"If you hold on to 'your' history, you could lose 'your' destiny"

Father Absence, Father Deficit, Father Hunger

Psychology Today
According to the 2007 UNICEF report on the well-being of children in economically advanced nations, children in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. rank extremely low in regard to social and emotional well-being in particular. Many theories have been advanced to explain the poor state of our nations’ children: child poverty, race and social class. A…Read More
The Movement We are not only writing a book and producing a documentary, we are starting a movement. This is just the beginning of our…Read More

Home - The Fatherless Daughter Project

The Fatherless Daughter Project
The Book Our game-changing inspirational book The Fatherless Daughter Project: Understanding Our Losses and Reclaiming Our Lives will be published by Avery of Penguin Random House in Spring 2016. This book will inspire women in a brand new way and blow the lid off the stigma of being fatherless. We are telling it like it is to help daughters…Read More
Family Court Reform supporters hereby petition the Florida State Legislature to address the national crisis of our broken Family Court…Read More

Children's Rights: Christmas Without You...Again

Mom testified (with her lawyer from Greenberg, whatever, whatever law firm) to Honorable Judge Valarie Manno-Schurr, on November 4th, 2014, that Zoraya was scared of her Dad. It is the public policy of Florida to assure each minor child frequent and continuing contact with both parents after the parents have separated or divorced, and to encourage…Read More
Children are human beings, not belongings. Children need the love, caring, nurturing, and guidance of both their mother and father…Read More

Parental Alienation Syndrome - THE FLORIDA BAR JOURNAL

How to Detect It and What to Do About It by J. Michael Bone and Michael R. Walsh Although parental alienation syndrome (PAS) is a familiar term, there is still a great deal of confusion and unclarity about its nature, dimensions, and, therefore, its detection.(1) Its presence, however, is unmistakable. In a longitudinal study of 700 "high…Read More
Learn how this Family Court System is injuring this father and child. …Read More

Stand up for Zoraya - STOP Denial of Parent-Child Contact - Care2 News Network

Omar Inguanzo (11) Saturday June 13, 2015, 10:57 am I signed the petition to Chief Judge Soto of the 11th Judicial Circuit Florida for the "Florida Family Court of Miami-Dade to STOP Denial of Reasonable Parent/Child Contact - Stand Up For Zoraya". I'm asking you to sign this petition to help us reach our goal…Read More
The father's rights movement isn't an anti-mom or anti-woman movement; it's an anti-unfairness movement. Our aim is to champion the cause…Read More

15 Things All Dads Of Daughters Should Know

The Huffington Post
"I feel sorry for you when they become teenagers." "Dude, you're surrounded by women." "What did you do to deserve that?" Being a dad of four daughters (we also have one son), I hear stuff like this almost daily. And honestly, I'm the one who feels sorry for people who think this way. Having daughters is one of the greatest joys I could…Read More

¿A la desaparición del "buen padre de familia" en el derecho francés?

*FRANCIA* Traducido en GOOGLE CHROME texto en su idioma original Enlaces: - Padres vestidos de PAPÁ NOEL azules piden que se repartan mejor los tiempos que están con sus hijos después de una separación o divorcio - SVP Papa Comment récupérer vos enfants ... (youtube) - Manifestación de SVP PAPA por la custodia compartida más enlaces al final de la entrada Elegidos Europa Ecología-Los Verdes han presentado una enmienda a la ley sobre la igualdad de género para eliminar este término, que aparece, según ellos, "quince veces" en los códigos. El "buen padre"... more »

Por qué algunas mujeres prefieren la custodia compartida?

La madre que acuerda un régimen de guarda compartida no es menos madre que aquella que se decanta por un sistema de guarda monoparental. Resulta innecesario explicar el porqué. En cambio, quizá sí es necesario divulgar los motivos por los que la custodia compartida no es sólo el deseo de un progenitor (el padre), sino que también quizás una necesidad para la mujer en la sociedad actual. Pues sería contradictorio que en una sociedad que queremos cada vez más igualitaria, se reservase el papel de la crianza de los hijos solo a las mujeres. Hoy en día, una mu... more »


  1. Help us stop false allegations of domestic violence. Keep our children from hurting because of lies! Created by Petition2Congress - 15,543 Actions Taken So Far

  2. The Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution has been interpreted to provide EVERY AMERICAN with the CONSTITUTIONAL right to self-representation, if they so choose. That privilege, like all other constitutional rights, should be enjoyed without fear of harassment, prejudice, or abuse. Furthermore, no law, regulation, or policy should exist to abridge or surreptitiously extinguish that right.

