Within a system which denies the existence of basic human rights, fear tends to be the order of the day

What Is The Role Of Lawyers?

Jeena Cho at Above the Law -  You get to define for yourself how you want to practice and what kind of lawyer you want to be.

Across the country women, children, AND MEN are becoming the victims of judges and the court system. It is time that we...
Posted by Children's Rights on Thursday, August 20, 2015
Posted by Childrens Rights Florida  “Within a system which denies the existence of basic human rights, fear tends to be the order of the day. Fear of imprisonment, fear of torture, fear of death, fear of losing friends, family, property or means of livelihood, fear of poverty, fear of isolation, fear of failure. A most insidious form of fear is that which masquerades as common sense or even wisdom, condemning as foolish, reckless, insignificant or fut... more »

It's Time to Fundraise For Your Favorite Judge Again!

South Florida Lawyers at South Florida Lawyers -
Can you believe it? Where did the summer go? It feels like we just started our summer break and here we are again, with the kids back in school* the endless judicial fundraising pitches, emails, and faux events!* Didn't we just do this? When is the election even? Next tisha b'av? Don't worry -- just give, give and give again. I'm pretty sure it's a necessary evil -- *hey, wait a minute, why is it necessary again? * And remember -- that judge you save could be your own (I kid, they won't even remember you)! Seriously, you might as well be part of the solution -- support the sm... more »

The Record: Parental due process

LK at Legally Kidnapped -
The Record: Parental due process LEAVING CHILDREN unattended in vehicles remains a serious problem, notwithstanding many publicized warnings against it. Some 45 children have died from heatstroke while locked in cars in hot weather since the beginning of 2014, according to researchers at San Jose State University in California. Children left alone in cars are also susceptible to being kidnapped.

Southern District of Florida Blog: S.D. Fla. celebrates LGBT achievement

John Oliver Explains Why It Is Too Soon To Celebrate LGBT Equality

Kathryn Rubino at Above the Law - 1 day ago
Even if you don't agree with Oliver's views his fast pace, clever graphics and sly demeanor keep you entertained.

The politics of sociological consciousness

Paul Campos at Lawyers, Guns & Money -
This weekend, the NYT ran an interesting article by a former waiter at one of New York’s Michelin three-star restaurants, who is now a graduate student: In a playground for the superrich, I was an overpaid chaperone wearing a bespoke suit. Gluttony was common. So was sex; more than once we had to interrupt coitus […]

Is This Racist? State Bar Can’t Tell If This Is Racist.

Joe Patrice at Above the Law -
After honoring a story written by a man associated with a hate group, a state bar flies into embarrassing damage control.  

They named a drink: The Foster Child

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Drink of the Week: The Foster Child, a Banana Foster margarita at Salty's Gulfport Looking for a margarita unlike any other? Try a bananas fosterita, dubbed the Foster Child ($8), at Salty's Gulfport. Bartender Kat McKenna created the cocktail based on the flavors of the dessert bananas Foster.

Law Grad Drowning In Debt Tries To Sell Law Degree On Craigslist

Staci Zaretsky at Above the Law -
Go on, make this lawyer an offer he can't refuse.  

Lawyer Threatens Yelp Reviewer With Lawsuit, Is Wrong

Ken White at Popehat -
Kyle Barella is an immigration lawyer with his own firm. Last week he gave an "exclusive" interview to Breitbart News Network on his views about birthright citizenship and the whole "anchor baby" controversy. That was, of course, his right. He said he thinks that birthright citizenship is being abused and that we should end it. […] Lawyer Threatens Yelp Reviewer With Lawsuit, Is Wrong © 2004-2015 by the authors of Popehat. This feed is for personal, non-commercial use only. Using this feed on any other site is a copyright violation. No scraping.

Judge Williams rules that Mosely-Mayorga II will proceed

Brian Toth at Southern District of Florida Blog - 
Well, the opening round of Don King Productions, Inc. v. Shane Mosely was, in Judge Williams's view, pretty much even, which means that the Mosely-promoted Grudge Match between Mosely and Ricardo Mayorga will proceed this Saturday night at The Forum in Inglewood, California as planned. In a lengthy order denying Don King's promotional company's (DKP) motion for a preliminary injunction, Judge Williams found that sufficient evidence showed that Mayorga had entered into an agreement with DKP for it to exclusively promote Mayorga as a professional boxer. But she also concluded that DK... more »

Penn Attorney General Dupes The Press

Kathryn Rubino at Above the Law -
Pennsylvania AG Kathleen Kane takes a page from The Parent Trap to troll the press.

