Mom says to Family Court Judge Manno-Schurr "It's Too Inconvenient" and Judge Agrees?!?

"Too Inconvenient" - Florida Family Court Abuse Against "FIT" Father

Dearest Daughter,

I love you so much. 

Yesterday I gazed out the window watching fireworks and was really missing my angel but I cannot call her because I am scared of her mom’s false allegations and lies, she doesn't call me and knowing she is only a couple of mile away hurts like hell.

Please know that daddy, your brother, your grandparents, your cousins, aunts and uncles; your whole family loves you and misses you very much.

I tried to get to see you but your mom told the Judge, in family court on April 24th, 2013, that "it's too inconvenient for her to take you to visit with me".

What can be worse than that?
Judge Manno-Schurr agreed with mom. In my opinion this is Parental Alienation by Mom facilitated by the Family Court.

Judge granted Mom's Motion to Strike the Amicus Brief filed by Dad that explains to the Family Court that "Parental Alienation is Emotional Child Abuse" written by Linda Kase Gottlieb's L.C.S.W., L.M.F.T.

A Family Court Services Report regarding the 12 supervised visits dated January 29th, 2013 states: "After greeting, Mr. Inguanzo immediately engaged Daughter in conversation and play. Father and daughter discussed different topics such as school, science, books, a trip to France, physical education, Zoraya's older brother and other relatives, holidays, etc. Mr.Iinguanzo also practiced speaking Spanish with Daughter.

Mr. Inguanzo frequently demonstrated physical affection, to which Daughter allowed and reciprocated. Mr. Inguanzo displayed behaviors indicative of being nurturing patient, and attentive to Daughter's needs. Daughter appeared to enjoy her father's company. Daughter and her father displayed a very good level of interaction."

I have not seen and or spoken with Daughter since January 5th, 2013.
I promise I will keep trying Zoraya and I will never, never, never, never give in.

I love you,

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Posted by American Fathers Liberation Army on Wednesday, December 16, 2015
WLYB......I have tried to educate this board of 4 Florida Judges (Chief Judge Bertila Soto-11th Jud. Cir. FL, Judge...
Posted by American Fathers Liberation Army on Wednesday, December 16, 2015
Judge Manno-Schurr It is in the child's best interests that contact and visits be restored SWIFTLY and FULLY11th...
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Do not re-elect bad Family Court Judges Bad Judges and Lawyers Reporting page
Posted by American Fathers Liberation Army on Wednesday, December 16, 2015
Do not re-elect bad Family Court Judges Bad Judges and Lawyers Reporting page
Posted by American Fathers Liberation Army on Wednesday, December 16, 2015
Posted by American Fathers Liberation Army on Wednesday, December 16, 2015
How much more can children be expected to take? http://bit.ly/1SYfcaG
Posted by American Fathers Liberation Army on Monday, December 14, 2015


Family Law Reform Demonstration at Lawson E. Thomas Courthouse Miami Florida 1
Lawson E. Thomas Courthouse Center
175 N.W. 1st Avenue
Miami, Florida 33128
Dear Honorable Judges:
The purpose of this letter is to and for verifying that I am the Natural Mother and that David M. Inguanzo is the Natural Father of David K. Inguanzo born on the 20th of September 1999. I have known David M. Inguanzo since 1992 when we met at St. Thomas University. In 1995 we began living together which led to our marriage and the birth of our son. Our marriage ended on June 4th, 2004. I remarried in 2007 and have 2 more children named Noah and Faith.
Since we met, during our relationship, and up to the present David and I have had our share of differences which I think is normal in human nature as not everyone can agree on everything and most times we just have to agree to disagree. However any and all of the differences that David and I have experienced have always been overcome and in the end we have always, and I am sure that we will always continue, acting in the best interest of our son.
Moreover, David is a devote and loving Father and has enjoyed liberal timesharing with our son since our divorce. He takes excellent care of our son and I encourage that they spend as much time together as possible. During the school year our son resides with me and during the summer school break our son resides with his Father. Our son has traveled extensively with his Father on cruises, road trips and annual skiing trips to Utah. David (the Father) is very sports oriented and our son has taken after his Father and loves to play baseball, racquetball and swimming just to name a few.
David is worldly wise and highly intelligent and has taught and continues to teach our son the most important life lessons and virtues such as responsibility, honesty, and most importantly honor. He teaches him about good morals and ethics, patience, determination and resilience, and religion and spirituality. In addition to my Father and my husband, David is one of the best dads on this planet! My other two children love him and I completely trust him with our son and them.
Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’

