Federal lawsuit filed against Miami Family Court Judge Manno Schurr.

South Florida LawyersI've previously noted William S. Burroughs and his "cut-up technique," where you take a perfectly understandable linear text, cut it up into individual words or phrases, and then reassemble it all back together again into a new, wholly inexplicable and completely non-linear artistic expressionWell that seems to have happened in this new federal lawsuit filed against Judge Manno Schurr. 
I'm rarely this effusive, but let me be clear -- I believe these pro se litigants have lifted the mechanical, soul-sucking drudgery of preparing a complaint into the lofty realms of high art. 
Indeed, these visionaries should be applauded for confronting and challenging the reader, and for daring to radically reimagine -- nay -- forquite literally unshackling us -- from the small-minded, restrictive and fundamentally bourgeois chains of Rule 8(a). 
I'm fairly certain Judge King will see it the same way, don't you agree?

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Florida's Commission on Access to Civil Justice


I sat in Florida Access To Civil Justice meeting and it was surreal. I am in a room that is 80-85 % Attorneys that have to come up with solutions to help "low to middle income litigants" access civil justice that can't afford.

I have a solution how about attorneys not charging $300 or more dollars and hour but this is my non attorney perspective. I don't financially benefit from the decisions made in the meeting but all the majority of the 80% - 85% of the people in the meeting and the ones with decision making authority do financially benefit. The Florida Bar Association has a non profit organization called the "Bar Foundation" and the Bar Foundation is basically in control of the Florida Access To Civil Justice Commission. On paper it may read another way but when you actually saw who pretty much dos everything it is the "Bar Foundation" and in my opinion is equivalent to the Florida Bar Association.

Chief Justice Labarga did not this Commission not to be an extension of the Florida Bar Association and the Florida Bar Foundation but for anyone that has a brain to look past the pretty presentation and ask questions may come to the same conclusion.

Access to Justice Commissions are blue-ribbon entities that bring together the courts, the bar, civil legal aid providers and other stakeholders in a coordinated effort to expand access to justice for low-income, moderate-income and vulnerable citizens. As of July 2014, Access to Justice Commissions…

Everyone needs to be engaged and active to ensure that this Commission acts in it intended role because what I heard was a bunch of BS. Things were presented as solutions that are not practical and the only persons that have power to make decisions did not ask basic questions to clarify is the proposed actions were even practical and applicable to implement.

FYI only 12 or 13 members out of 27 Commission members were present, 2 had fill in and Chief Justice Labarga was recently diagnosed and is receiving treatment for an illness. I am advocating for member positions to be added to the Commission that are reflective of the people the Commission was created to help and a subcommittee.

The 1st topic was related to Florida Bar lawyer referral service. Topics of $45 billion in unmet legal needs and the words "untapped" were used. This has nothing to do with the purpose the Commission was created for and everyone should be concerned at the tremendous power that attorneys have and the way the Florida Bar covers for bad attorneys. The Florida Bar publishes attorney disciplines but we are prevented from talking about the numerous complaints the Florida Bar does not make findings on.

Everyone needs to be concerned the Florida Bar in my opinion is not donating all the monies toward the Commission from the goodness of there hearts to help low-middle income litigants, the monies they are giving is called and "INVESTMENT" and there will be a return on the donations of monies and time the Florida Bar Association and/or The Florida Bar gives to this Commission. As Greogory Coleman temporary fill in for Chief Justice Labagra reminded the room and probably me because of the concerns I voiced during the meeting Florida has been able to complete so much more in such a short time unlike other states because of Florida's ability to secure financing such as having the meeting in the Marriott Hotel. FYI the Florida Bar was having one of their meeting things at the Marriott hotel the venue was not secured for the Commission meeting only. I could care less where the meeting was held, an nice convention room is not a distraction from the truth.