Non-Sequiturs: 08.25.15

Kathryn Rubino at Above the Law -
* Too many students who still apply and attend law school, convinced they are the special snowflake that will beat the odds, are just lying to themselves. [Law and More] * A new motion in the case of Adnan Syed, featured in the inaugural and highly successful first season of the Serial podcast, casts doubt on key evidence used to convict him. [Gawker] * Attention in-house counsel: Please, please, please stop sending money to a Nigerian prince. It is, in fact, a scam. [Corporate Counsel] * The legal battle to define mayo has reached its conclusion. Cutting edge of the legal world peo... more »

Do Law Schools Have it Too Easy?

Jacob Gershman at Law Blog - 
Law school enrollment has taken a big in recent years. To Kirkland & Ellis partner, Steven J. Harper the decline in students is a problem -- it's not steep enough.

Why Lack Of Diversity Isn’t Biglaw’s Fault

Joe Patrice at Above the Law - 
Biglaw gets a lot of flack for its lack of diversity. But is it really Biglaw's fault?

Lawyers Work Too Damn Much

Kathryn Rubino at Above the Law - 
That all nighter you pulled is, in the grand scheme of things, truly meaningless.

Talking Adoption: Fighting with the Foster Care System (Part 1)

LK at Legally Kidnapped - 
Note: Yes this is one of those system sucky articles about the struggles that foster parents face. Know thy enemy. Talking Adoption: Fighting with the Foster Care System (Part 1) This week, I’m talking with Joanna, a foster mother, about her family’s struggles with the foster care system in the US. Joanna and her husband, Carl, are trying to adopt their foster daughter, Dana. (Because the family is in the midst of a court case with Dana’s biological family, their names and identifying details have been changed.) Joanna’s family attends an evangelical church in the Midwest. I ro... more »

Suspected child abuse reports rise when school starts

LK at Legally Kidnapped - 
Suspected child abuse reports rise when school starts The Child Protection Center performs more forensic interviews than usual in August and September after kids head back to school. Note: Most reports are false or frivolous.

FiscalNote Prophecy: An Algorithm For ‘Washington Man’

Sean Doherty at Above the Law - 
Technology columnist Sean Doherty checks out FiscalNote’s Prophecy, a service that provides insight into legislative data for business and legal professionals.

Legal Eagle Wedding Watch: Indian Summer

Laurie Lin at Above the Law - 
Columnist Laurie Lin sizes up the latest featured couples: no tackiness here, just limitless love and legal prestige.

Best Summer Associate Event Contest (2015): The Winner!

David Lat at Above the Law - 
This wasn't exactly a close contest; the winner scored a runaway victory.

Plaintiffs’ Lawyer Takes On Retirement Plans

Sara Randazzo at Law Blog - 
After building a career representing railroad employees and others in personal injury and civil rights cases, St. Louis plaintiffs' lawyer Jerome Schlichter decided a decade ago to take on a vastly different area of law: the federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act. One of his first retirement lawsuits, against Boeing Co., is finally going to trial this week.

More Advice For 1Ls: 7 Tips For Scheduling

LawProfBlawg at Above the Law - 11 hours ago
Advice for 1Ls can be really overwhelming, but all you really need is a schedule. Here are 7 tips to help you out.

