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In a session on best practices for working with parents with disabilities, attorneys from Bronx Defenders, give guidance...
Posted by Children's Rights on Thursday, August 20, 2015

The courts dealing with children, parents, families, and divorce are horribly broken. Children, mothers, fathers, and grandparents are being severely damaged by the broken system.

Bill Windsor, producer and Director of Lawless America...the Movie developed the following list of proposed legislation from his interviews with over 750 people in every state. Hundreds of people submitted ideas to be considered.

1. All court proceedings shall be recorded, and all parties shall have the right to do their own recording of all proceedings.

[Judges and attorneys get away with lies, concealing the tone of their comments, and falsifying court transcripts; this will be a tool to make them more accountable while protecting the fundamental rights of the parties.]

2. Judges must address all points raised by all parties in every court decision with a clear explanation with citation to determining facts, statutes, and case law.

[One of the dishonest/corrupt techniques used by judges is to ignore the issues, facts, and law. By forcing judges to address the issues, facts, statutes, and case law on each issue in their orders, judges will either treat the parties fairly or expose their corruption for all to see. When judges violate this provision, an aggrieved party will now have the ability to take the matter to a Special Grand Jury.]

3. Judges must insist that people tell the truth in court with extreme consequences for those who don't.

[There are rules that will make the legal process infinitely more fair and less expensive. Judges must honor and enforce the rules. It is one of the only ways to get witnesses and attorneys to be more honest.]

4. All family court trials shall be by jury.

[Family court abuse and corruption is one of the most widely-criticized. Judges and their friends involved in the family court process create a situation ripe for injustice and corruption. We must remove the judges from this life-altering process for so many people. Let a jury of local citizens with their own families make these serious decisions.]

5. It shall be a child's right to be raised by his parent(s), free from government intrusion; have an attorney of his choice; be heard in court personally; be allowed to report abuse and know that the system will protect them; be protected from mental and physical abuse by guardians as well as the judicial system; and receive justice.

[Currently, the way children and their families are treated by the judicial system is a crime in and of itself. We the people must protect families and the children. These rights must be mandated because the existing system is hopelessly broken.]

6. No child may be taken from family without evidence and a hearing.

[Children are being removed from their homes at the whim of people. This life-altering decision must first be made in court and decided by a jury. We cannot allow families to be torn apart by people who should have no authority to take such serious action.]

7. All children deserve to live a childhood free from abuse, exploitation, and government interference during custody litigation.

[Custody litigation is devastating to many. The children must be protected not damaged by the system.]

8. The statute of limitations shall be eliminated in cases of sexual assault against children. The statute of limitations shall be eliminated in cases of perjury and fraud upon the courts.

[Laws must not be used to deprive citizens of recourse for wrongdoing.]

9. Whenever a criminal matter is raised in family court, that matter must pass to a criminal court where all normal criminal due process procedures, etc. apply.

[It is outrageous that criminal issues are raised in family court, and the accused is denied all of the legal protections.]

10. Hearsay shall not be allowed in family courts.

[Currently, judges make decisions based on whatever one side is willing to say in court. No evidence. No objections against hearsay, etc.]

11. Custody should be shared by both parents unless there is proven abuse or neglect.

[Some will disagree with this, but I happen to believe that both the mother and father are important to a child.]

12. Grandparents shall be listed on all birth certificates, and grandparents shall have automatic custody rights if their child is unable and they are willing and able. Grandparents are not always a good answer, but they should be looked at FIRST, and not as a second thought.

[The money-making machine that is Family Court doesn’t want children to go to their grandparents because there is no money in it for the system. This must be changed.]

13. There shall be no statute of limitations for child abuse.

[Protect children forever.]

14. A Citizens Review Panel shall be established to monitor all children and family matters.

15. No child, teen, or young adult may be forced into residential treatment facilities and forced to take drugs without parental authorization.

16. Child support, custody, and visitation shall be treated as one issue in family court.

17. Child support shall be based upon an ability to pay. There shall be no child support in a 50/50 custody arrangement.

18. If a parent cannot pay child support, that parent shall not be jailed. Parents who do not pay child support may be sued for fraud, and if a jury determines that fraud was committed, a judgment may be entered against the parent, and the court may revoke the driving privileges of the parent. No one should be jailed for non-payment of anything.

19. All children and family court proceedings should be public. The only ones they are protecting are the criminals.

20. Children shall be taken from parents only in extreme situations of abuse or neglect, and those decisions shall be made only by a jury after a full evidentiary trial.

