At the core of it all;  it is Human Rights.  Fathers... Mothers...  Both Human beings.   A child born is a Human created... that Human being created from a Father and Mother is going to be here long after breast feeding and long after its first few years of tender care.  The psychological effects of gestation and giving birth are something that a Male parent cannot understand.  This is not a fault or weakness, it is not permission to be treated with less Rights in Parenting.

A baby is born...  Parents are created at this moment too.  That creation process (when parents are born) is special and important.  Human rights are linked to every aspect of Parenting.  To write any laws to reflect gender preference is to define WHICH parent receives more parenting rights.  This is NOT a construct of Equality, it is the construct of social engineering.

Culture is evolving and law is progressive.

Acceptance of Equality

Practice of Equality
Enforcement of Equality

Ryan Sellars

Of course there is people who stand in the way of Progression and Changes in Culture.

The fight is not simply your case... That is your personal battle... and it is extremely important because when you stand up for your rights not just as a father, but as a Human being and Parent.  You are taking a stand in society and showing people that you are not branding yourself in the image that society has cast shadows onto.  Fatherhood...  As a 'Father'  you might have strength, but in court or to Mothers, you might simply trigger stereotypes on a mental & Emotional level.   As a ' Parent ' you are Equal.  As a Human you are Equal.

If you have read finalized court documents you might notice that words can define you.  We all know that words are not truly what defines who you are, ...but on paper... to the courts...    Words can limit your Human Rights.  Stigma and Public Opinion are either enemies or valiant defenders of your case.  Fight for your cause!  and when you do, do it as a Human being fighting for Equal rights as a Parent.

Write your state reps and Write about this.  Whatever wrongs have been inflicted against you,  writing the state and your government about Equal rights for Parents (leaving gender descriptive words to a minimum or out completely) is the first steps in shifting culture and society into a more Equal and positive future for all parents.  Imagine all the young parents who will come after us...  We need to stand together and we will be stronger for it.


To: State Legislators

What is more precious: your 14th amendment, basic human right to parent your children or your 2nd amendment right to bear arms? If you had to lose one, which would it be?

“Only lawyers win in the divorce” is the mantra from which Family Law  Statues where written under the false banner of a “child’s best interest.” The lack of a presumptive 50/50 Shared Parenting standard continues to make the divorce industry flourish while children’s lives lay in the ruin. 

By creating this 50/50 Shared Parenting standard, our children and parents will be protected from an industry that creates, promotes and perpetuates conflict for its financial gain. Lives are ruined, lives are lost and injustices beyond comprehension as children are alienated from their parents. 

The presumptive 50/50 Shared Parenting standard is based on an absence of a preponderance of evidence supporting abuse, neglect, addiction or other serious issue as defined by a Court. This fact-based and objective-based approach has to replace the hearsay and subjectively corrupt manner of today's family court processes. 

Given us this single standard can reduce the amount of divorce litigation by half and allow families to move forward with the best interest of all in mind. Help protect parental rights as strongly as gun rights.

It is your duty to introduce legislation establishing a presumptive 50/50 Shared Parenting standard and protect our divorcing families from being exploited by an industry for its own greed.

[Your name]

Remain an Equal Parent to your Child!

We only support organizations who show an understanding that children need both parents, and that either parent is equally capable of the choice to perpetrate hate or declare peace.


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