España se sitúa entre los niveles más bajos de violencia de género de la UE

viso at CUSTODIA PATERNA - 11 hours ago
Martes, 25 de Agosto, 2015 Encontramos la noticia gracias a Emiliano Antonio Medina Martin La fecha de publicación de la noticia es de Marzo del pasado año. La violencia del varón a la mujer en el terreno de la pareja en España es de las más bajas de Europa. Un dato que se difunde mucho. En este caso notamos que el texto trata de justificar con excusas el porqué en España la violencia contra la mujer -mal llamada de género- es tan baja. Un tinte feminista, nada que asombre, vemos constantemente como los medios colaboran con industria de género cuando trasmiten la información, pues el... more »

Detenida por agresión a su marido

viso at CUSTODIA PATERNA - 11 hours ago
Martes, 25 de Agosto, 2015 La Guardia Civil ha detenido a una mujer acusada de violencia doméstica por agredir a su marido. La mujer responde por la siglas de J.G., y tiene 32 años. La agresión se produce en una discusión de la pareja aunque no existen lesiones derivadas de la misma. La diferencia de haber sido el detenido y acusado el varón, no solo se encuentra en que la ley que se aplica sería distinta, la de violencia de género, sino que a éste aparte de detenido hubiese quedado encerrado en el calabozo hasta ser puesto a disposición judicial. De la noticia nos llama la atenció... more »

Quantities are limited

Paul Campos at Lawyers, Guns & Money - 11 hours ago
Having demonstrated that that, discounted to present value, a law degree from an American law school is worth on average just under one million dollars, Michael Simkovic has turned his attention to a genuine social crisis: the billions of dollars in lost earnings suffered every year by prospective law students, who have made the serious, […]

The Road Not Taken: You Are Not Your Job

Celeste Harrison Forst at Above the Law - 11 hours ago
You are not your job and it is important to learn this sooner rather than later. Find a hobby -- before it's too late.

Is Biden Running A Good Idea? (SPOILER: No.)

Scott Lemieux at Lawyers, Guns & Money - 12 hours ago
I’m guessing — hoping? — that the Joe Biden rumors are more slow-news-month smoke than fire. I do know that the idea still doesn’t make any sense. First, as Tomasky notes, between the lack of a policy rationale and the late entry the primary effect of Biden mounting a primary campaign would be to amplify […]

Boston Bombing Juror Discusses Death Penalty Decision

Jacob Gershman at Law Blog - 12 hours ago
A juror in the trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev said he might have opposed sentencing the convicted Boston Marathon bomber to death had he known that the family of the youngest victim in the attack wanted to spare the defendant's life.

Twitter Faced SEC Queries on Change in Engagement Measures

Yoree Koh at Law Blog - 12 hours ago
The SEC asked Twitter about its user-engagement measures earlier this year, according to correspondence released Monday.

En Banc Fifth Circuit Erodes Student Speech Rights

Sam Wright at Above the Law - 12 hours ago
Off-campus speech gets kid punished and the Fifth Circuit thinks that's just fine.

Game Of Loans: Why Are Law Schools Winning?

Staci Zaretsky at Above the Law - 12 hours ago
This is the reason why the legal profession will continue to suffer in years to come.

The Confederacy and Communism

Erik Loomis at Lawyers, Guns & Money - 12 hours ago
Good article by Andre Fleche on the connection between the Confederacy and an early version of anti-communism, which in the aftermath of the 1848 revolutions in Europe was very much on the minds of the southern planter elite, particularly since a lot of refugees from those wars came to the U.S. and supported the Union […]

Trigger Warnings — What Am I Supposed to be Upset About Exactly?

Scott Lemieux at Lawyers, Guns & Money - 12 hours ago
For whatever reason, whenever when of those overheated articles about campus p.c. and mollycoddled students appears, a mention of trigger warnings and the alleged inability of students to deal with any uncomfortable material are very likely to show up. As Aaron Hanlon points out, this doesn’t make any sense: As I’ve explained elsewhere, however, I […]

Miami Beach Commissioner Jonah Wolfson responds to constituent's email: 'You seem to be very crabby'

Bill at Random Pixels Blog - 12 hours ago
Visit Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine's website and you'll see this right at the top of the page: __________ Commissioner Wolfson's credo: "Swim, pray, eat lots of French fries." Keep those words in mind as you read the email exchange (below) between a long-time Miami Beach resident and Commissioner Jonah "Potty Mouth" Wolfson. It was just a simple request from the resident, an

Cómo ser un buen padre

viso at CUSTODIA PATERNA - 13 hours ago
Martes, 25 de Agosto, 2015 Un libro de un experto en la educación, James Stenson, que refleja una serie de casos prácticos basados en su amplia experiencia en los dos colegios privados en donde ejerció como director. Sus experiencias personales con muchos alumnos y padres se sitúan como ejemplo en el libro. artículo completo Fuente: Cómo ser un buen padre. Casos Prácticos.

