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For many different reasons the rate of divorce is currently very high which means there are a lot of families with children going through this process.

While divorce is not easy for children (or parents) let me be clear with you that it is not the "divorce" which does damage to children - it is the adult's behavior that causes harm. The way in which parents go through the process is ...on a continuum, from parents who do a good job of staying focused on the issues and keeping the children outside the process; to those parents who unfortunately do a very poor job.

It is not uncommon for adults going through the process to experience a myriad of painful feelings including anger, sadness, rage, feelings of betrayal, panic, economic stress and anxiety. It is your responsibility as a parent to try as hard as you possibly can not to visit these upon your children. You won't be perfect, so aim high.

Lastly, it is critically important not to put your kids in the middle. It is hard enough for your children to go through the process without being made to feel that he or she is being disloyal to you because they love their other parent and want to spend time with him or her. Keep reminding yourself that you love your kids more than you "dislike" their other parent and act accordingly. ~ Dr. Joe Rabinovitz - Licensed Psychologist - Boca Raton, Florida

Supervised Visitation Week 11 at Family Courthouse - Note written by my daughter to her brother (my son) ~ 
Hi David, I miss you. I want to play with you soon. Say hi to your mommy.
I love you

What Children Write
A Documentary On Divorce, PAS, Violence & Father's Rights




General Magistrates - Fighting Fathers will be running an ongoing expose into the abuses heaped upon our children by these incompetent quasi-judges, particularly the excesses of Keith McIver and Michele Inere. The need to object to the Referral to a General Magistrate will be explained, and sample motions posted.
Pensacola Chapter of American Inns of the Court - FF was recently contacted by a disgruntled attorney about this organization, which in brief is a scam so that judges and attorneys can skate around the non-fraternization rule and hang out together, and, according to our source, discuss cases in private with judges. We intend to demand access to their meetings under Sunshine since they are acting under the color of government and using public facilities. If we are denied that access then we intend to demand that they pay rental on the facilities used, and perhaps reimburse the Sheriff's Office for the courthouse deputies that they are tying up. Whatever the outcome of that initiative we intend to accompany this merry crowd as they stagger to the after-meeting get together at McGuires and watch it degenerate into the drunken grab-ass that is inevitable with a group such as this.
FF will be posting details and documents showing additional abuses by Kim Skievaski during his tenure as Chief Judge.
FF will begin our series on Garbage Attorneys - we will explore how their excesses harm our children, how the courts are complicit in allowing this to happen so that their fellow Bar members can profit, and what YOU can do to stop it. Sample Bar and JQC complaints will be posted.
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In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury.
Thomas Jefferson, The Declaration of Independence 1776


Women Get Custody 93.4% of the Time

Over 60% of the Divorce filings are now done by Women

46% of Divorced Women admit to withholding and interfering with Visitation, out of revenge for a bad relationship with the Father.

Florida's system for divorce, Shared Parental Responsibility, contains one crucial flaw in the basis of its design - it assumes that couples who parent children are going to get along following separation in order to serve the best interests of their children. This idealistic approach has clearly failed to accomplish even the basic purposes of Chapter 61 of the Florida Statutes: to safeguard meaningful family relationships; to promote the amicable settlement of divorce disputes; and to lessen potential harm to spouses and children caused by the legal dissolution of marriage.

First, shared parental responsibility awards custody or residential responsibility to one parent, while severely limiting the non-custodial parent ( a.k.a. the Father) to minimal and meaningless visitation, visitation that is not even enforceable. Standard visitation for the non-custodial parent amounts to less than 15% of the time with the children. No father can be a positive influence nor have a meaningful relationship with his children given that small amount of time. More importantly, by removing one parent from the day-to-day lives of the children the state of Florida is in large part responsible for the many problems seen today in Florida's children of divorce. Research has shown in great detail that the best way to help children cope with divorce is to assure that both parents maintain a meaningful relationship with the children. Standard Visitation as currently dictated by the Family courts is simply unacceptable. Florida would benefit from a system where the total needs of the children are met, not just the financial needs of the ex wife.

Second, the shared parental responsibility arrangement is a winner-take-all system. Battles to be named the custodial parent cause needless confrontation, excess legal expense and civil courts consumed with unnecessary divorce and modification hearings. Instead of promoting amicable settlement of divorce disputes, the laws currently in place thrust the participants, including the children, into a legal tug-of-war, compounding the very disputes the laws are intended to preclude. What's worse, the legal system promotes such conflict, actually thrives on it. In many cases, false charges of abuse and unnecessary restraining orders are filed simply to smear the opponent, with no requirement that the charges ever be proven. Furthermore state statistics show that in 93.4% of the time women get custody anyway. The system of divorce as currently practiced in this state is the furthest thing from amicable and unnecessarily so.

