A Year Without My's to you Judge Valerie Manno-Schurr.

I never thought that i would ever believe there were real fathers that really love their children because my parent inflicted so much pain ,abuse that it crippled us mentally I found help in therapy 16 year's of hard core therapy and after it all who won me" i did not stay crippled , what I am trying to say is i admire the fight fathers put up for their children. please keep it going i believe in good fathers now , please continue to give the little angel by your side lucky stars and when she grows up she will sparkle and and she will say my dad gave me so much love and i am going give lots of to my children some day. God Bless you and your children.

Do her mistakes qualify her for another six years on the bench? Or is it time that Miami-Dade voters look for someone who is more competent…Read More

Judge Manno-Schurr Reversed again for not knowing the law - United Auto Courts Reports

United Auto Courts Reports ~ Valerie Manno-Schurr has made a habit of being reversed in her first term as Miami-Dade circuit judge. The latest instance was on Feb. 29, when the Third District Court of Appeal determined that she erred in a dispute over a homeowner’s insurance claim. Judge Manno-Schurr has been reversed many times on cases taken to appeal. As of late 2011,…Read More

Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress

abusive parent no excuse

The first case to recognize a non-custodial parent’s cause of action based on the tort of…Read More

This means Family Court discrimination against parents and children who suffer from PTSD legal trauma!

Sanders: End Discrimination Against People with Disabilities -- Sen. Bernie Sanders called for an end to all forms of discrimination including against people who may have a disability.  THERESPECTABILITYREPORT.ORG

"Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never in nothing, great or small, large or petty never give in, except to…Read More

Sign the petition. It is already headed for Congress.

The amount of unquestioned power in the family court system is a breeding ground for corruption and unchecked biases. The matter of a parents and childs future as a family and legal forced adoption is one that should be taken with extreme consideration. We the undersigned ask that the option to choose a jury trial over the sole discretion of one Judge, be implemented. When the State terminates and adopts out a parents child there is financial incentive for the counties CPS that creates a huge door for corrupt practices and abuse of power in an effort to secure funding. The act of terminating a parents rights not only strips a child of an entire family and identity, but causes the parent years of grief and uncertainty. To lose one's child is a loss so terrible in it's torment of a parents heart. This is a matter that is more then just a 'civil' matter which can be handled lightly. We want accountability. We want fair and just trials by a group of our peers.

The amount of unquestioned power in the family court system is a breeding ground for corruption and unchecked biases. The matter of a parents and…

Basically, if you are a parent of one or more natural/biological children, you also were unlawfully victimized by either above-described…Read More

 STOP Court's DENIAL of REASONABLE Parent/Child CONTACT Scheduled for filing during middle March 2016, this federal class action suit seeks two primary goals in court relief: (1) shutdown and…Read More

Over the past few decades, research has shown the importance of fathers to their children’s well-being.…


Parental Rights Class Action

(Join Now!)

Introduction: If you want to join now, just jump down to the registration form at the bottom of this Homepage, or first read the Overview just below, and/or learn about the very powerful constitutional Arguments that we're going to use within the Complaint. If you are hoping to find some power legal ammo for use in your own personal family…Read More

Never doubt why so many are working so hard to ‪#‎fixfamilycourts‬ 

Every parent starts out equal but does not remain that way in the so-called family courts.

Once you enter that court you feel nothing but attacked. Your life and decisions are no longer your own. Your children are stripped from the life you thought you were protected to live. People in the family court process step in between you and your child regardless of whether you are for or not.

Some like Chris are left with no hope of ever recovering. What do you do when the court you thought would protect you and your child from vicious attacks on your fundamental rights fails you? Where do you turn when you cannot afford justice and when there is no hope for it?

Let's make 2016 the year of ‪#‎noexcuses‬ and restore justice and protection in every parent and child's life. Let's make 2016 the year of no more lost lives and ‪#‎fizfamilycourts‬ once and for all! ‪#‎neverfear‬‪#‎neverforget‬

Funny River, AK
Exactly two years ago today Chris Mackney took his own life after enduring the horrors of family court as long as he was able. The ex-wife (Dina Mackney) of Ch...

Bullied to Death:

Chris Mackney’s Kafkaesque Divorce 

There is no one way or no best way to tell the story of a man driven by others to…Read More

How Do You Tell This Story?

There is no one way or no best way to tell the story of a man driven by others to take his life. I know, because I have been trying to explain to state leaders, media, and professionals how this is happening to good people who trust our legal system to work to protect them and their children. Challenging doesn’t even touch it. Author Mike Volpe…Read More

Gary Treistman explains how the Family Court System separated his daughter from him.

Listen to the TRUTH about Family Courts

"The Smoking Gun" …Read More

76. Father's Open Letter To The Family Courts.

Owen Lucas films his open letter to the court
admitting that he is in contempt of court for doing so.
He tells us of his grief and impotence in the face of the family court system.
Owen speaks for so many fathers who find themselves in the palm of ex-partners colluding with a system that in many cases, strips fathers of their homes, their children and their dignity - and often their jobs and financial stability too.
Mothers are given legal aid and fathers are not unless there is already proven child abuse.
In cases where abuse is suspected or even confirmed, a father has no clout to impact the family court system in many cases.
NB. If you know a child is being abused, ensure that a. you take photographs b. you film them speaking of the events and c. you inform the police without delay. These three steps may well be the difference between whether you become alienated from, or the main caregiver to your child/children.

