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Finally I am releasing my documentary DVI The Inside Story for public viewing. I hope all of you enjoy the film. I will begin production of my next film (untitled) in September, which will contain shocking footage from inside a County Clerk's Office and Batterer's Intervention Programs. I'll keep you posted.

VAWA is unconstitutional - VAWA is in violation of human rightsVAWA is destructive to families

VAWA puts government funds and other (dangerous) resources in the hands of private (non-profit) organizations staffed with very sick individuals.

VAWA does not address the issue it was meant to address, i.e. to reduce domestic violence, it does not offer a solution, it does not resolve or improve anything and it only aggravates the problem (e.g. after visiting a shelter and accusing her husband, the woman must hide for the rest of her life).

VAWA causes innocent citizens to lose respect for the federal government and the legal system. 1. The law (VAWA), the courts and police in domestic situations only help women and assume that men are always the perpetrators. 2. The government is funding the propaganda that women are victims and men are perpetrators, as well as false accusations against men and prosecutions (persecution) of innocent men. 3. In no time is there an investigation, an interrogation or diagnosis to determine who the real victim is and who the abuser is.

 The woman gets a shelter, pro-bono legal help to get her a protective order and to accuse (falsely in many cases) the man, and if she is an immigrant also legal help to file a VAWA self-petition for a Green-Card. 4. The man is removed from his home, gets arrested, accused (falsely), prosecuted, jailed and as a consequence he loses his job, becomes unemployable and his life is totally ruined. All the above happens without any legal due process, without investigation, interrogation, questioning or verification.

Can you imagine anything more destructive to society than the Government funding false accusations and incrimination of innocent citizens!

Alarming Rise Of False Allegations of Abuse from drmdk on Vimeo.
Discussion with Steven Sussman, Ph.D - Child & Adolescent Psychologist Co-Founder of the Child & Teen Success Centers in NY & NJ

Repeal the Violence Against Women Act, VAWA because of its Destructive Nature "INCITING" False Accusations of Domestic Violence!
Women are the victim of false allegations of domestic violence as well.

My attorney (sound familiar?) husband threw me out of my home and away from my children with a TRO filed, a premeditated action which he planned when I began to request a divorce because of his abuse and neglect.

It has been over a year since I have had physical and legal custody of my four children, ages 6, 8, 8, and 10. I went to a 30 day inpatient rehabilitation center for treatment to cooperate with recommendations issued by a custody evaluator. I was released from the facility after 30 days and moved into a beautiful home where I had rooms ready for my children. I am still waiting on the custody evaluator to issue recommendations, but in the meantime I am subject to reading emails to the evaluator where my ex-husband continues to make allegations built upon half truths and outright lies.

I am shocked that this process has taken so long. I do not have a criminal record and have never been arrested. No civil cases have ever been brought against me. I am shocked that thus far, his is the only voice that has been loudly heard and it seems the actual truth means nothing.

We have a court system where abusers can easily attack the abused and further abuse them when they are trying to leave the marriage. This must stop.  Read more

Fathers4Justice FAMILY COURT IS TOXIC WASTE Rally from Fathers4Justice on Vimeo.
FAMILY COURT IS TOXIC WASTE Rally at the William R. Ridgeway Courthouse. We have rallied at the attorney and judges offices, we have rallied at the courthouse, we we will be rallying at their homes next!

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Is the Horror of False Accusation More Urgent and Credible when Harvard Law Prof Alan Dershowitz Describes It?

Protection or Punishment from Tom Lemons on Vimeo.
Investigative reporter Tom Lemons reveals the truth behind orders of protection and batterer’s intervention programs.

You’ll be shocked to hear what really happens behind the scenes and how current domestic violence laws seem to cause more harm that good.

From “A Nightmare of False Accusation That Could Happen to You” by Alan M. Dershowitz 

(The Wall Street Journal, Jan. 14, 2015):

Alan M. Dershowitz, arguably “the best-known criminal lawyer in the world,” is a Harvard Law School professor emeritus and a distinguished and prolific writer.
Imagine the following situation: You’re a 76-year-old man, happily married for nearly 30 years, with three children and two grandchildren. You’ve recently retired after 50 years of teaching at Harvard Law School. You have an unblemished personal record, though your legal and political views are controversial. You wake up on the day before New Year’s Eve to learn that two lawyers have filed a legal document that, in passing, asserts that 15 years ago you had sex on numerous occasions and in numerous locations with an underage female.
The accusation doesn’t mention the alleged victim’s name—she’s referred to as Jane Doe #3, and the court document includes no affidavit by her. But her name doesn’t really matter, because you have never had sex with anyone other than your wife during the relevant time period. The accusations against you are totally false, and you can prove it.
Well, that is my situation: I’m the one who has been falsely accused. But let’s continue to imagine it was you:
Your first instinct is to call your lawyer and have him file a denial to the court in which the accusation was made. But your lawyer informs you that you can’t do that because you’re not a party to the lawsuit (against the United States government seeking to vacate the plea bargain your client struck seven years earlier) and have no standing to file any papers.
Not to worry, you imagine, because the lawyers who accused you of these heinous crimes will certainly have to prove them in court, which they will be unable to do, because they’re not true.
No, your lawyer tells you. They didn’t ask for a hearing or any other opportunity to prove the truth of what they alleged. So the accusation will remain on the public record without anyone having to prove it or you having any opportunity to disprove it.
Well, at least you can sue for defamation the two lawyers and the woman who made the false charges. No, you can’t, your lawyer tells you. They leveled the accusation in a court document, which protects them against the defamation lawsuit as a result of the so-called litigation privilege.

Welcome to the Kafkaesque world of American Justice.

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