I will share with you one of the things that did not make sense. One of the Ad Hoc committees said there would be trained persons to assist people in filling out court forms in Law libraries, libraries and court clerks office. This is not realistic because there are TOO many libraries Palm beach county has 17 branches, Miami Dade 48 branches, Broward has 40 branches and Orange County has 16 branches and that us 121 branches alone for 4 counties. As for court clerks offices are having staffing cuts and layoffs, so adding more non required duties to less workers in addition to clerks mandatory duties is not realistic. When I asked questions I was informed this was not a public meeting and only the Commission members could ask questions but the Commission members did not follow up to seek clarification.

During the break I spoke with Commission member The Honorable Linda Doggett Clerk of Court, Lee County. I voiced my consent that the referenced California court system and it was crazy because California has HUGE family court issues but she and another person said something about some places don't go before a judge in a divorce until the final hearing, I said really, where I think her answer was Norway. In my present opinion this Commission under the present system has a lot of things that just doesn't sound realistic and I need everyone to engage and make sure this Commission serves its intended purpose and is not just another way for the Florida Bar to exert more control over our civil court system than it already has.

The next Commission meeting will be on February 12, 2016 Tallahassee, Florida. I am hoping this time there will be more people attend and the people the Commission was created to help outnumber the attorneys in the room and send the message we are engaged, intelligent and will not continue to have our "eyes wide shut" and remain unaware and inactive in our civil justice system.

Mario Jimenez Mario Jimenez posted this message on Basecamp.Speech Before Libertarian Party of Miami-Dade- Let's Do Away With The Bipartisan Kleptocracy:…/

Dear brothers and sisters of freedom,

My name is Mario Jimenez Jerez, a medical doctor, an electrical engineer, an ex Olympian, a descendant of Maximo Jerez, a forefather of democracy in the American continent, but most importantly, I am a child of the most high God.

We approach a turning point in world history. We must decide whether to contend for liberty or abandon our freedom to tyranny governed by a bipartisan kleptocracy, officials or a ruling class exploiting corruption to extend their personal wealth and political power, burdening and creating orphans and parents under impossible burdens of that corruption.

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” -George Orwell, so by telling the truth today, I declare a revolution by demanding reform in DCF and family courts. The word revolution comes from the Latin revolution, which means to turn around, and turn around 180% degrees, we must.

Today, DCF and Family courts violate due process and our constitutional rights under the color of law illegally removing children from loving and caring parents for corrupt financial modus operandi due to federal incentives through Title IV-D and E. I challenge you… Isn’t this effectively committing child trafficking, kidnapping and extortion?

About a year ago the Miami Herald reported that nearly 534 children have died or were murdered over about a 6 year period under the care of DCF. About 2 children per week died. Isn’t it time parents rise up all over this nation in a parents’ rights revolution and demand Turn Around in DCF and Family court reform and return our children to their parents? The blood of these 534 children CRIES OUT TO HEAVEN! Our children are our most valuable assets in this world. We turn away their cries at our certain destruction.

When we walk into a DCF or Family court, we are immediately stripped of our constitutional Bill of Rights, – the freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom from self-incrimination, due process, guarantees to a jury trial, equal protection, Right to Cross Examine, Equal Justice, and Equal Parenting and Debtors prison to name a few. We have fewer rights than known criminals in other courts, for if a criminal cannot afford an attorney, one is assigned to them.

In all cases, we are left at the whims of kleptrocat unaccountable judges who ignore conflicts of interests, and receive campaign funds from cronies. They are elected in sham “elections” where any potential opponents face chastisement, stigma or are even blackballed. Election donors are the same attorneys who come before them.

Attorneys that as the Divorce Corp documentary now viewable in Netflix shows, when a victim/client first comes, they are required to disclose their entire family treasury before the case begins, and immediately begin to take at least 50% of their assets, or even put the parent in debt without constitutional protections, depleting and seizing their assets, inheritance and children’s college education. Some family courts even extort elderly parents for excessive, contrived fees with impunity.

