There are no empirical or clinical tests to diagnose for mental health disorders.

Uploaded on Dec 14, 2011
Millions of kids and adults are told they're mentally ill and that mental disorders like ADHD or Bi-polar are the same thing as having a medical condition like diabetes or cancer. I've got one thing to say to those pushing this pharmaceutical agenda: Prove it!
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 In fact, the cause is most likely due to unhealthy peer relationships and dysfunctional family dynamics.

"The Myth of Mental Health Diagnosis"

"There are no empirical or clinical tests to diagnose for mental health disorders.  In fact, the cause is most likely due to unhealthy peer relationships and dysfunctional family dynamics."

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We only support organizations who show an understanding that children need both parents, and that either parent is equally capable of the choice to perpetrate hate or declare peace.

La paternidad y el medio ambiente afectan a la producción de células cerebrales: estudio

viso at CUSTODIA PATERNA - 11 hours ago

Viernes, 3 de Mayo, 2013 Un equipo de investigadores del Instituto Hotchkiss Brain (HBI, en sus siglas en inglés) de la Universidad de Calgary, en Canadá, han descubierto que la producción de las células del cerebro adulto puede ser determinada, en parte, por el entorno parental temprano, lo que sugiere que la doble paternidad puede ser más beneficioso que los padres solteros. En su estudio con ratones, vieron que la paternidad y el medio ambiente afectan directamente en la producción de células cerebrales. Los autores creen que aunque todavía no se sabe, es posible que haya efecto... more »


  1. The court should also examine the conduct of the custodial parent. The non-custodial parent is excused from paying child support during the time of concealment. Courts have distinguished between interference with visitation and actual concealment since the remedies for interference with visitation rights are not available when the custodial parent’s Whereabouts are unknown. Hoffman v. Foley, 541 So. 2d 145 (Fla. 3d DCA 1989).

    1. “Justice is a part of the human makeup. And if you deprive a person of Justice on a continuous basis, it’s really an attack (and not to get religious or anything) but it’s an attack on the human soul. We have, as societies, evolved ideas of Justice and we have done that because human nature needs Justice and it needs resolution. And if you deprive somebody of that long enough they’re going to have reactions…” ~ Juli T. Star-Alexander – Executive Director, Redress, Inc.

      Redress, Inc. 501c3 nonprofit corporation, created to combat corruption. Our purpose is to provide real assistance and solutions for citizens suffering from injustices. We operate as a formal business, with a Board of Directors guiding us. We take the following actions to seek redress: Competently organize as citizens working for the enforcement of our legal rights. Form a coalition so large and so effective that the authorities can no longer ignore us. We support and align with other civil rights groups and get our collective voices heard. Work to pass laws that benefit us and give us the means to fight against corruption, as is our legal right, and we work to repeal laws that are in violation of our legal rights. Become proactive in the election process, by screening of political candidates. As individuals, we support those who are striving to achieve excellence, and show how to remove from office those who have failed to get the job done. Make our presence known through every legal means. We monitor our courts and judges. We petition our government representatives for the assistance they are bound to provide us. We publicize our cases and demand redress. Create a flow of income that enables us to fight back in court, and to assist our members impoverished by the abuses inflicted on us. Create the means to relieve the stresses on us, as we share information and support each other. We become legal advocates for each other; we become an emotional support network for each other; we problem solve for individuals on a group basis! Educate our judges, lawyers, court personnel, law enforcement personnel and elected leaders about our rights as citizens! Actively work to eliminate incompetence, bias/prejudice, special relationships and corruption at all levels of government! Work actively with all media sources, to shed light on our efforts. It is reasonable to expect that if the authorities know we are watching and documenting, that their behaviors will improve. IT'S A HUGE TASK! Accountability will not happen overnight. But we believe that through supporting each other, we support ourselves. This results in a voice for justice and redress that cannot be ignored. Please become familiar with our web site, and feel free to call. We need each other - help us to help you! Although we are beginning operations in Nevada, we intend to extend into each state in a competent fashion. We are NOT attorneys, unless individual attorneys join us as members. We are simply people helping people. For those interested, we do not engage in the practice of law. You might be interested in this article Unauthorized Practice of Law on the Net. Call Redress, Inc. at 702.597.2982 or e-mail us at WORKING TOGETHER TO ATTAIN FAIRNESS

  2. "The science of the mind can only have for its proper goal the understanding of human nature by every human being, and through its use, brings peace to every human soul." ~ Alfred Adler

    1. When it comes to psychological disorders, sometimes, the field of Psychology has it all wrong. It is not because the science itself is inherently wrong; rather, it is because most diagnoses are made by people, based on their perceptions and preconceived notions. It is also because, causation can’t be determined simply by studying the chemicals in the brain.