Why I’m Going To ILTACON And Why You Should Too

Jeff Bennion at Above the Law - 13 hours ago
Columnist Jeff Bennion explains why he's looking forward to a major legal technology conference.

¿Dónde está la condena feminista a la agresión de la presidente de Vox Cuenca?

viso at CUSTODIA PATERNA - 13 hours ago
Martes, 25 de Agosto, 2015 Vox ha sido el único partido que se ha posicionado de forma más clara en contra de la violencia de género. También han mostrado su apoyo a la custodia compartida, y están claramente en contra del aborto. Aún es reciente, pero para como sale el feminismo ante cualquier agresión -incluso verbal- de una mujer en política, y sobre todo si es desde esas filas que son más afines a los derechos de la mujer -sobre todo con el aborto- por encima incluso de los derechos de una criatura, extraña que no encontrar al menos una condolencia por la agresión de que ha sido ... more »

Immigration Reform for the 1 Percent

Erik Loomis at Lawyers, Guns & Money - 13 hours ago
I don’t have any particular problem with increased immigration for wealthy people necessarily, just like I support immigration generally. But reforming the EB-5 Visa alone so that wealthy investors can move here without doing anything for the vast majority of potential immigrants in other categories is a bad policy move and is in fact immigration […]

Law Firm Is Destroyed After Bus Crashes Into Building

Staci Zaretsky at Above the Law - 13 hours ago
Just when you thought the summer of 2015 could be no worse for lawyers, this happens.

Keeping Rana Plaza Out of Sight

Erik Loomis at Lawyers, Guns & Money - 14 hours ago
A Bangladeshi court banned the making of a film about one of the survivors of Rana Plaza for fear that the international attention might cause Bangladesh to lose its apparel industry. I’m skeptical that a film would garner more attention than the actual death of over 1100 people, but I think more importantly is that […]

Beyond Biglaw: Interviewing For A Summer Associate Position

Gaston Kroub at Above the Law - 14 hours ago
Former Biglaw partner Gaston Kroub offers advice for securing a summer associate position.

And the Wind Cries....Spencer!

South Florida Lawyers at South Florida Lawyers - 14 hours ago

Tuesday Odds and Ends

bspencer at Lawyers, Guns & Money - 15 hours ago
@vacuumslayer Hard to believe I've spent 365 days ignoring a bunch of pasty entitled nerds after having been one for so long — norbizness (@norbizness) August 23, 2015 Thanks to everyone who chimed in with song and recipe ideas in my last odds and ends threads. Much appreciated! In that entry I asked if there […]

‘The idea that social workers can predict who will become terrorists is science fiction’

LK at Legally Kidnapped - 15 hours ago
‘The idea that social workers can predict who will become terrorists is science fiction’ We live with the ever present risk of terrorism and violent extremism. It is part of life in contemporary Britain. Yet social work is sleep walking into a worrying new area – that of ‘pre-crime’. This means, in social work terms, pre-determining which children are likely to go on to be harmed or will go on to become terrorists at some stage in the future. It sounds like something from the Tom Cruise film “Minority Report”.

Permanent fostering 'will destroy' any chances for children to reunite with natural parents

LK at Legally Kidnapped - 15 hours ago
Permanent fostering 'will destroy' any chances for children to reunite with natural parents Eman Seguna, who was fostered as a child said that he agrees with foster care “since he is a product of fostering” but said he can never agree with permanent fostering since it “will destroy any hope for natural parents to reunite with their children”.