Contrived, intentionally generated acrimony deliberately provoked by attorneys, through perjury and libel creates extended litigation that in many cases go on for 10 to15 years, destroying parent / child relations, careers and the children’s college educations. Some I know personally. Litigation finally ends when the money runs out, leaving many parent / child relations permanently alienated; however, many Pro Se are stripped of all due process, making it impossible for them to restore relations with their alienated children. Many non citizen terrorists in Gitmo have more rights than some parents in family courts for simply trying to be there for their children.

As a doctor who has saved hundreds if not thousands of lives in my professional carrier, I believe that the problems in our DCF and Family courts represent not only a judicial emergency, but are a true physical, psychological and financial health crisis of pandemic proportions.

As I have personally experienced with my children and many others I know personally, the negative effects of our current dysfunctional Family courts often lead children and adults to suffer serious mental health issues including major depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder sending their emotional health and academic performance into an uncontrollable tailspin which they are unable to understand or speak against.

A considerably large number of unfortunate cases end in suicides, homicides, and a number of other serious crimes affecting not only adults, and children, and people of all walks of life, but especially affecting war veterans, who often come home after having fought faithfully for our nation, and are confronted with family courts that utterly ignore their service and sacrifice for this nation.

The enormous economic cost of this senseless tyranny results in broken homes, and lives, while threatening the very own existence of our nation. This problem is best expressed by one of the founders of our present judicial system, Chief Justice John Marshall, who said “the greatest scourge an angry Heaven ever inflicted upon an ungrateful and a sinning people, was an ignorant, a corrupt, or a dependent Judiciary.”

In this speech, we attempt to honor and build upon the shoulders of giants by charting a course of action based on our eternal foundations of truth, justice and liberty.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Silence in the face of injustice is complicity with the oppressor.” -Ginetta Sagan.

“To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.” -Abraham Lincoln.

“First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.” ~ Pastor Martin Niemöller.

“On January 21, 1776 in the Lutheran church in Woodstock, Virginia, Reverend Muhlenberg took his sermon text from the third chapter Ecclesiastes, which starts with ‘To everything there is a season…'; after reading the eighth verse, ‘a time of war, and a time of peace,’ he declared, ‘And this is the time of war,’ removing his clerical robe to reveal his Colonel’s uniform. Outside the church door the drums began to roll as men turned to kiss their wives and then walked down the aisle to enlist, and within half an hour, 162 men were enrolled. The next day he led out 300 men from the county to form the nucleus of the 8th Virginia Regiment.”

As men and woman of liberty, we are children of peace, but “Peace is not the product of terror or fear. Peace is not the silence of cemeteries. Peace is not the silent result of violent repression. Peace is the generous, tranquil contribution of all to the good of all. Peace is dynamism. Peace is generosity. It is right and it is duty.” – Oscar Romero.

“The ultimate test of a moral society is the world it leaves to it’s children” -Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” -Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

We must defend our families. Our families are in crisis!, Our children and families need our help now!. Let us join together in this revolution to defend our children. Please, join us at and to protect our American families. Vote for liberty, for God, for our families, for our communities to create restored families. May God bless this most glorious nation, the U.S.A., one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Thank you. Gracias.

Mario A. Jimenez Jerez, M.D., B.S.E.E.
The Grace of the Lord Jesus be with you.
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PLEASE READ, VERY GOOD READ. INTERESTING. Check all this out for your selves: Miami Harold---Innocence Lost, Kids for Cash, Senator Nancy Schaefer Parts 1-4, and Straw Man to see what they are doing to all people. Go to
Mario Jimenez Mario Jimenez posted this message on Basecamp.Speech Before Libertarian Party of Miami-Dade- Let's Do...
Posted by Sheila George on Sunday, September 13, 2015


There was a Florida Supreme Court workshop on Courts today in Miami. Judge Soto was there. So were a host of other judges. The public participated, mostly asking questions about how and why they got screwed in their particular case, which of course the judges couldn't answer. 

Visit our website to learn more!

We didn't use the word Mafia in our movie.  Perhaps we made a mistake!

How do you put a face on what it means to have an equal opportunity for access to civil justice?