21. Civil court requirement of a preponderance of probability shall be required in family court.

22. Where accusations of abuse are falsely made, there should be sanctions and criminal charges filed.

23. There shall be no custody rights granted to convicted domestic abusers. This is how they gain ground to further manipulate their victims.

24. Anyone who feels their court experience was improper may have their case reviewed by a Special Regulatory Grand Jury.

25. “Parental alienation” must be recognized as a problem and should be considered unacceptable.

26. No one shall be placed on any child abuse registry without a jury trial and a conviction for child abuse.

27. A “Safe at Home” program shall be established to protect citizens by having their addresses and contact information suppressed.

28. Remove any gender specific federal funding from Family Courts.

29. Cap GAL fees.

30. Mandate GAL's have to carry a specific level of education in the field of Social Work (BSW).

Bill Windsor and Lawless America developed additional ideas for legislation to fix the corrupt legal and judicial system:

Here is a video in which Bill Windsor presents Proposed Legislation for Family Courts --

If you don't know Bill Windsor's story, here is a summary:

Image copyright and Friends of Bill Windsor
 — in United States.

As the Governor and appointees tackle the overwhelming  dysfunction of Family Courts and Unethical and Immoral Family Law Judges and  Lawyers OR WE SHOULD SAY...LIARS!!, the Governor is going to...

Family Court Fridays: Raising Awareness of Court Licensed Abuse 
Every Friday 9 to 11 am: San Diego, California 

All Protective Moms and allies are invited to join the weekly rally - which has been going on for four years - to let the public know how family court judges are routinely taking custody of kids away from loving moms and coercing them to live with abusers and molesters. 

San Diego Family Law Court
1555 6th Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101

Safe Kids International encourages Protective Mothers to conduct similar rallies at their local courts and other locations.

You can print out a flyers that say something to this effect:

Stop Family Court Judges from Aiding and Abetting Child Abusers and Molesters!

When mothers report abuse—they lose custody.

Sound unbelievable? It’s true!

Hold judges accountable for destroying lives of children and their protective mothers.

Join the Global Dialogue about Court Licensed Abuse at:

I am a family law attorney and 
I have seen first-hand the kind of unfairness that you are complaining about and I know that you are making a very legitimate point. Every time I sit and observe for even an hour or so in family court, I come out wondering what foreign country have I wandered into. Fathers are on the bad end of some peculiar social forces and norms at this point in our culture and even understanding that it is cultural and social -- and not personal -- does not make it more bearable for those who are affected. I am not going to cheerlead, or defend the system. It's wrong and it goes on and on and on.

So, what to do?

Join forces. There is an active "Fathers' Equal Rights" community that has only started to explore its potential for political and social influence.

One voice is a rant; many voices is public policy. All judges are ultimately accountable to the public, even those that forget that is so.

Here is contact info for local state advocates in your area, support and work with them for change.

There simply isn't any other or better alternative.


Kenneth Goins 


June 19th, 2015 Rally for Parental Equality - list of participating states/ providences and/or countries

Current 06-12-2015

2015 Rally List

Washington D.C.:
















New Jersey:

New Mexico:

New York:

North Carolina:




South Carolina:

South Dakota:




Washington: Washington State:


Across the country women, children, AND MEN are becoming the victims of judges and the court system. It is time that we...
Posted by Children's Rights on Thursday, August 20, 2015

Do not define me by my gender or race or popular opinion, but by my basic human rights as a parent

Fighting the disease, not treating the symptoms... The overall picture is human rights, parental rights. When you go into court, try making a point to keep yourself from defining yourself on the team that is not popular or favored in society. Proudly…

We all agree that it is a good thing to remove children from unfit parents who put the child's health and welfare , their well being , and their safety into jeopardy or continuously keep the child in dangerous predicaments , which the state pays for because a child does not deserve that. They deserve better !!!

My question for you all to answer is this. In your opinion, why do you think the same state also foots the bill to have fit parents (even deemed fit by a judge in family court) removed from a childs life (by the same family court judge) although statistics say overwhelmingly that kids to better when they have EQUAL ACCESS to both fit parents ??? Even though they know this is in the best interest of the child (Nebraska Rev.Stat 43-2923) which that statute reads "when a judge is considering a parenting plan he or she must consider joint legal / joint physical custody first ", why do they (family court judges) after deeming both parents fit, still remove one of the fit parents from the child's life and make them a part timr visitor? 

I don't know about you but that doesn't sound like that's what's "in the best interest of the child " to me. What's your opinion of this? Why do you think they do it?


Why waste our time ?? We already know what her answer will be.
 — with Dannie Jackson III.

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