TAKE ACTION NOW Demand Congressional Oversight Hearings on Family Court's Child Custody Practices


All of us at one time or another find ourselves in front of the family court. THE FAMILY COURT in Dade County is abusing children; either by ignoring their cries, as in this case, or by appointing Guardians that take money , are personal friends of the Judges and who just want a pay day.

WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN? These people believe they are protected by the law, no one can stop them and they are G-d's. Well, we have given them this power...WE VOTED THEM INTO OFFICE. PLEASE HELP STOP CHILDREN ABUSE IN THE DADE COUNTY FAMILY COURT. SIGN OUR PETITION AND ASK THE Govenor office to Investiage Judge Scott Bernstein and Dr. Miguel Firpi.  

Demand Congressional Oversight Hearings on Family Court's Child Custody Practices

There is a cover-up occurring in another powerful, venerated, institution, which in many ways mirrors the practices that facilitated the Catholic Church child abuse scandal. For decades, in Family Courts across the nation, women who have tried to protect their children from an abusive father have been attacked and battered by a ruthless system which dismisses or ignores physical abuse, verbal threats, and even documented criminal histories of fathers in a obsessive effort to attain their stated goal - joint custody at all costs. Money too, fuels the atrocities in the courts.

This isn't about good fathers, it’s about the money used to facilitate abusive men. Father's Rights groups (often fronts for male supremacists and abusive men who want to control their families or strike back at the mothers) have fought vehemently to cement shared custody as the default mandate in Family Courts and although their agenda seems reasonable and their image as good, fit fathers benevolent, it belies an ugly essence of hatred, misogyny, and revenge.

These cases are often euphemistically described in the media as "high-conflict," but the reality is that the father is often abusive, controlling, and dangerous, something that Family Court refuses to acknowledge as they push for shared custody.

Endemic legislative policies and procedures in Family Courts endanger and destroy children's lives, and in the worst cases lead to their murders. Family Courts operate with impunity and no oversight, disregarding existing laws designed to protect victims of domestic or child abuse. Institutionalized policies and doctrines countenance and enable the perpetrators while the system covers up illegal rulings and criminal conspiracy by imposing gag orders, fines, threats of loss of custody time, or jail time on women and their children and serve to justify enforced, continued contact with the abuser.
The sensational cases that are covered in the media, where abusive fathers fight for custody and obtain custody then shoot, stab, beat, strangle, drown, throw the children off bridges or high rises, burn them to death, or “merely” rape, sodomize or otherwise physically abuse their children (two out of thousands of examples are, "Killer wins custody of children after 10 years in prison; guardian fights decision," and "Slaying Suspect's Wife Warned of Risk to Children" , are seen as anomalies and unavoidable atrocities, but in reality it is the fundamental flaws in the institution, the systemic practices and policies, and the endemic graft of complicit cottage industries that result in the murders, suicides, and continued abuse of children.

Just as Fathers Shanley, Porter, and Geoghan were seen as aberrations ("bad apples") in the Catholic Church scandal rather than manifestations of a debased system, the media does not link the vast numbers of cases which follow the same identical pattern to the individual cases covered in the stories, thereby unmasking an appalling system that is awarding rapists, registered sex-offenders, domestic violence abusers, drug addicts, and even convicted murderers joint or sole custody of their children. These cases are symptomatic of the underlying dysfunctional and corrupt processes of all Family Courts in every state in this country (and the many other places around the world). 
There are many highly esteemed authorities who have correctly identified the Family Court “epidemic of judicial abuse” and extortion by court assigned experts, all operating without accountability. Congressmen John Conyers, Jim Costa, and Ted Poe have hosted Congressional Briefings on this issue. Former Attorney General Eric Holder stated at the National Summit on the Intersection of Domestic Violence and Child Maltreatment on June 2009, “Why are mothers who are the victims of domestic violence losing custody of their children to the courts…?”


Hey Family Court!! You are disabling me by the severity of your denial of contact with my child. Here's the medical evidence.

The Toxic Stress of Family Court

"A request for disability accommodation asking for the correction of this disability-causing problem would surpass reasonable into necessary.