    Self-Represented Litigants have no less of a right to FAIR and MEANINGFUL due process under the federal and state constitutions as those individuals who choose to utilize an attorney for their legal affairs and issues. In fact, NOWHERE in any state or federal constitution does it specify that the hiring of a lawyer is a prerequisite to exercising one's due process rights. Democratic principles dictate that we have the right to freely choose between self-representation and hiring a lawyer to handle our legal matters without suffering humiliation, prejudice, or penalization. After all, it is the parties to the litigation that ultimately have to deal with the consequences of the case's outcome, and not the judge or the lawyers involved in the matter.

    Contrary to the view of certain judges and lawyers, those who opt to litigate their own legal matters without an attorney are NOT second-class citizens deserving of contempt and injustice. Instead, they are BRAVE CITIZENS with an inalienable right to have their legal causes adjudicated objectively and justly -- with or without a lawyer. Self-representation can be a difficult, time-consuming, and often frightening experience, especially for those burdened by demanding work schedules, family responsibilities, and other obligations of day-to-day living. Accordingly, those who engage in the difficult task of self-litigation should be REVERED for their COURAGE and DEDICATION, not scorned or abused.

    We also need to amass momentous opposition against those persons, agencies, and institutions who, in the interest of protecting huge profits, careers, and prestige, subject self-litigants to a hostile and often abusive litigation atmosphere calculated to suppress self-representation and force people to become completely and financially dependent on lawyers to gain "paid" access to a taxpayer-funded legal system.


    Activist sometimes exhibit impatience with theory - often for good reasons. They have seen nonviolence caught in an ideological net in which the purity of ideology eclipsed activity and the nonviolent effort was undermined by a deflection of energy. But nonviolent theory is absolutely necessary. It introduces to the world a new strategy for resisting evil without creating new evils and becoming evil ourselves. But more important, it articulates a new way of being that yields a vision of peace more powerful than all the armies of all the nations of the world. (Peace is the Way, 2000)

  3. The NJ-AFCC Special Projects Committee reviewed many different Children's Bill Of Rights from organizations across the United States. The Children's Bill of Rights developed by the American Bar Association, Section of Family Law, came closest to elaborating all of the conflcit issues that can arise for children in divorce and family dissolution cases. The NJ-AFCC Special Projects Committee used that Bill of Rights as a model, and revised and extended it to better meet the needs of children in New Jersey, and around the world.

    We invite all professionals working with families in conflict, and those working to assist children in their efforts to cope with the parental conflict that often arises during divorce and family dissolution, to adopt this Bill of Rights for Children in Divorce and Dissolution Actions. We do ask that you give NJ-AFCC credit for developing this Bill of Rights, in any reprinting or distribution of the bill.


    1. The right to be treated as important and separate human beings with unique feelings, needs, ideas, and desires, not existing solely to gratify the needs of their parents.

    2. The right to not participate in the painful games parents play to hurt each other, or be put in the middle of their battles.

    3. The right not to be a go-between or a message courier for their parents.

    4. The right to a continuing, relaxed, and secure relationship with both parents.

    5. The right to express love and affection for, and receive love and affection from, both parents.

    6. The right to know that expressions of love between children and parents will not cause fear, disapproval, or other negative consequences.

    7. The right to know that their parents decision to divorce is not their fault.

    8. The right to know that it is not their responsibility to keep their parents together.

    9. The right to continuing care and guidance from both parents.

    10. The right to age appropriate answers to questions about the changing family relationships, without placing blame on either parent.

    11. The right to know and appreciate what is good in each parent.

    12. The right to be protected from hearing degrading or bad comments about either parent.

    13. The right to be able to experience regular, consistent, and flexible shared parenting time with both parents, and the right to know the reason for changes in the parenting schedule.

    14. The right to have neither parent interfere with, or undermine, parenting time with the other parent.

    15. The right to not be forced to choose one parent over the other.

    16. The right to express their feelings, concerns, and ideas about the divorce.

    17. The right to remain a child without being asked to take on parental responsibilities or to be an adult friend or companion to either parent.

    18. The right to the most adequate level of economic support that can be provided from the best efforts of both parents.

    19. The right to continue ongoing positive relationships with the people (friends, neighbors, grandparents and extended family) who were an important part of their lives before parental divorce.

    This Bill of Rights was adopted from "The Children's Bill of Rights" developed by the American Bar Association, Section of Family Law, and was modified and expanded by the NJ-AFCC Special Projects Committee (Jeannette DeVaris, Sam Forlenza, Donald Franklin, Sandra Saul, Phil Sobel, Frank Weiss.)

    Website Hosting provided by Lisa Tomasini, Ph.D.

  4. #StandUpForZoraya #ILoveAndNeedMyDaughter #EndParentalAlienation


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