David has demonstrated time and time again that there is not a moment that he would hesitate to take our son to the doctor, to school, to church, to play sports, to roller-skate, to buy him clothes and food wherever he may be with our son and regardless of his own personal interest. David’s has demonstrated to me that his life revolves around his children; David and Zoraya.
He has made sacrifices in his life to ensure that David and Zoraya always have what they need and they will always be together as a family. Zoraya has been raised together with our son David and is always thinking about her. David (the Father) has taught our son the importance of “Family.”
Co-Parenting our son with David has been very enlightening to me. We treat each other with respect and understanding, helping each other to promote and provide a safe, loving and nurturing environment. At times David can be very vocal in his ideas, beliefs and thoughts on how to best raise our son, we have always put our best points forward and from this we have learned together thus making us better Parents. In our relationship as parents we do not argue…we mediate as adults and together decide what is best.
Please know that I have never seen David act out of control, in anger and or in hatred towards me and or to another person. I am absolutely certain that he would never harm anyone and am sure that anyone who really knows David believes this including Zoraya’s Mother, Ms. Nixa Rose.
I can honestly and reverently declare that having David as my son’s Father has been a blessing.
Please feel free to contact me should the need arise.
Respectfully submitted,
Danniza Liendo
Copy furnished to: Mr. Joel E. Greenberg, Esq.

Stand up for Zoraya – GoFundMe

"Oh Christmas lights, keep shining on" ~ Coldplay »
Children with involved, loving fathers are significantly more likely to do well in school, have healthy self-esteem, exhibit empathy and pro-social behavior, and avoid high-risk behaviors such as drug use, truancy, and criminal activity compared to children who have uninvolved fathers.

• Studies on parent-child relationships and child well-being show that father love is an important factor in predicting the social, emotional, and cognitive development and functioning of children and young adults.
• 24 million children (34 percent) live absent their biological father.


As advised by lawyers, separating and/or divorcing parents often make false allegations of domestic violence (DV) in the form of a restraining order to evict an innocent parent from the home, interfere with contact with child/ren, and then file for temporary custody (virtually never temporary). False police reports are often obtained and used in DV Court...called "information only reports", but contain a fabricated incident of DV and thus a serious crime if and when exposed.

We only support organizations who show an understanding that children need both parents, and that either parent is equally capable of the choice to perpetrate hate or declare peace.

STOP THE HEARTBREAK JUDGE MANNO-SCHURR ~~ 11th Judicial Circuit Family Court... http://bit.ly/1VBlVaG
Posted by David Inguanzo on Monday, October 5, 2015
Happy Birthday Zoraya!Stand Up For Zoraya
Posted by David Inguanzo on Sunday, August 2, 2015

Yesterday I gazed out the window watching fireworks and was really missing my angel but I cannot call her because I am...
Posted by The Fathers' Rights Movement on Wednesday, June 19, 2013
"Without a father in her life, she would be bereft of so much love. What child, whatever the situation, deserves to be deprived of that?"

Stand Up For Zoraya originally shared:
Families are being abused by Family Courts throughout the United States. A major issue that needs to be addressed! 
I cut my ex out of our daughter's life: Now I'm glad he fought tooth and nail to see her
Thanks for following, contributing, and supporting Stand Up For Zoraya's Facebook Page at the URL you're on now:...
Posted by Children's Rights on Friday, June 12, 2015
STOP THE HEARTBREAK JUDGE MANNO-SCHURR ~~ 11th Judicial Circuit Family Court... http://bit.ly/1VBlVaG
Posted by David Inguanzo on Monday, October 5, 2015
Happy Birthday Zoraya!Stand Up For Zoraya
Posted by David Inguanzo on Sunday, August 2, 2015
No you can't see your daughter - 2016

Monitor Wanted for Supervised Visitation in Miami-Dade County, FL - Case No. 2008-29595 Family Court -...
Posted by Omar Inguanzo on Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What happens in Florida when visitation rights are frustrated?


Miami-Dade Police Department - Florida
Miami, FL – MIAMI-DADE POLICE (MDPD) Department’s  Professional Compliance Bureau (PCB) Major Shimminger conducted a PCB investigation on the reporting officer but failed to properly investigate false police report report by Mother who fabricated an incident on 12/18/08 of domestic violence alleging the Father tried to run Mother off the road.
Judge Victoria R. BrennanThe MDPD never contacted the Father about the alleged incident that allegedly occurred on 12/17/08 at about 5 p.m. which the Mother reported on 12/18/08 at about 7 p.m.; 26 hours after the alleged incident. The Mother obtained an “information only” police report from MDPD Officers that Mother and her attorney used later in a biased (man-hater) judge’s DV courtroom of Honorable Victoria Brennen. Mother violated Florida Statutes 741 and 837 and the MDPD did nothing!
On 12/24/08 the Father received a letter in the mail from Colleen Huott/Joel Greenberg, the Mother's lawyers, that stated the aforesaid incident had occurred. They also asked me to give up all my parental rights and responsibilities, allow her last name to be changed, pay no child support, and never see her again. On or about 12/26/08, the Father found a police report existed after contacting the MDPD. The Father reported to the police that he was at work during the alleged time/date of incident and  that the police report was false. And after being advised by a lawyer the Father filed a police report against the Mother for making a false police report. The father spoke to Captain Bollinger-Heller (Domestic Crimes Bureau) about it. SHE suggested he should just “let this go”. She also referred him to an MDPD Victim’s Advocate. The Father replied by sending a complete, clear, and concise report back to the MDPD’s Major Herrera of the Domestic Crimes Bureau requesting further investigation. A copy was sent to State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundel, Honorable Judge Maria Espinosa Dennis, and Honorable Judge Sandy Karlin (Administrative Judge of the 11th Judicial Circuit’s Family Division).
Stop False Allegations
This matter is well documented and fills half of a banker’s box. There is evidence to prove police misconduct. The Father eventually became disabled because of the trauma he suffered and continues to suffer.
The Father has known the Mother since 1990 when they started dating and there has NEVER been any incident of domestic violence. The Father filed a paternity suit for his Father’s rights to his daughter and the Mother was advised by her attorney to make the false allegations to the police to gain an upper hand in the family court case.
False Accusers
We can provide all the documents, police reports, and case numbers if your interested in pursuing this case. The Father also contacted State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundel on 3 occasions only to be referred back to the MDPD. The Father corresponded directly with the now retired Director of the MDPD Mr. Loftus who referred him to his subordinates, Major Shimminger and Major Herrera. The Father still battles these false allegations until today.