      Psychology is really two distinct disciplines; academic, and practice (which includes therapy). Academia is constantly changing, and like all of the sciences, new information replaces outdated views of psychology, and psychological treatment. Academia is constantly expanding the understanding of psychology, and because of this, we are able to discover new correlations; but rarely, if ever, are causations determined.

      When it comes to the practice of Psychology, The problem is that, anyone can study it in college, earn a degree, and become a therapist. Their philosophical perspectives, their biases, don’t take a backseat simply because they earned a degree in psychology. When I was in college, of all of the students that I graduated with, I believe no more than 2 individuals would make “good” psychologists. I know that is subjective, but that is what I think. I believe, if people took more reliable aptitude tests, and actually followed the suggestions based on the results, it would increase the value of the field of psychology.

      Even when psychology relies more on hard science, such as biological psychology, causation is not easily determined. For example, we know that decreased levels of serotonin affect a person’s mood. However, that doesn't mean that a lack of serotonin was the cause of their mood in the first place. A consistently “depressed” mood can alter the chemistry in your brain; thus, reducing the levels of available levels of serotonin.

      My point is this: The nature vs. nurture argument has never, and will never be solved in Psychology. There are no consistently solid diagnoses given. You could easily get a different diagnosis from a cognitive psychologist, then you would get from a humanist psychologist (humanist – not to be confused with the philosophical perspective). So which diagnosis is right? It is all in how they read the bible for disorders, e.g. the DSM. It is also depending on how they view individuals, groups, and their own personal biases and worldview.

      So, be weary of quick diagnoses of Depression, ADHD, etc. In my day, a hyper kid, was simply a hyper kid. We did not believe the only way, or the right way necessarily, was to drug the individual to “fix” them. I am not anti-drug, nor do I believe there is no value in counseling. I simply believe that too many people rely on what professionals say, and assume they are always right. Sometimes we need a third party, or a quick fix… However, sometimes we need to step back, and learn to recognize that the person doing the diagnosis is the same one that has a completely different worldview; and may not have your best interest in mind. They may simply be doing what is expedient, and what they THINK will help.

      If you’re curious what prompted this, I have a degree in psychology, and don’t really use what I learned much. So, I wanted to share a little bit about what I learned while in school (and afterwards). I have noticed many people rely on professionals, without understanding that just because someone has more education than you, doesn't mean that they understand who you are, as a person.


    To: Office of Internal Affairs and Office of Healthcare
    In order to create awareness about the dangerous practices of shrinks and hospitals and help for their innocent victims. Eighty percent of mental patients are referred by a judge towards a hospital, defenselessness witch leads to violence towards the staff & generates hate towards society that is...
    To make your voice count en heard ,maintaining personal stability ....
    and protect the rights of the individual in these times that the Bill of Rights lays under severe fire...

    Publication; 1-1-1997
    International Human Rights Protection Against
    Psychiatric Political Abuses
    George J. Alexander
    Santa Clara University School of Law,

  4. sometimes it's grandparents with issues who take the children and used mental health to get custody.

    1. “Relationship Estrangement and Interference is a form of Domestic Violence using Psychological abuse.”
      ~ Joan Kloth-Zanard of PAS Intervention.‎
      PAS Intervention stands for Parental Alienation Support and Intervention. It is an International Non-profit organization to End Child Abuse and Parental Alienation.
      The International Access and Visitation Centers conference was held in Toronto. The Parental Alienation Awareness Organization was there and spoke to most of the 200 or so practitioners. Of course all were familiar with alienation and its results. Everyone was not only gratified to see PAAO at the event; they all also acknowledged that PA is either a form of Domestic Violence or on the continuum of Domestic Violence behaviors.

    The Father-Daughter Institute ~
    A father who leaves or is taken away from his daughter suddenly, and never again lives in the home with her again, can leave a daughter forever afraid to allow herself to be vulnerable to a man as an adult woman, for fear he to will surely leave her.
    Mrs. Johnson is a Psychotherapist, Researcher and Father-Daughter Communications Coach.
    The Father-Daughter Institute -

  6. Should the Court decline the current motion to quash, it is requested that the Court issue a protective order that the attorneys may not keep copies of the file, and must return it after Dr. Yaddayadda's reported evaluation has been examined and cross-examined.
    Wrong. It's evidence in the case (and the litigant paid for the copying charges). The material provides the foundation for evidence that may be introduced into the record in one way or another. It thus may be needed at a rehearing, at subsequent hearings, or on appeal. It is evidence upon which decisions may be made that thereafter will be the law of the case. Some courts, after the fact at some ostensibly safe point in time, may agree to seal a court record, but this is utterly inappropriate in any case in which a child's custody remains open for continued redetermination. It also unwarrantedly hinders litigants from filing justifiable board complaints where necessary for malfeasance.

