Florida Bar Accused of Misconduct

Another dangerously flawed family law reform bill has been once again submitted in the Florida Legislature. As this flawed legislation persists, Republican Sen. Tom Lee, who has been embroiled in his own past divorce and child support battles, has now introduced Senate Bill 250. Many marginalized members of the Florida Bar are saying enough is enough — it’s time for Florida Gov. Rick Scott to do the right thing and form a neutral “Family Law Reform Task Force” to carefully study this issue and recommend fair and equitable changes to our family law statutes that, if necessary, do not unjustly harm women and children.Ocala Article Family Law Reform - 2015

The proposed Alimony/Family Law Reform bill contains as one of its greatest flaws an equal child timesharing provision, which creates a legal presumption that equal time splitting between parents occur. This legal presumption can only be overcome if the parent challenging the presumption enters into a legal fight and proves, with evidence, that it is not in the best interests of the child to have equal time with both parents.

There is no exception in the proposed statute regarding the age, physical or mental health of the child, or the physical or mental health of the parents. This will mean that unless a parent challenges the law, infants and toddlers would be exchanged between households on a nearly 50/50 basis. Alcoholic or abusive parents will be presumed to be entitled to 50/50 split timesharing with their children as well, including overnights.

Judge Robert M. Evans says another dangerously flawed “Family Law Reform” bill has been once again submitted in the Florida Legislature. Many marginalized members of The Florida Bar are saying “enough is enough.” Evans believes it’s time for Gov. Rick Scott to do the right thing and form a neutral Family Law Reform Task Force to carefully study the issue and recommend fair and equitable changes to our family law statutes that if necessary, do not unjustly harm women and children.

A nightmare development scenario playing out in Palm Beach County, which Sally Swartz says is bad news for proponents of local control statewide. The worst blow of all: Counties have no choice. Florida lawmakers allow the new development and counties are forced to go along.Dr. John H. Armstrong, Florida’s surgeon general, writes that unhealthy weight has affected children in the state well before his appointment in 2012.florida judges - 2015Combating this epidemic would become his highest priority – and it was clear that doing so wouldn’t be as simple as changing the meals served in school cafeterias. While unhealthy weight among youth is still high, the strides the Armstrong and the state has made in recent years show promise for improving a previously bleak situation.Visit Context Florida to dig in.

Florida Bar Accused of Misconduct - 2015
The judge rejected it without blinking.
ever trusted a lawyer -liar-  -  2015
But now, the Florida Bar, which sets the ethical standards for attorneys is accused of breaking its own rules, claims Tampa Attorney Scott Tozian. “The Bar acted in an improper manor in a prosecution of this case,” said Tozian.
Tozian has represented troubled attorneys for over 30 years.
He’s battled the Florida Bar hundreds of times, but this latest case has him shaking his head in disgust. “We felt like the prosecution was biased,” said Tozian.
This all came about during an insurance settlement dispute when one attorney complained to the Florida Bar about being left out of negotiations.
He wanted the bar to punish the opposing attorneys and strip them of their law license.
Emails show he even pressured the bar to hire an ouside attorney instead of using their own.
And in a rare move, the bar agreed, paying the newly hired attorney close to $400,000. “The bar had to actually amend its budget in order to pay that money. It’s not like the Florida bar has $400,000 sitting in a kittie,” said Tozian.
Tozian says that money could’ve been put to better use like funding Pro Bono cases. “Those organizations are always in need of extra funds for the people of the state of Florida who cant afford legal services,” said Tozian.
Even worse, says Tozian, is the bar’s tactics in this case, which he describes as “dishonest, deceitful, and unethical.”
In a motion to the Supreme Court, he accuses the bar of submitting fraudulant documents to the court, and then trying to cover it up, something that should be unheard of for the bar, writing “very simply this case represents cronyism at its worst.”
Tozian says dozens of e-mails and sworn testimony backs up his claims.
He is now taking his complaints about the bar misconduct to the Florida Supreme Court. “The vast majority of the men and women who represent the Florida Bar do so ably and confidently and ethically. In this case I question all of that,” said Tozian.
Tozian wants the high court to dismiss the case against his clients because of the bar’s misconduct.
Meanwhile, the bar sent FOX 13 a response to these allegations.
They concede that while some of the actions may look suspicious, they are adamant they never intended to deceive or hide anything from anyone.
Shame on you Family Courts - 2015

Hello Everybody! This is Disbar The Florida Bar, the campaign which is uncovering the corruption at the Florida Bar....
Posted by Disbar The Florida Bar on Sunday, September 26, 2010

Disbar the Florida BarRules Regulating The Florida BarExcerpts from the Preamble: A Lawyer’s Responsibilities

We are uncovering the corruption at the Florida Bar. This regulatory agency is obstructing justice and denying honest services to many Floridians. This has a profound effect on all of us. When rogue attorneys use the courts and their profession to line their own pockets, the only line of defense is the Florida Bar. If the Florida Bar doesn't act properly to stop the criminality of it's member attorneys, the harm continues and becomes more prevalent. The radio show we are broadcasting tells the stories of victims of the Florida Bar's corruption. The purpose is to change the way lawyers are regulated and to bring down the corrupt leadership of this regulatory agency. Please help us by contributing any amount you wish at the website

1949 transcript
Posted by Disbar The Florida Bar on Sunday, May 30, 2010

"The disturbing issue to me is the moms who FORCE dad's not to be around... and I know too many of them who are pro...
Posted by Parental Alienation & other Child abuse awareness/prevention on Monday, July 20, 2015

Bill Corbin's Supreme Abuse website
Posted by Disbar The Florida Bar on Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Reason
Posted by Disbar The Florida Bar on Sunday, May 30, 2010

A roundup of the "culture of corruption" has something for everyone
Posted by Disbar The Florida Bar on Saturday, May 29, 2010

Family Court Judges Rubber Stamp Fraudulent Court Orders

*First off, isn't it illegal for a Family Court Judge to rule on "Hearsay" without proof in Family Court and Domestic Violence case? It sure is, so why are N.H. Judges getting away with it to steal our children?* *When a Family Court Judge court orders a parent out of Methadone Treatment, isn't that illegal?* *You're dam right it is according to SAMSHA, Parent's can NOT be ordered out of treatment in order to regain custody of their children.* *When a Family Court Judge court orders a parent into a program that doesn't exist in the State, shouldn't that be considered illegal? It very... more »

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