Washington D.C. Family Preservation Civil Rights Movement Rally To Be Biggest Yet

Washington D.C. Family Preservation Civil Rights Movement Rally To Be Biggest Yet

April 19, 2012 to April 22, 2012 promises to be bigger than past years for family rights activist, advocates, families, and leaders to come together in Washington, D.C.

From Leon ~ All the major work and sacrifice have already been made, everything is legal, no arrests are needed. There is a site permit, an open mike for public statements (west lawn, Senate Park at 2pm) and lobbying efforts throughout the weekend.

How much more carnage and Thomas Ball incidents will it take before victimized fathers, concerned mothers and their families become finally recognized as American citizens entitled to justice, due process and equal protection under the law?

Get viral, make your own commitment today, visit us at Parenting Rights Institute and Leon (Dr. Leon Koziol, founder of the march).

Momentum is building. Help us contact actors like Alec Baldwin and our representatives in Congress to join us next month for a long overdue statement of reform!

So Meanwhile, indigent fathers continue to be incarcerated right here at home while our veterans are taking their own lives in response to oppressive domestic relations laws. If people of stature can make this kind of commitment to a foreign cause, why is it that victims of divorce and Family Court find excuses to avoid a similar stand? It’s not going to happen by relying upon your neighbor or an event sponsor to exercise basic rights guaranteed to each and every one of us under the American Constitution.

It’s time to act, to organize your friends, wives, moms, dads and supporters, and join us for the Founding Fathers March in Washington on April 20th, 2012

The event is scheduled to hold an annual In The Best Interest Of The Child Congressional Education Panel, a Founding Fathers March, Capitol Tour and rally on the west lawn of the Capitol.

Concluding each night of this event is an annual purple light vigil. The vigil consist of a purple tree being lite, purple glow sticks, a bell toll for each child whose life has been lost with their names read a loud.

This event is sponsored in part by a Ohio based non-profit organization We The People Family Preservation, Inc.

The Founding Fathers March is facilitated by Leon Koziol J.D of New York. For those interested in participating Leon may be contacted at:
Email: admin@LeonKoziol.Com
Telephone: (315) 796-4000

For those wishing to speak on the west lawn of our Capitol please contact Robert James Patterson at this number (614) 987-5714

Accommodations for this event can be found at

Also additional information for this event may be obtained from the office of We The People Family Preservation, Inc main office (740) 622- 0168. Ask for Ms. L. Wilson

Means we use must be as pure as the ends we seek.

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