"Court, you are disabling me by the severity of your removal of my children. Here's the medical evidence. Here's my request that you fix your proceedings/process and stop hurting our child/ren."

Understand that having your kids taken from you is not something the courts should be doing lightly. We all know that, but how does one push the issue before a court headed by entrenched child trafficking corruption?

My opinion is that no one should be bothering with that. Instead, it seems clear to mine eyes that "child separation anxiety" and subsequent "grief" are together "distinct mental disorder" clearly qualifying individual sufferers as "disabled".

The right of access to LEGITIMATE court services is discussed in Tennessee v. Lane. ~ 

"Title II (of the ADA) is aimed at the enforcement of a variety of basic rights, including the right of access to the courts at issue in this case, that call for a standard of judicial review at least as searching, and in some cases more searching, than the standard that applies to sexbased classifications."


Suicide By Family Courts~Divorce Industry Connection


Suicide Family Courts Children Vets Divorce Industry Connection 
By Dr. Mario Jimenez


Psalm 41

GOD blesses those who are kind to the poor. 

He helps them out of their troubles. He protects them and keeps them alive; he publicly honors them and destroys the power of their enemies. He nurses them when they are sick, and soothes their pain and worries. "O Lord," I prayed, "be kind and heal me, for I have confessed my sins."


How can we celebrate Freedom with a chain around our ankle?

The 4th of July Celebrates Freedom

Independence or In-Dependence Day?
Freedom is a word we throw around about the United States. We're free to drive from state to state without inspections.  We're free to go to the church or school we want.  We're even free to marry whoever we want.  And that's where the freedom ends.  Once you are married, the state has a firm grip on your future.  50% of marriages end in divorce.  People change. Depending on the reasonableness of each spouse, the divorce will either be amicable or horrible.  Family law attorneys prefer horrible.  There's much more money to be made! 

So what do we do about it?  Since 2011 we have been working to update Florida's antiquated family laws.  In 2013 and 2016 Gov. Scott vetoed bills that were overwhelmingly supported by the Florida House and Senate.  In 2015 the Florida House did not finish their session and went home early, leaving many good bills to die, including alimony reform.  What is to keep Gov. Scott from vetoing another bill?  Two things.

First, we will support alimony reform and/or child sharing as separate bills, unless we have specific knowledge that the Gov will sign a bill that somehow combines both. We will do our best to check with the governor to see what he will sign and what he won't sign.  Rep. Workman told us last year that Gov. Scott would veto any bill that had child sharing attached to it. And the governor did just that.  Working backwards, we'll help craft a bill that Gov. Scott will sign.

Second, we need a public outcry!  Last year having 10,000 people asking Gov. Scott to sign the bill wasn't enough.  We need 100,000 Floridians to stand up for our families and demand that the Family Court System helps to end a failed marriage without ripping the family completely apart!  The destruction of Florida families is largely due to the existing laws that many Family Law Attorneys use to divide the family and conquer the bank accounts.  Conflict creates great income opportunities for Family Law Attorneys. A mediated outcome without opposing attorneys usually will get the best long term result for the entire family at a fraction of the cost. Most family law attorneys appear to be against this straightforward solution. Wonder why?

So when you see the fireworks, listen to the music, enjoy the hamburgers, hotdogs, potato chips and drinks, enjoy the freedoms we have, but stand up and fight for the freedoms our state took away from us.  If you don't pay alimony to your ex-spouse who is capable but refuses to work, you go to jail. That Is Not Freedom!!!! You have broken no laws, but still go to jail.  Think about it!!

Then get involved! It will be great to celebrate July 4th and be totally FREE! No more ball & chain. The sooner you get involved, the sooner we will all celebrate! 

POINT OF VIEW: Craft reasonable legislation to reform alimony system 


Florida Parents have fewer rights than those accused of criminal offenses.

"These are my Babies" is just the first of a series of videos that will be used to train parents that take classes to learn their rights so that they don't face the loss of their child and their resources at the alarming rate that has become common in divorce and child custody modification suits without the same level of protections that a common criminal would receive.