Morning Docket: 08.25.15

Staci Zaretsky at Above the Law - 15 hours ago
* Baker & McKenzie was dethroned by DLA Piper as the the Biglaw king of gross revenue. The firm is blaming its poor performance -- a 4.3 percent drop -- on "currency fluctuations." Better luck on snatching back glory next year. [Am Law Daily; Big Law Business / Bloomberg] * It's hard out here for a pimp with an allegedly small peen: Terrence Howard's divorce settlement was overturned by a judge after evidence was brought forward to suggest the actor was coerced into signing it. Apparently his ex was blackmailing him over the size of his manhood. [ABC News] * There's a new sheriff ju... more »

The climate change argument is over, but local government dithers ... by gimleteye (Gimleteye) at EYE ON MIAMI - 16 hours ago
The roll over of climate change denial is occurring exactly as British 20th century poet TS Eliot might have predicted. For those not inclined to remember Eliot, the $400 million dollar investment by the City of Miami Beach of new water pumps to recirculate tidal flood off certain commercial streets back into Biscayne Bay is one example how reality seeps in. Another; Miami Dade County Board Chairman's Jean Monestine mild proposal for "a resolution directing the *Mayor* to study and make recommendations on the consideration of sea level rise for zoning applications and applications t... more »

AM Roundup: Warrant Amnesty in Ferguson

Jacob Gershman at Law Blog - 16 hours ago
Law Blog rounds up the morning's legal news.

¿Humor o realidad?

viso at CUSTODIA PATERNA - 16 hours ago
Martes, 25 de Agosto, 2015 Se puede ver de muchas formas, y sobre todo con quienes se ha mantenido una relación afectiva o sentimental de pareja. Si la mujer, sus intenciones son de conservar la relación, o al menos restablecerla, seguro que no sentirá acoso por parte de ese varón, y valorará que dicho hombre se presté a mantener el contacto, pero si por contra, sus interese han cambiado, ahí se encuentra le ley de género para amparar cualquier tipo de excusa a la hora de presentar una denuncia. La persona que subió la imagen apuntaba: Yo creo que este twinter lo resume todo......... more »

Vermont prosecutor who was witness in social worker death, copes with guilt

LK at Legally Kidnapped - 16 hours ago
Vermont prosecutor who was witness in social worker death, copes with guilt The prosecutor is drawn time and again to the parking lot where flowers and candles now mark where he tried to save a social worker's life. Going back, he says, helps him cope with the guilt he feels because he lived and she didn't. Note: Is he feeling guilt because he couldn't save her or because he helped her steal the kid who she was shot because of? Who knows?

Judge Fighting Family Detention Has Personal Connection To Immigration

LK at Legally Kidnapped - 16 hours ago
Judge Fighting Family Detention Has Personal Connection To Immigration The federal judge who called for the Obama administration to shut down family detention centers knows the issue of immigration personally.

Massachusetts Department of Children and Families social workers' caseloads said to be at 'crisis levels'

LK at Legally Kidnapped - 16 hours ago
Massachusetts Department of Children and Families social workers' caseloads said to be at 'crisis levels' With the state Department of Children and Families under fire from the relatives of 2-year-old Avalena Conway-Coxon, who died a little more than a week ago in an Auburn foster home, questions have been raised as to the amount of cases Massachusetts social workers face on a daily basis.

Mom Who Returns From Deployment Is Horrified to Learn What’s Happened to Her Children

LK at Legally Kidnapped - 16 hours ago
Mom Who Returns From Deployment Is Horrified to Learn What’s Happened to Her Children When a mother signed up to fight for her country, she didn’t realize that she’d also have to fight for her children.

Amended case filed against Rhode Island child welfare system

LK at Legally Kidnapped - 16 hours ago
Amended case filed against Rhode Island child welfare system The Rhode Island Department of Children, Youth and Families has egregiously failed children in its care and continues to put them “in harm’s way,” an advocacy group alleged in filing an amended federal lawsuit Monday.

Se buscan voluntarios para "Borrando a papá 2"

viso at CUSTODIA PATERNA - 17 hours ago
Martes, 25 de Agosto, 2015 La primera parte generó polémica, pero bastante, censuraron hasta parte de su contenido, una vez pudo proyectarse, pues primero se prohibió su reproducción. La realidad que muestra el documental hizo daño a quienes pretenden mantener el dolor oculto de miles de niños cuyos padres se separan, y son al mismo tiempo separados y alejados de su papá. llegando incluso a perder por completo el contacto total con ellos. ¿Sos un papá o una mamá que no puede ver a sus hijos? ¿Sos un hermano o hermanan que no puede ver a su hermano/a?¿Sos abuelo, abuela, tío. tía, ... more »

