We Will Not Remain Silent

Welcome new and old members alike.  Our organization's focus is REFORMING CURRENT ALIMONY LAW IN FLORIDA, with an eye on future family law issues.

Home showings of "Divorce 
Just because there will be no alimony reform this year doesn't mean we remain silent. Florida's citizens need an education into Florida's alimony laws. Your family and co-workers don't understand what they don't know. You can help educate them!

We can not become complacentthinking meaningful alimony reform will come next year just because the election is over. We have NO IDEA what will happen next year! We can not afford to wait to begin the education process 
Your Co-Workers and Family Must See This Movie!Click Here for
of our legislators and the public until 2015.

A real easy way of beginning to explain the Family Law System to your family and co-workers is to get the DVD of "Divorce Corp" and show it to them. Buy a couple pizzas for your co-workers and show it after work, or meet somewhere else to watch it. Make it a party! Food always brings people. The more people who can see "Divorce Corp," the sooner people will  begin to understand the bigger reasons for excessive, extended, costly  litigation and why these laws need to be changed

Your co-workers will be shocked by what happens in our Family Courts unless they have been through it themselves. That's when you tell them to go to and sign up and get involved.  It's THEIR financial future that could depend on current laws! How safe is ANY
marriage these days?

Hard working, income producing Americans are paying permanent, lifetime alimony for the ONLY reason that they were hard working, income producing Americans.
When we were growing up, we were taught to study hard, work hard and be the best you could
We were taught an honorable work ethic and when we were eventually married and had a family, we supported our families with our time, money, and love. This was the American Dream!

People can change over time. Spouses find themselves going in different directions in life. Through "no fault" of either spouse, as our Florida law says, the marriage ends in divorce. Simply because we were hard working, income producing Floridians we were given the responsibility of supporting our ex-spouse for the rest of their lives. There was no cheating, drugs, abuse, or laws broken. It
doesn't matter if you are man or woman, young or old, black or white. If you are the higher income producer in your marriage, you are at a real risk.

Our Alimony Army will be composed of Florida's employed and their families. We need your co-workers to help protect their own financial future, and the financial futures of their children.

1. Buy the Divorce Corp" DVD and show it to family and co-workers. Make it a pizza party and have a lot of discussion after the movie. Have a computer ready to have people sign up on FloridaAlimonyReform to get the newsletters and stay in touch.

2. Plan another party. Show "Divorce Corp" to other friends. Pass the DVD around. See how many people you can get to see your DVD. Until we have educated a sufficient number of people, alimony reform may not have the status it deserves in Tallahassee. We have until next year to do our best at educating Floridians to the consequences of Florida's current alimony laws.

Click Here to buy the DVD
"Divorce Corp."

Tallahassee will get a wake up call March 12th when Florida's Legislators view what is happening behind the "Family Law"

Thanks to a generous donation from the Alliance for Alimony Reform, FLR has secured Divorce Corp: The Movie to be shown for our Representatives, Senators, and their Staff:

There will be door prizes, and FLR's Pres. Alan Frisher and V.P. Terry Power will be there to answer questions and help our legislators better understand the reality of Florida's alimony laws.


We need you to contact your legislators urging them to attend and see for themselves what people are up against with "Family" Laws.

Our legislators need to know what is really happening and how Florida Families are being manipulated many times strictly for the financial gain of the divorce attorneys. The 93 minutes of Divorce Corp will be the most educational time spent your legislator could have on the subject of the Family Law System.

Click Here to find your
State Representative's contact information.

Click Here to find your
State Senator's contact information.

Write each one asking them to see Divorce Corp. Tell them the time, location, to please bring their staff, and that the showing is educational and complimentary.

Alan Frisher
Alan Frisher,
FLR President



I have received numerous emails and phone calls regarding the decision made by our Sponsors to not file a bill this session. Many of you, rightfully so, were frustrated and needed to vent; Others wanted a more detailed explanation as to why they made this decision; and a few of you even understood the reasons and were empathetic. Believe me, I went through all of the emotions that each of you experienced. Then I had to remind myself, that this is a process.

When I began this effort, I would have liked for it to work the first year out. It made sense to me that
everyone would see just how wrong our current family law system was, and would set things right. Boy did I learn a lesson. And I continue to learn lessons along the way. Sometimes there are things that are out of our control. While we have a certain amount of influence on the process, our legislators ultimately have the control of what gets done.

Like I said in a previous newsletter, we have positioned ourselves in the best way possible. Our Sponsors have worked hard at getting things to this level and we have supported their efforts (as they have supported ours). I can't tell you who to vote for in the next upcoming legislative session, but I will tell you that Representative Workman was very confident in his communication with me that he would be able to
work with Governor Scott if he (Governor Scott) wins his reelection campaign.

I understand everyone's frustration with our Governor. I understand that he did indeed veto us last session. But maybe better the devil you know? Maybe we will have a better chance to get the reform we have been working so hard to achieve if Governor Scott remains in office? Charlie Crist is an unknown. I have a request to meet with him, but have not as of yet. My concern is even if I do meet with him, that I will not get any assurances. I do, however, believe Ritch (Representative Workman) as I have known him personally for a long while.

So, the bottom line is that we will have to wait a bit to see where the election goes. Our 9000 plus membership has somewhat of a voice Statewide, but we need to be louder...much louder. We need to keep on increasing our membership so that we have a real voice in our political system.

I will not give up the fight, and neither should any of you. We've waited this long, we can wait another 11 months. Time goes by very fast. You'll see. Before you know it, we will be in the 2015 session with different issues to address, but with a renewed motivation and drive. In the meantime, we will keep on working with our legislators behind the scenes to make sure they keep their fingers in the mix of things yet to come with alimony reform.

We will accomplish our task


It's your involvement that will make meaningful alimony reform a reality in Florida. Help us help 


Florida Alimony Reform |


Florida Alimony Reform

215 E. Burleigh Blvd

Tavares, FL 32778

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