You might have noticed that the theme of our most recent publicity messages center around “sharing the truth”.

And there’s a reason for this: we’ve been seeing a rather robust effort on the part of our opposition to blatantly lie to the Public in an attempt to thwart Family Law reform.

In reality, this is not new.  Because they’ve been doing this for the last forty years or so.

Never the less, you’re probably seeing a ridiculous talking point come up a lot lately.  I’ve seen it all over, and it’s probably best described by a Facebook post I saw in the Love and Iron newsfeed from NC Fathers.  Here is the opening post:

Celebrates the love fathers have for their daughters, inspiring them to embrace the important role they hold in their daughters' lives and to provide the love, nurture, and emotional support that only they can give.

The Cause "Stand Up For Zoraya" celebrates the love fathers have for their daughters, inspiring them to embrace the important role they hold in their daughters' lives and to provide the love, nurture, and emotional support that only they can give.
Pledged to bring awareness, celebrate, and support Father-Daughter Relationship Education

Do not define me by my gender or race or popular opinion, but by my basic human rights as a parent

Fighting the disease, not treating the symptoms... The overall picture is human rights, parental rights. When you go into court, try making a point to keep yourself from defining yourself on the team that is not popular or favored in society. Proudly
"Father - Pastor, Provider and Protector." ~ Fathers in the Field Stand Up For Zoraya
Posted by David Inguanzo on Saturday, March 14, 2015

Scott Adams
Dads Must Create The Safe Space Daughters Need - Or She Will Find It Somewhere Else As long as there is breath, there is still hope and…Read More

I'm NOT going to give up. ~~~~~
Denial of reasonable access to your own kids is child abuse
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    I keep writing the today show to help promote Parental Alienation to no avail. What if we all hold a bubbles of love event on the plaza April 25th. I am trying to fund raise for a plane ticket. Who else will commit to be there?
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    Justices for mother and son. Please sign to stop court crimes. Family law has become an absolute embarassment to honest and moral behavior. we will fix it for you. Injustice in the justice system | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government  petitions.whitehouse.gov
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    No Visitation Agreement Ever Issued
    Njideka N. Olatunde - Visionary Leader for Focus On Healing Wellness Institute

    How can a noncustodial parent have visitation when no agreement was submitted with the divorce and custody order? Mother awarded custody with father being given liberal visitation. Mother dictates visitation schedule however she wants.

    At the present time there is no visitation with minor child and communication access is blocked by the custodial parent.

    What does the father need to do to get a visitation schedule?  
    If all the final order says is dad has "liberal visitation" then it is not a complete order.

    Dad has to file a lawsuit to demand a specific "liberal visitation" schedule that mom has to abide by.

    Dad should also politely send emails requesting visitation, and let mom look ridiculous when she denies or gives ridiculous options for dad to follow.

    He needs to file for specific visitation rights with the court, which means filing a lawsuit to get the court to issue a specific order.

    Thank you. The father has filed a motion for custody and visitation with a request for a hearing date. The father is waiting to hear from the court.

    Stand Up for the Week
    Stand Up for the Week (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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    Thank you very much for sharing your friendship for our common goal and do not forget to post in our page along with Scott in DERECHOS DE LOS HIJOS DE PADRES SEPARADOS , you are already an editor as our friend
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    Please sign to stop court crimes. Family law has become an absolute embarassment to honest and moral behavior. we will fix it for you. Injustice in the justice system | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government
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    Thank you
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    I am attending with out A doubt. The reason I am writing on your page is because you sent me 3-4 request already. LORD willing unless there is A snow storm in florida I will be there and thanks for reminding and sending me the message. Have A blessed day

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