  7. It's human nature to seek out a partner in life, and to possibly marry and have children. Unfortunately the matrimonial establishment, as we are all aware, is being methodically torn down by a demoralized society. Sadly the divorce rate is still on the rise and the foundation of marriage is being devalued and is crumbling. As adults we learn to adapt and move on when divorce attacks our lives but for children this is another story. They are the real victims of divorce and unfortunately they will suffer dearly from our selfishness and in most cases follow the same path of destruction if not worse.
    As a nation we have been granted certain civil rights by our constitution. Through the years it has been amended to better the lives of many Americans. The two most notable changes have come to Women in the 1920s and with African Americans in the 1960s. These rights were long overdue for both segments of our nation but thankfully we realized our mistakes and corrected them. This was not an easy journey for either of these crusades but through dedication and perseverance the bells of liberty rang loudly and victory was achieved.
    Unfortunately we have reached yet another fork in the road and with that comes another challenge to the American people. "We've worked hard for women's rights, but we have to watch out that the pendulum doesn't swing the other way" says Ruthie J. of the Reach FM. Ironically the pendulum has already swung far to one side and this time the male gender is being demonized by erroneous and fraudulent information. Males are being portrayed as callus, uncaring, and without emotion. We are being taught that men represent 95% of abuse in this nation against women. These and many other false statistics are being recklessly strewn throughout society and none of it is true. Yes, women are being abused by men that is a fact. striking a woman is abhorrent to the highest degree and should be dealt with appropriately but men are abused at an equal rate and they are being ignored. According to a study by the Center for Disease Control men represent 38% of domestic violence related injuries. Compound that with the fact that only 0.9% of men report abuse verses 8.5% of women and I think we have a pretty equal degree of violence between partners.
    The cornerstone of this "abuse" is VAWA the Violence Against Women Act. It was passed into law by Bill Clinton in 1994 and has been extended by every subsequent President. This law funnels Billions of dollars into discriminatory education and propaganda that violates men's civil rights. Many times DVIs or Domestic Violence Injunctions are used as a tool in divorce, child custody or just vengeance against a partner, most often against males. This is because the system of acquiring a DVI is simple and requires no evidence, witnesses or prior police reports. Just the word of an alleged victim making a claim of abuse. The repercussions of these orders are devastating and many times result in a violation, arrest and complete destruction of one's life. Even in cases when they are dismissed, a serious blemish remains on the falsely accused forever; how does that look to potential employers who almost always perform background checks prior to employment? This must be stopped and a better system of protecting all victims of domestic violence should be put in place.
    I hope to help bring awareness to gender discrimination and help provide support for men who are abused. There are programs to help women of abuse but nothing for men. My website will provide more information on the facts, my personal experiences and the stories of those who have been victims of this heinous tactic of relationship vengeance. Men and women should truly have equal rights and currently the scales are unjustly tilted. Let's work together to end domestic violence and not vilify one gender as inherently abusive. "United we stand, divided we fall" A powerful statement that we must never forget.

    Thank you,
    Tom Lemons

  8. Children's Bill of Rights


    Every kid has rights, particularly when mom and dad are splitting up. Below are some things parents shouldn't forget -- and kids shouldn't let them -- when the family is in the midst of a break-up.

    You have the right to love both your parents. You also have the right to be loved by both of them. That means you shouldn't feel guilty about wanting to see your dad or your mom at any time. It's important for you to have both parents in your life, particularly during difficult times such as a break-up of your parents.

    You do not have to choose one parent over the other. If you have an opinion about which parent you want to live with, let it be known. But nobody can force you to make that choice. If your parents can't work it out, a judge may make the decision for them.

    You're entitled to all the feelings you're having. Don't be embarrassed by what you're feeling. It is scary when your parents break up, and you're allowed to be scared. Or angry. Or sad. Or whatever.

    You have the right to be in a safe environment. This means that nobody is allowed to put you in danger, either physically or emotionally. If one of your parents is hurting you, tell someone -- either your other parent or a trusted adult like a teacher.

    You don't belong in the middle of your parents' break-up. Sometimes your parents may get so caught up in their own problems that they forget that you're just a kid, and that you can't handle their adult worries. If they start putting you in the middle of their dispute, remind them that it's their fight, not yours.

    Grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins are still part of your life. Even if you're living with one parent, you can still see relatives on your other parent's side. You'll always be a part of their lives, even if your parents aren't together anymore.

    You have the right to be a child. Kids shouldn't worry about adult problems. Concentrate on your school work, your friends, activities, etc. Your mom and dad just need your love. They can handle the rest.


    ----Special Concerns of Children Committee, March, 1998

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