That's difficult -- but the Feb. 15 edition of The Florida Bar News attempts to do just that in their article, "Putting a human face on the civil legal access gap: Access Commission learns how the system is broken"

Look no further than the story of Miami's Maria Garcia, said Commission member and Third DCA Clerk of Court Mary Cay Blanks during a recent January Commission meeting. Garcia was fired from her job of 15 years, denied benefits and didn't know where to turn. When she visited Blanks' office to file an appeal, the attendant simply handed her forms and wasn't permitted -- by law -- to give her any legal advice. Unable to afford a lawyer, Ms. Garcia left feeling frustrated and unsure of what step to take next, as if the system had failed her.

That has to change, said Blanks


Mom says to Family Court Judge Manno-Schurr "It's Too Inconvenient" and Judge Agrees?!?

"Too Inconvenient" - Florida Family Court Abuse Against "FIT" Father

Dearest Daughter,

I love you so much. 

Yesterday I gazed out the window watching fireworks and was really missing my angel but I cannot call her because I am scared of her mom’s false allegations and lies, she doesn't call me and knowing she is only a couple of mile away hurts like hell.

Please know that daddy, your brother, your grandparents, your cousins, aunts and uncles; your whole family loves you and misses you very much.

I tried to get to see you but your mom told the Judge, in family court on April 24th, 2013, that "it's too inconvenient for her to take you to visit with me".

What can be worse than that?
Judge Manno-Schurr agreed with mom. In my opinion this is Parental Alienation by Mom facilitated by the Family Court.

Judge granted Mom's Motion to Strike the Amicus Brief filed by Dad that explains to the Family Court that "Parental Alienation is Emotional Child Abuse" written by Linda Kase Gottlieb's L.C.S.W., L.M.F.T.

A Family Court Services Report regarding the 12 supervised visits dated January 29th, 2013 states: "After greeting, Mr. Inguanzo immediately engaged Daughter in conversation and play. Father and daughter discussed different topics such as school, science, books, a trip to France, physical education, Zoraya's older brother and other relatives, holidays, etc. Mr.Iinguanzo also practiced speaking Spanish with Daughter.

Mr. Inguanzo frequently demonstrated physical affection, to which Daughter allowed and reciprocated. Mr. Inguanzo displayed behaviors indicative of being nurturing patient, and attentive to Daughter's needs. Daughter appeared to enjoy her father's company. Daughter and her father displayed a very good level of interaction."

I have not seen and or spoken with Daughter since January 5th, 2013.
I promise I will keep trying Zoraya and I will never, never, never, never give in.

I love you,


Prentice Powell"s Poem "Good Father" -- #WeAreHere


Parental Alienation, Estrangement, Crappy Parenting?

Mom testified (with her lawyer from Greenberg, whatever, whatever law firm) to Honorable Judge Valarie Manno-Schurr, on November 4th, 2014, that Zoraya was scared of her Dad.

Cover photoDoes this look like a little girl that is scared of her Dad??

This matter is well documented and fills half of a banker’s box. There is evidence to prove police misconduct. The Father suffered and continues to suffer because of the trauma of this family court case.

The Father has known the Mother since 1990 when they started dating and there has NEVER been any incident of domestic violence. The Father filed a paternity suit for his Father’s rights to his daughter and the Mother was advised by her attorney to make the false allegations to the police to gain an upper hand in the family court case.

We can provide all the documents, police reports, and case numbers if your interested in pursuing this case. The Father also contacted State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundel on 3 occasions only to be referred back to the MDPD. The Father corresponded directly with the now retired Director of the MDPD Mr. Loftus who referred him to his subordinates, Major Shimminger and Major Herrera. The Father still battles these false allegations until today.


Displeasing the Alienating Parent

Fear Reaction to Displeasing the Alienating Parent
The Fourth Ingredient of Parental Alienation

This is the fourth in a series of posts devoted to discussion of the four criteria found in cases where parental alienation is present.

