Suicide By Family Courts~Divorce Industry Connection


Suicide Family Courts Children Vets Divorce Industry Connection 
By Dr. Mario Jimenez

Research on Youth Suicides:

  • Approximately one youth attempts suicide every 3 minutes, and one of them actually dies in the attempt every 2 hours.
  • Approximately 2 out of 3 of these youths are victims of the divorce industry.
  • Boys most affected by the Divorce industry according to research. Researchers asked the question why might boys be more affected than girls? “Probably loss of the male role model, the father figure. The majority of children of divorce are raised by their moms. There are a portion of children who have very limited contact with their dad. The loss of a male role model is very significant for young men who are developing their gender identities.”
  • There is “also a ‘substantial’ association between suicidal ideation and living in a household with a stepparent or unmarried parent partner. Victimization exposure did not fully explain this association, as investigators point out, and the particularly strong association between suicidal ideation and stepfamily households is both “worrisome” and warrants more attention, researchers suggest” (1).
  • Custodial interference in the past year is associated with an increased risk for suicidal ideation of up 4.5 times greater (350% increase) vs children without this history (1).  Making custodial interference, a.k.a. Parental Alienation, one of the most important preventable factors to decrease suicides in our youths.

Research on Veteran Suicides:

Watch “The Reason for Veteran Suicides” on YouTube. This is a powerful video, we must blast everywhere:
“Recent veterans have committed suicide at a much higher rate than people who never served in the military, according to a new analysis that provides the most thorough accounting so far of the problem.  The rate was slightly higher among veterans who never deployed to Afghanistan or Iraq, suggesting that the causes extend beyond the trauma of war” (2). Here is the real trauma killing our veterans:
Suicide Family Courts Children Vets Divorce Industry Connection
“[T]he military’s suicide story is mostly about millennials, the birth cohort that sprung in the early 1980s, began reaching early adulthood with the change in century and started joining the military…This cadre, the paper says, is more likely to come from single-parent homes compared to previous generations, has more adverse childhood experiences and suffers “diminished social integration.” In fact, the very reason some millennials join is because they seek the direction and bonding that the military offers.”

On the whole society:

  • “Suicide claims the lives of 38,000 Americans a year — more than car accidents, prostate cancer or homicides, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”
  • Although some may believe mental illness doesn’t affect them, but it costs the country at least $444 billion a year.
  • These losses are especially tragic…because of growing evidence that early intervention can prevent mentally ill people from deteriorating, halting what once seemed like an inevitable decline.
  • “The way we pay for mental health today is the most expensive way possible…We don’t provide support early, so we end up paying for lifelong support.”
  • Suicide is the 4th top cause of death among 10 to 54 years old in America as of 2016 (3).
I am very passionate about child suicide caused by family court corruption because my oldest son is a victim of the divorce industry.  After our force separation because of a highly corrupt “family” court, my son went from being one the best students in his class to suffering major depression, PTSD, suicidal ideation, and requiring psychotropic medication.  It has become one of my life’s missions to prevent this from happening to other youth.

Call To Action – GET INVOLVED! Volunteer! Donate!

To this end, I am running for the Florida Senate for District 40. However, to win I need your support. My opponents either have the support of the Divorce industry or are lawyers with an inherent conflict of interest to oppose the Divorce industry, and have received hundreds of thousands of dollars from other lawyers and special interest groups. I need your help to help stop and/or reduce these suicides. Please donate any amount you can.  I need at $10,000 dollars by August 1st to buy some very important ads for my campaign. Please, go to my site www.VoteMario.Us to donate any amount you can.
Dr. Mario Jimenez, M.D.
(To remember my name on the ballots, think about my son’s and probably your child’s favorite video game, SuperMario!)
  1. Turner HA, Finkelhor D, Shattuck A, Hamby S. Recent Victimization Exposure and Suicidal Ideation in Adolescents. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. 2012;166(12):1149-1154. doi:10.1001/archpediatrics.2012.1549.
  2. LA Times.
  3. .“Can Clinicians’ Notes Detect Suicide Risk in Patients?” Author: Megan Brooks
Suicide Family Courts Children Vets Divorce Industry Connection

Following transcrpt excerpt by YouTube
0:36- After return from Afghanistan Iraq I was
0:41- I was going through a lot it was he was a tough time over there but after going
0:45- through the family court system and
0:47- dealing with the various judges and listen to their comments and just a
0:50- cricket games the attorneys play and
0:52- I can be just Houston as a criminal just overnight for nothing I'm
0:56- not knowing what to do I seriously would rather be fighting in a war in Iraq or
1:01- Afghanistan rather be back in combat and go to Family Court again list
1:05- devastating

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