASK! Accountability will not happen overnight. But we believe that through supporting each other, we support ourselves. This results in a voice for justice and redress that cannot be ignored. Please become familiar with our web site, and feel free to call. We need each other - help us to help you! Although we are beginning operations in Nevada, we intend to extend into each state in a competent fashion. We are NOT attorneys, unless individual attorneys join us as members. We are simply people helping people. For those interested, we do not engage in the practice of law. You might be interested in this article Unauthorized Practice of Law on the Net. Call Redress, Inc. at 702.597.2982 or e-mail us at WORKING TOGETHER TO ATTAIN FAIRNESS


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