Deterioration in the Parent Child Relationship
The Third Ingredient of Parental Alienation

This is the third in a series of four posts devoted to the four behavioral criteria that are all present in cases of parental alienation. These criteria were first described in an article authored by myself and family attorney, Michael Walsh. The article was first published in the Florida Bar Journal and then was republished as the lead article in the Minnesota Bar Journal.

Access and Visitation Blocking
The Second Ingredient of Parental Alienation

This is the second in a series of four posts devoted to the four criteria that are found in parental alienation cases. As a reference point to this, I would remind the reader that this series of posts is related to an article authored by myself and a Florida Attorney, Michael Walsh. The original purpose of the article was to provide Family Law attorneys with a kind of template as to what to look for in these cases. It was written in such a way that one could potentially review the file and make a fairly good speculative guess as to the presence or absence of parental alienation.

Access and Visitation Blocking
The First Ingredient of Parental Alienation

This is the first of four weekly posts regarding the four criteria which are present in cases were Parental Alienation is present. These posts are derived from an article that was published in the Florida Bar Journal in 1999.


Is Parenting A Civil Rights Issue?

Discussing Family Law Reform

and the Constitution

Is Parenting A Civil Rights Issue?

Very few family law attorneys, and perhaps fewer local courts in America treat parenting matters as a civil rights issue. I have had many practitioners inform me that civil rights or Constitutional issues just don’t come into play with respect to divorce, custody or child support matters. This seems rather strange given that the United States Supreme Court itself has recognized parenting as a fundamental right, Troxel v. Granville, 530 U.S. 57 (2000).

Given the Supreme Court’s disposition, the importance of parenting in general, and the long, deep American tradition of looking upon family as a focal point of our our values and life activities, it should follow that parental rights would be treasured at all levels of society. So why isn’t that the case?

Let’s walk through some possible answers, the problems these present, and some solutions that can help ensure that these rights will be protected at every level of government in a meaningful and productive way.

First, the nature of the relationship between family and the broader society necessarily means that the government and the courts have traditionally been limited in how much protection they can offer to an individual household. This has changed considerably in the last generation, however.

In fact, if anything, rather than the government protecting the family as a unit, in the past generation, there has been more and more intervention from child protective services, local police units, foster parenting agencies, etc. in ways that override one or both parents’ authority within their own home.

Regardless, however, courts often perceive that they are helpless to look behind closed doors and tell what is really happening within a family. They can’t or won’t enforce rights except on matters which occur out in the open – whether these rights are fundamental or not.

Second, there is a similar perception that the enforcement of rights within a family means the protection of women and children, which in turn means protection from a father. That being the case, parenting itself is in no way treated as a civil rights issue, though perhaps women’s rights are being protected on multiple levels in multiple ways.

This results in a bifurcation of the protection of the rights of a woman that is not widely understood. While she maintains a high level of government protection from undesired advances from her husband or boyfriend, she maintains little if any protection from the government itself with respect to her relationship with her children.

Constitutionally, men and women are guaranteed equal protection as to each other, and higher protection as adults than children, with all individual’s protected from intrusion by the government. In an unwritten fashion, however, the law prefers women over men, children over women, and governmental agencies over all. Thus in practice, the government operates nearly in reverse of what the Constitution intended.

Finally then, we approach the crux of the problem. But there is one additional element that needs to be considered – the way local systems of government operate, including their inter-relationship with state and federal levels of government. Local systems lend themselves to corruption via the limited resources that exist for holding them accountable. As people are elected or appointed by their friends within the community, it’s likely there is little opposition at a level that would challenge their credibility or actions. Hence, local officials often are able to ignore significant conflicts of interest that may sway them to handle a matter in a manner that is unbalanced or biased.

But these conflicts exist vertically, through the state and federal government, as well as through the networks of local relationships an official has. This is due to the need for funding to keep these government employees working. That funding typically comes from beyond the local tax base. It is paid for either by the state, or in the case of the collection of child support, about 40% has been paid by the federal government with matching funds. The matching funds were suspended in December 2007, but can be expected to be revived in 2009.