Una vuelta a la Inquisición: condena sin pruebas por violencia de género

viso at CUSTODIA PATERNA - 17 hours ago
Martes, 25 de Agosto, 2015 Encontramos el artículo gracias a Nacho Ledesma Mario Juliano y Gustavo Vitale, son los dos juristas que en este artículo hablan sobre como la ley de violencia de género ha roto los principios fundamentales del derecho con respecto a la presunción de inocencia de cualquier acusado. Condenar a una persona no es un hecho cualquiera, pues supone para dicha persona una carga que soportará el resto de su vida. Con esta ley de género al acusado de le condena desde el primer instant que se produce la denuncia, los protocolos policiales no necesitan de testigos o... more »

Un mujer maltrató a su pareja delante la hija menor

viso at CUSTODIA PATERNA - 17 hours ago
Martes, 25 de Agosto, 2015 E. A. G., son las siglas por las que responde la mujer arrestada por pegar a su pareja delante de su hija menor de edad. La policía local de Ibiza se personó en el lugar de lo hechos y una vez comprobado que la agresión se produjo procedió a la detención de la mujer rumana de 37 años, frente a .los 58 del padre. Esta agresión por parte de esta maltratadora se trata como violencia doméstica. Imagen de la Avenida de Sant Jordi. artículo completo Fuente: Detenida una mujer por pegar a su pareja delante de su hija more »

Gov. Rick Scott and Florida GOP: the public interest be damned ... by gimleteye (Gimleteye) at EYE ON MIAMI - 17 hours ago
With the obstruction of the law in fulfilling the mandates of Fair Districts, Gov. Rick Scott and the GOP-led Florida legislature have shown a complete disregard for one of the most important provisions of democratic protections. Their failure to follow a Florida Supreme Court order to draw Fair Districts is not an isolated example: it is the normal practice of a ruling elite that is impervious to criticism. Consider the following. The state's regional water management districts are powerful entities, supervised by appointees of Gov. Rick Scott. Although water district governing boa... more »

Un hijo demostró que su padre asesinó a su madre

viso at CUSTODIA PATERNA - 19 hours ago
Miércoles, 25 de Agosto, 2015 Según la noticia la pareja se separó cuando el marido acusó a la madre de infidelidad. Debido a este hecho se argumenta que la mujer se marchase de la vivienda y dejase a los hijos bajo la custodia del padre. La muerte de Uta von Schwedler fue considerada en un principio como un suicidio, pero debido a la dudas que el hijo mayor mantenía con respecto a la muerte de sus madre, cuando éste recibió la herencia denunció a su padre y se inició un nuevo proceso de acusación contra el padre, John Brickaman. En la noticia ya se habla de película, y no nos extra... more »

Convicted thief sets up South Florida super PAC with Federal Election Commission’s OK

Dan Christensen at Florida Bulldog - 19 hours ago
*By Francisco Alvarado* Four years after being convicted of stealing $35,000 worth of textbooks from Ohio State University’s law school library, Christopher Brian Valdes set up a super PAC this month in South Florida with the blessing of the Federal Election Commission. The post Convicted thief sets up South Florida super PAC with Federal Election Commission’s OK appeared first on Florida Bulldog.

"Best interests of the child."

Scott Adams at Children's Rights - 23 hours ago
*Best Interest** of the Child* Used by most family courts to determine a wide range of issues relating to the well-being of children. The most important of these issues concern questions that arise upon the divorce or separation of the children's parents. Here are some examples: - With whom will the children live? - How much contact (previously termed "access" or, in some jurisdictions, "visitation") will the parents, legal guardian, or other parties be allowed (or required) to have? - To whom and by whom will child support be paid and in what amount? Contents ... more »

Salads Are Overrated If You Ignore Most Salads

Scott Lemieux at Lawyers, Guns & Money - 23 hours ago
Above: A salad. Nutritous. This is a very strange argument: There’s one food, though, that has almost nothing going for it. It occupies precious crop acreage, requires fossil fuels to be shipped, refrigerated, around the world, and adds nothing but crunch to the plate. It’s salad, and here are three main reasons why we need […]

Foster Family Ends Legal Fight For Sonya

LK at Legally Kidnapped - 1 day ago
Foster Family Ends Legal Fight For Sonya A middle Tennessee foster family fighting to get back the little girl they raised for eight years announced they are stopping their lengthy legal fight.

