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Kids of Divorce Speak Out

Fight Judicial Child Trafficking The Center for Judicial Excellence has been working for nearly a … Read more


If you are a child or adult survivor of the divorce courts and would like to share your story online or with the news media, please contact us at Any funders who are interested in supporting the expansion of this project are also encouraged to contact Kathleen Russell at this same email address. Thank you for your interest.
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Because judges don't want a accurate reflection of what takes place in family hearings. Why believe your own eyes and ears when you can just listen to the "honorable judge"? Mandatory recording of ALL family hearings is an issue I am contacting our local legislators to sponsor as a bill to become law/ rule etc.(HINT, HINT, HINT) The majority if not all 20 circuit courts have the ability to record audio/video effortlessly but many judges if not all decline to. If recording family hearings is left to a judge's discretion it won't happen. FYI we don't need a little old lady pecking away at a machine to record hearings it is done digitally and cheaply in a lot of court rooms.

I contacted Mr. McKay because the last report available about court practices and recording was written in 2007. There can't be any accurate assessment without accurate data. If a 2 year old printer is obsolete then a 2007 report is antique. No real changes can be made without recent information to base actions on.

FYI all department of Revenue cases, cases before a magistrate etc. are recorded because it is acknowledge that a record needs to be available to reflect upon what took place in a hearing if needed. Judges have no super human memory ability than a magistrate etc. Judges see hundreds of people and cannot accurately recall what was testified to 3 months prior, cases are transferred to different judges, there is no method in place to allow for the accurate relaying of prior testimony etc. 

I have completed my task for the day. It is my goal to connect with someone everyday that has direct input and impact into our civil justice system. Mr. Mckay agreed to do some research and get back with me. As soon A I know, I will let you know. I am attaching the last report if anybody is bored or does not have anything to do. I don't think anyone will read this report but I am a nurse and documentation is everything. I am just attaching the report so no one has to blindly accept what I am saying as truth.

What MLK Taught Me About How to Be a Dad

Kids of Divorce Speak Out

Fight Judicial Child Trafficking

The Center for Judicial Excellence has been working for nearly a decade to expose the corruption in family courts that has forced more than one million American children in the past 20 years into ongoing unsupervised contact with a parent that is physically or sexually harming them. Please watch our new 3 minute video about the crisis in the family courts by clicking below. Thanks to Billie Greif, Jon Leland & Alan Phillips for their stellar video work:
Anyone familiar with our work in California knows that the Center for Judicial Excellence has remained steadfast in our commitment to protecting children’s rights in the courts.
We are honored to bring you the voices of children whose lives have been forever altered by the widespread corruption in America’s family courts. These young people are now speaking out- some for the very first time- about how they survived their respective ordeals. We believe that these “ambassadors of truth” are a force to be reckoned with. Their powerful first-hand accounts place the onus for the family court crisis squarely where it belongs- on the courts themselves.

Therapists Speak Out About Child Safety Concerns

CJE Board member and former California divorce court mediator Emily Gallup’s courageous whistleblower tale is documented in the movie Divorce Corp. Ms. Gallup sued her former employer, the Nevada County Family Court Services because she could no longer tolerate the judge and her supervisor threatening parents with scare tactics and pressuring her to harm families and break the law while performing her duties as a court employee.
Dr. Joyanna Silberg, PhD is the Executive Vice-President of the Leadership Council on Child Abuse & Interpersonal Violence. Her forensic practice specializes in child sexual abuse and she has served as an expert witness in 27 states.
Content Related to Family Court Therapist Janelle Burrill 
The Attorney General’s Formal Accusation Against Janelle Burrill (2011)
CJE’s March 31, 2011 Press Release: Evaluator Janelle Burrill May Have State License Revoked
CJE’s August 4, 2010 Press Release: Outraged Parents Take Action Against Janelle Burrill 
Video Credits --Video Production by Combridges & Richard Quinn Footage of Jennifer & Dr. Silberg, courtesy of Garland Waller’s No Way Out But One. Footage of Judge Gothard, courtesy of Dominique Lasseur’s Breaking the Silence. 

FL Domestic Violence Legislative Project

Commission on Access to Civil Justice The Florida Bar.

I am going hard and requesting the Commission create a subcommittee composed of people it designed to help. Of course he gave me the brush off along the lines of the Commission was created and the members were appointed by Florida Supreme Court blah, blah, blah, wonk, wonk, wonk......After thinking about this Commission it came to me that we actually need a member on the Commission reflective of the demographic it was created for in addition to a subcommittee. In my brain it is like having the NAACP without black people, or National Organization for Women (NOW) with no women members, a father’s right advocacy group without fathers. In my brain it simply doesn't match.

I am like a kid! WHY? WHY? WHY? We have to take the limited things we are giving and use them to our advantage. I personally think the Commission is a Public Relations move to convey they are doing something. Being busy and being productive are not the same. The skeptic in me thinks this Commission is just to give the impression something is being done and probably a way to justify spending some tax dollars. I have not tracked how this Commission is funded because I have been busy requesting they create a subcommittee. (HINT, HINT if someone wants to volunteer and do a post about the funding it would be great.) We all understand looking busy when we are supposed to be working let’s make sure this Commission is just "looking busy".I need everyone to email this Commission and advocate for the creation of a subcommittee and a board member reflective of the demographic it represents.

This is our opportunity to create policy and procedures without going through Democrat/Republican drama etc.LET’S MAKE A DOLLAR OUT OF 15 CENTS. I mean let’s make sure this Commission is productive and doing what it was created to do as opposed to just another PR move to convey a falsity someone is working to solve HUGE problems present in civil courts aka family courts. If you are unaware and have no direct knowledge of the HUGE problems present in family courts you are blessed and I hope you will never have to personally experience the circus of the family court system but do a quick google and you will learn how huge of a problem it is in Florida and the entire United States.PM, email. Call me if you want to put in work and organize to bring about changes.

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