Given the influence presented by these conflicts, it should not be surprising how easily local courts choose to overlook a parent’s Constitutional rights. But is this wrong? Should parenting be treated as a civil rights issue? If so, how?

It’s one thing to note that the Supreme Court’s recognition of parenting as a civil, Constitutional right. It’s another to assert how it should be recognized within the communities in which we live. When it comes to divorce, custody and the rights of parents in relation to their time and the raising of their children, we need to first come to grips with how common it is for children to be raised in single parent households and how regularly father’s are excluded or limited in their role as a parent in these cases.

“The vast majority–84 percent–of custodial parents are mothers, and courts awarded child support to 61 percent of them, compared to 36 percent of custodial fathers, according to 2005 census data. Failure to pay [child support, however,] cuts across gender lines, and less than half of all non-custodial parents met their full obligations.”

Child Support Revenues Jump in Obama’s Home State, 08/21/08 By Claire Bushey.

Numerous sources are available to demonstrate that it is the interference by a custodial mother that is most likely to inhibit the time and relationship between a father and his own children, for example: Psychological and Structural Factors Contributing to Disengagement of Noncustodial Fathers After Divorce .

In itself, this raises extraordinary problems for the psychological well-being of the children of divorce. But a significant part of the problem can be resolved by taking away the leverage one parent has to disenfranchise the other from the children’s lives by balancing the power that is left in the hands of both parents regarding the children.

This possibility is regularly set aside in order to protect a mother’s financial support from the father, because courts claim to be ill equipped to resolve differences between parties acting with equal authority, and because it is assumed that the father will ultimately yield to the mother in matters of parenting.

But all three of these assertions bring to light the importance of recognizing and enforcing the protection of a father’s fundamental rights as a parent. Constitutional protections are needed most precisely in cases when cultural stereotypes and assumptions are employed to inhibit an individual’s access to justice – and that is what occurs whenever a father is treated unequally with a mother of the same children.

Until we reach a point where as many families have the father as the custodial parent as the mother, father’s need to be treated with special care and their rights carefully preserved in the courts and administrative offices that govern parenting time and child support.

More attorneys are needed who will stand up for the children, families and fathers that are discriminated against by a system that enables the disenfranchisement of one or both of a child’s parents. 

If you have a matter that demands this kind of attention, please visit my website, and contact my office today.

A child has the right to:

  • A continuing relationship with both parents.

  • Be treated not as a piece of property, but as a human being recognized to have unique feelings, ideas, and desires consistent with that of an individual.

  • Continuing care and proper guidance from each parent.
  • Not to be unduly influenced by either parent to view the other parent differently.

  • Express love, friendship, and respect for both parents: freedom from having to hide those stated emotions or made to be ashamed of such.

  • An explanation that the impending action of divorce was in no way caused by the child’s actions.

  • Not to be the subject and/or source of any and all arguments.

  • Continuing, honest feedback with respect to the divorce process and its impact on the changing relationships of the family.

  • Maintain regular contact with both parents and a clear explanation for any change in plans and/or cancellations.

  • Enjoy a pleasurable relationship with both parents, never to be employed as a manipulative bargaining tool.

  • The obligation of being a parent does not end after a divorce. It is extremely important to understand that the bond of marriage is completely different from that of parents. This is the most common down fall in today’s society, as a dissolution of marriage takes place so does that of parenting.

Why is "Parenting" not included in the Bill of Rights?
Psych Central - "Daughters Need Fathers Too"  ~~  We enjoyed reading the tips in this article about ways for a Father to love his daughter. While some of the advice, may be harder to implement than others considering blended families operate on a different dynamic,we applaud Psych Central for compiling a list that we think is pretty good over all. What do you think about the list? Which ones are your favorites?

Hillsdale College

Civil Rights from "Dred Scot" to "Gratz"Edward J. Erler

Remain an Equal Parent to your Child!
We only support organizations who show an understanding that children need both parents, and that either parent is equally capable of the choice to perpetrate hate or declare peace.

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