No More Jim Crow Family Courts - Defeating one state at a time!

David Inguanzo at Children's Rights - 1 day ago
[image: No More Jim Crow Family Courts - Defeating one state at a time! shirt design - zoomed]Buy a shirt and fund the attorney we just found in Florida to argue Organized by: *Sherry Palmer* Declaratory Judgment and destroy the unconstitutional practices in family courts The money raised in this booster will go towards helping each state file a declaratory judgment to stop the unconstitutional practices in the family courts. The first portion of this month's campaign will be designated for the filing fees in Sarasota, Florida. If there are overages the extra will go into the nonprof... more »

Official: Rhode Island child welfare agency to be restructured, including lead networks

LK at Legally Kidnapped - 1 day ago
Official: Rhode Island child welfare agency to be restructured, including lead networks Officials say the state's troubled child welfare agency will soon be completely restructured and is considering doing away with its current model of using two nonprofit networks to provide services to children and youth.

Lawsuit challenges constitutionality of Oklahoma Indian Child Welfare Act

LK at Legally Kidnapped - 1 day ago
Lawsuit challenges constitutionality of Oklahoma Indian Child Welfare Act Under the Oklahoma law, tribes are allowed to intervene — even when both birth parents oppose tribal intervention and have agreed upon who they want as adoptive parents for their child.

RIP Douglas Mincher, Clerk of 11th Circuit

David Markus at Southern District of Florida Blog - 1 day ago
The 11th Circuit posted these comments: And Aly Palmer at The Daily Report in Atlanta covers the sad story here: *A longtime metro Atlanta court administrator, Douglas Mincher, has died at the age of 57.* *Mincher, who became clerk of court for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit earlier this year, died on Sunday of an apparent heart attack, according to Circuit Executive James Gerstenlauer.* *Mincher had been chief deputy clerk for the Northern District of Georgia from 2010 until being hired for the Eleventh Circuit job. He previously had... more »

Book Review: Neil Foley, Mexicans in the Making of America

Erik Loomis at Lawyers, Guns & Money - 1 day ago
U.S. border agents stop Mexican immigrants crossing into United States, 1948 Neil Foley has written what I believe to be the first comprehensive history of Mexicans in U.S. history. It seems ridiculous that no one has written something like this before but I’m pretty sure it is true. Mexicans have played a very important role […]


Rumpole at JUSTICE BUILDING BLOG - 1 day ago
*"Bears make money, Bulls make money, pigs get kicked in the head."* Rumpole, in a speech on October 12, 1987, exactly one week before Black Monday, October 19, 1987, when the stock market lost 22.6% of its value, the largest one day financial loss in US history. Our email in box is flooded with panicky investors seeking our advice. It's complicated. This correction (it's far from a crash) was bound to happen. The market was overvalued under any rational view of stocks. And it was thin, meaning when it rose, it only a few favorite stocks brought up the averages. What to do? ... more »

Lawsplainer: How Did the Fifth Circuit Narrow Student Free Speech Rights?

Ken White at Popehat - 1 day ago
Last week, in Bell v. Itawamba County School Board, an en banc panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit spent 101 pages arguing over when students can be punished for off-campus speech, and ultimately significantly limited them. Wait. You expect me to read a 101-page court opinion? I don't expect […] Lawsplainer: How Did the Fifth Circuit Narrow Student Free Speech Rights? © 2004-2015 by the authors of Popehat. This feed is for personal, non-commercial use only. Using this feed on any other site is a copyright violation. No scraping.

Which T14 Law School Officially Has The Best Sense Of Humor?

Kathryn Rubino at Above the Law - 1 day ago
Instead of stressing out about on-campus interviews, folks at one law school are upping their prank game.