Hostile attorneys are causing parents and children to lose their fundamental rights, and may be causing children more harm.
Where do you start to protect yourself and your child?
  1. You get this book
  2. Then you take these classes
If you want to talk to Sherry or Ron B Palmer personally contact them here:

If you want Mike and Melody to make a video for you for your business you can contact them here:

We have workshops coming up in Florida, Sacramento, Dallas, and Washington D.C.

As per Administrative Order No. AOSC14-66, I would like to request a detailed investigation as to abuses of power and violations of conduct displayed by three Judges involved in Case No.: 11-21207-FC-04, FAMILY DIVISION. I believe that their actions clearly amount to violations of public trust, neglect of duty, and ethics which, as recently stated in this unprecedented administrative order by Florida’s chief justice, Jorge Labarga, shall carry consequences to those involved.

Her reply, I believe, amounts to Contempt of Court of Administrative Order No. AOSC14-66 issued by Florida Chief Justice, Jorge Labarga. I am planning to file a motion for Contempt of Court before the Florida Supreme Court, and anyone who has received a similar response from their circuit chief judge should consider doing the same. We need to make these judges accountable for their actions or lack thereof. This is the only way they will start to pay attention to We, The People. Say NO to PAS

Did your Chief Judge ignore Florida Chief Justice administrative order No. AOSC14-66? Mine did, so she is in contempt of court.

Chief Judge

See original letter sent to 11th Circuit Chief Judge, Bertila Soto, here: Say NO to PAS
December 22, 2014
Honorable Bertila Soto
11th Judicial Circuit, Chief Judge
Lawson E. Thomas Courthouse Center
175 NW 1st Ave. Room Number CHC 3045
Miami, FL 33128
(305) 349-5720

Dear Honorable Bertila Soto,

I am a born-again Christian man, who for the Glory of God in Christ Jesus, became an American Board of Family Medicine certified physician (from UM/JMH, with highest medical training score in the program, among top in the nation, named team player of the year by my 2013 class, highly praised by my peers and our community in general), an Electrical Engineer (from FIU, Cum Laude), an ex-Olympian, and a father of four, two of which came from my first marriage.

If I had not lived it in my own flesh, I probably would have never believed what I am seeing unfolding in our Family Courts today.

As my dealings with the three Judges I am reporting in this letter exemplify, some Judges routinely ignore the rule of law, the constitution, due process, and common sense, and selectively enforce the law for their own interest or that of their friends calling it “the best interest of the children.” In my experience with a dysfunctional Family Court, I am appalled to find out that the moment one walks into it, one is immediately stripped away of our constitutional rights, such as our rights to freedom of religion, speech, self-incrimination, due process, jury trial, and equal protection.

It is a place where parents have fewer rights than known criminals in other courts...

...for if a criminal cannot afford an attorney, one is assigned to them; a place where the law provides more rights to protect one’s property or debts than to protect one’s children. In all cases, parents are left at the whims of Judges who regularly have conflicts of interests, whose campaign funds or the certainty of not having someone run against them is owed to the same attorneys who come before them.

As taught to view medicine by Dr. Lynn Carmichael, one of my heroes and founder of Family Medicine, from an integrative medicine perspective, I believe that the problems in our Family Courts represent not only a judicial emergency, but a true health crisis. As my case also exemplifies, the negative effects of our currently dysfunctional Family Courts routinely lead children and adults to suffer not only from serious mental issues such as major depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, and many others, but in a large enough number of unfortunate cases, can also lead to suicides, homicides, and a number of other serious crimes, not to mention, the enormous economic cost that it brings to our societies from broken homes and lives.

While attending medical school in Nicaragua, my ex-wife absconded for two years with my two kids (Mario was 7 y/o and Nicole was 4 y/o at that time), with the intervention of the American Embassy, the U.S.A. State Department, Miami-Dade police investigators, and even the FBI, I was able to recover them and restore shared custody of my kids by Judge Robert Scola. As ordered by Judge Scola, for about a year, my whole family and I worked very hard to reintegrate the children to our lives. I also immediately recruited the help of a licensed children’s psychologist for intensive weekly therapies, and my children adapted well to their new environment. My Son, Mario, for instance, went from failing third grade and scoring in the lowest quartile in his FCAT to becoming an A/B student, scoring in the top quartile in the FCAT, and being given the honor of student of the month (one of the proudest moments of his and my life).

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