Third, current divorce law assumes that all costs of child rearing are borne by the custodial parent, thereby imposing extraordinary and unfair child support obligations on the non-custodial parent. Parents are required to pay for their share of the entire month's expenses, without regard for the financial obligations they endure while caring for the children or their living conditions. In addition, there are no requirements that the child support paid to the custodial parent even be accounted for. The money is, in many cases, used for expenses unrelated to the children. Furthermore, the courts impose medical, dental and life insurance requirements on non-custodial parents that would never be levied on married couples. These factors, coupled with the minimal and un-enforceable visitation adhered to by the courts, are the main reasons Florida experiences a child support non-compliance problem that places it 49th in the  nation. Research shows that people support their children if simply treated as equals in a divorce - less than 10% of parents ordered to pay child support and/or alimony are delinquent with payment in cases where joint custody is awarded. There would be no need for a child support enforcement effort in Florida if compliance were anywhere near 90%. Florida's poorly designed child support guidelines have a definite negative effect on compliance. Yet as long as the Federal Government provides almost 65% of the cost of the child support enforcement money they will continue to favor money over the best interests of the child.

Fourth, Florida courts continue to discriminate against men, in many cases adhering to the unconstitutional and outlawed tender years doctrine. Most court orders contain fifteen, twenty, sometimes twenty-five paragraphs defining contact and visitation between non-custodial parents and their children. 

The Courts have an enormous problem with the uniform enforcement of their divorce decrees and routinely turn a blind eye to problems of the Father when it comes to Visitation. It's time to make the Judges accountable for the destruction they cause to our Children's lives. 

In contrast, should the non-custodial parent ( a.k.a. The Father) fail to meet the child support obligation specified in one paragraph of the same court order, for whatever reason, the person in violation is threatened with jail and loss of his/her driver's license, not to mention loss of employment due to these two actions. This is an obvious inequity. Florida law should demand that the courts enforce orders in their entirety or not at all. There can be no in-between. Mothers are less likely to interfere with visitation with a contempt citation looking them in the face. 

Fifth, Statistic's show that many custodial parents move out-of-state for no other reason except to remove the children from the non-custodial parent (a.k.a. The Father) or to move closer to their own family. Although the Supreme Court has supported a parent's right to move out-of-state for the purpose of employment, there is a difference between a required move and a move intended to be vindictive. Moreover, the courts require that every divorce decree assert that jurisdiction will be retained by the State of Florida. How can Florida retain jurisdiction over the dissolution of marriage if the custodial parent and the children are allowed to move to another state?

Furthermore, many custodial parents remove the children from the state without a hearing or court order and the courts are reluctant to do anything about it. If a non-custodial parent can be pursued across state lines for the purpose of recovering child support payments, a custodial parent can be brought back to Florida for a fair hearing regarding a relocation involving the children. Sixth, as we stated above, the way in which divorce is practiced in Florida leads to courts that are overwhelmed with petitions, motions, hearings and the like. As a result, many people experience situations where this ineffectiveness and inefficiency of the courts actually compounds their problems. Fathers are separated from their children for many months while they wait for an initial visitation hearing to be scheduled. They get threatened with jail by the Child Support Enforcement bureaucrats long before they ever get a hearing to explain a job loss. They are barred from presenting information in support of their case, for expediency's sake.

Seven, The Family Court System has become a dumping ground for bad judges. While most lawyers specialize in a area of law when it comes to Judges one size fits all when it comes to a law degree. You wouldn't use your wife's Gynecologist to remove your tonsil's. We are also faced with egotistical self righteous hypocrites� that wrap themselves in their robes and fancy themselves endowed with the Wisdom of Solomon.

We believe that the complexity of the legal process is unnecessary. That this mess was created for the sake of expanding the legal business rather than the best interest of our children. There is no need to continue a process where mountains of paperwork are filed with the courts, only to be ignored by a system predestined to favor the mother. The Divorce industry must not be allowed to continue with business as usual and continue to hide the truth about the sexual bias that is practiced by the Judges of the Family Court. It starts by simplifying the process and treating men fairly. For those who try to look objectively at how divorce is handled in Florida, it is not hard to see that the current law doesn't come close to fulfilling even the basic goals of the statutes as specified in Chapter 61. 

Florida Governor and Lieutenant Governor
U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate Members
The President of the United States of America

FL Governor Charlie Crist
Lt. Governor Jeff Kottcamp
U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (FL)
Speaker of the House

Senator Ken Pruitt,
Mr. President

Do Bloggers irritate judges?

David Markus at Southern District of Florida Blog - 1 hour ago
Senior U.S. District Judge Richard G. Kopf has this post today on that exact subject (re Howard Bashman at How Appealing) at his blog, "Hercules and the Umpire." Meantime, it appears that Judge Kopf has irritated an appellate judge with his use of language *on his blog*: While he thought the story was inspiring, a distinguished federal appellate judge from another Circuit thought my use of a vulgarity (“suck”) in the post about Shon Hopwood offended good taste. I am glad the judge cared enough to write, and I sincerely thank him. Although I am not keen on receiving lectures on t... more »

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