En 2.017 habrá 3 millones de varones españoles condenados por violencia de género

viso at CUSTODIA PATERNA - 1 day ago
Lunes, 24 de Agosto, 2015 Estos son los datos que precisa la industria de género para justificar el aumento de fondos, o como mínimo las mismas cantidades, para la violencia de género, y todo aquello relacionado con ese género. Hoy mismo publicábamos una entrada de una guía que había supuesto destinar para la confección de la misma casi 2 millones de las antiguas pesetas (más de 11.000 euoros). El hecho de que muchos de los casos, una gran mayoría, terminen en sobreseimientos o archivos, no implica que se elimine al acusado su inclusión en las listas de uno más de los maltratador... more »

Dimite la edil de Educación que fue detenida tras una pelea con su hijo

viso at CUSTODIA PATERNA - 1 day ago
Lunes, 24 de Agosto, 2015 Susana Garrocho Serrano dimitió de su cargo como concejal de Educación (PSOE)en el ayuntamiento de Morón tras el incidente que conllevó la detención de ella y su hijo. Ambos pasaron la noche en el calabozo. La noticia no aporta datos sobre si esta señora está o no separado del padre de este joven de 20 años, pero es fácil que así sea. La violencia de hijos hacía padres se encuentra muy presente en las noticias, pero aquello que no aparece mucho en las mismas, es que dicha violencia se produce sobre todo contra la madre, y en entornos familiares en donde el... more »

New Orleans: What Climate Change Adaptation Looks Like

Erik Loomis at Lawyers, Guns & Money - 1 day ago
One point that many on the social justice side of the climate change issue repeat over and over is that the impacts of climate change are going to be felt primarily by the world’s poor. The wealthy will be able to move to the last livable areas if need be while the poor will be […]

Non-Sequiturs: 08.24.15

Kathryn Rubino at Above the Law - 1 day ago
* I get that litigation is expensive, but I promise, Tom Brady doesn't need donations for his Deflategate legal bills. Especially not when they're solicited in an obituary. [Deadspin] * Protip: Don't ask a female attorney if she is going through menopause, unless you like sanctions. [Lawyers for the Profession] * Great time waster: what's the weirdest law in your home state? [Yahoo!] * Lat reviews *Allegiance* (affiliate link), a novel by Kermit Roosevelt featuring a Supreme Court clerk. [Wall Street Journal] * An all too realistic look at what it is like to be a lawyer -- substance ... more »

Why It Now Costs So Much to Renounce Your Citizenship

Joe Palazzolo at Law Blog - 1 day ago
For the foreseeable future, Americans who want to renounce their citizenship will have to pay more than $2,000 for the pleasure.

Law Students: Welcome Back! Have You Seen This Yet?

Above the Law at Above the Law - 1 day ago
Above the Law Review, Law Reviews, Law Schools

Just Say No: Top 10 Red Herrings Of The Marijuana Industry

Hilary Bricken at Above the Law - 1 day ago
Not everything you've read about the marijuana industry is true. Be careful out there.


Scott Lemieux at Lawyers, Guns & Money - 1 day ago
Shorter Republican Party: Anti-immigration policies cannot fail, they can only be failed.

Hiring law clerks who have experience: A bad thing?

Brian Toth at Southern District of Florida Blog - 1 day ago
FIU law professor Howard Wasserman has an interesting post today at PrawfsBlawg about the "unfortunate trend," in his view, of judges' tending to hire law clerks who have some real-world experience, rather than straight out of law school. He notes that this trend seems to be increasing, particularly in the Southern District of Florida.

C-SPAN Famous

Erik Loomis at Lawyers, Guns & Money - 1 day ago
Anyone who wants to watch my appearance on CSPAN’s BookTV, you can do here at the link. I don’t think it goes away, but it might at some point. So watch it.

Praise For Hillary Clinton’s Lawyer — From A Surprising Source

David Lat at Above the Law - 1 day ago
Even David Kendall's adversaries have nice things to say about him.

Verdict Near in Chicago Cop Dispute Over Late-Night Email Pay

Jacob Gershman at Law Blog - 1 day ago
A trial wrapping up in Chicago pitting police officers against the city is one of the most high-profile cases to examine the rights of employees to be compensated for time they spend after hours glued to their phones dealing with work.

Criminally Yours: The Naked Women In Times Square

Toni Messina at Above the Law - 1 day ago
The "naked" women in Times Square aren't really naked, and it's really not as dire a problem as it seems

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