Stand Up For Zoraya
stand up for zoraya causes pic - 2015

The Cause "Stand Up For Zoraya" celebrates the love fathers have for their daughters, inspiring them to embrace the important role they hold in their daughters' lives and to provide the love, nurture, and emotional support that only they can give. Every once in a while I feel like this blog was written by someone else, maybe a long lost friend,…Read More

Yesterday I gazed out the window watching fireworks and was really missing my angel but I cannot call her because I am scared of her mom’s false allegations and lies, she doesn't call me and knowing she is…Read More

WLYB......I have tried to educate this board of 4 Florida Judges (Chief Judge Bertila Soto-11th Jud. Cir. FL, Judge Garber-3rd DCA FL,…Read More

 · Courts must work toward a shared parenting norm - Miami Herald  

While it is true our family courts must do more to move toward shared parenting whenever there is a divorce or separation in a family, an old saying…


Family Courts Deny Fit Parent Visitation - Custody


July 16, 2015 by Robert Franklin, Esq, Member, National Board of Directors, National Parents Organization This article isn’t new, but…Read More

My opinion on the origin of mental illness is controversial to many in my profession. I maintain that emotional disturbances are…Read More

Preponderance of Evidence and Mental Health Disorders

If You Seek a Bio-chemical Cause for Mental Health Disorders, You will become the “Little Train that Couldn’t” By Linda J. Gottlieb, LMFT, LCSW-r My opinion on the origin of mental illness is controversial to many in my profession. I maintain that emotional disturbances are situationally and not bio-chemically caused. But this position did not…Read More

The family court system routinely violates fathers’, mothers’ and children’s Constitutional Rights with lack of due process restraining orders, forced alienation of children from fine, fit parents and court ordered separation of property without legal justification.  By breeding and instigating malicious mothers and fathers, matrimonial attorneys and the  family court system  create “deadbeat dads” & “deadbeat moms” by turning fine, fit parents into destitute, broken citizens separated from their children, property and finances.  Family court, through a system of ABA controlled, deliberately ambiguous, arcane, self-serving laws, absurd & deliberately intimidating Latin and cumbersome court rules, routinely creates fatherless & motherless children that devastate families and undermines the fabric of American society.  As women continue to earn more money in the workforce, this system is turning against women with alarming speed and frequency. 
The family court system’s unregulated environment enables predatory matrimonial attorneys to exploit families at their most vulnerable time and entrap families in multi-year, financially ruinous divorce litigation and bitter, attorney-created acrimony deliberately instigated to line their pockets with your money.  Families are literally picked clean by the system. 
In family law, there is no constitutional right to jury, due process or an attorney.  As a result, elected or appointed Judges have tremendous unsupervised power to conduct their court rooms as they see fit.  Compound this fact with the problem of underfunded and opaque ethics regulations of attorneys, judges or court appointed experts and you have the recipe for disaster for families stuck in a collusive court.
The trio of judge, attorney and expert have 100% transparency into the assets of their victims and have scary powers to hold children as ransom in money grabs.  It’s truly an abomination and, as Americans, we have a moral imperative to fix this situation and apply civil rights to the courts that decide the lives of our children.
How can this possibly be?  Family court is big business.  A Business created by lawyers for lawyers.  Divorce is a $100 Billion a year industry with massive lobbying and marketing budgets.  $100 Billion, not from corporate budgets, but from your life savings and children’s college fund.  It’s a system of increasing financial benefit to matrimonial attorneys & court “experts” and diminishing returns for your family – all while being marketed to you as a winning strategy and your only option to succeed during divorce.   It’s nothing more than government supported job creation and legally mandated transfer of wealth.  Anyone challenging what we say on this site is personally profiting from the system – period. Research their background. When one parent is destroyed financially, the whole family suffers.  Only the legal profession has ethics boards and fee arbitration panels because they are so fraudulent.  And all these boards are run by lawyers which is collusion by definition.  Every week, we receive tragic stories.
Divorce has no place in a court room where divorcing couples are routinely disrespected and treated like criminals by our appointed and elected civil servants. Divorce should be a regulated, thirty or sixty day event just like home real estate transfer.  The process needs fixed legal fees for paperwork, fixed accounting fees for asset division, alimony and child support calculations based on standardized schedules.  Shared physical custody needs to be set at 50/50 with offsets for parental schedules.  With a regulated timeframe, conflict and legal abuse syndrome is minimized, families remain solvent and children remain protected.   The family court system will lose its power to remove children from fine, fit parents, bankrupt and destroy productive members of society and create adversarial situations that push people to dangerous limits.  With a 30 or 60 day system of divorce, divorce rates would likely trend downward which shall improve the fabric of American society. The current industry model of making a mountain out of a molehill for revenue is at the end of its abusive, greedy, self-serving and destructive cycle. 
Fortunately, the era has arrived for reforming the family court system for American citizens.  Our Mission is to harness the strength, energy and determination of thousands of disparate, autonomous fathers’ & mothers’ groups and millions of damaged parents and children and channel that power into a force of ONE NATIONAL VOICE to enact modern legislation and a system of checks & balances.  We will not stand by as irresponsible family court laws, willing courts and 10,000 American Bar Association matrimonial attorneys prey on and destroy the lives of millions of Americans.  The power of social media and education of the problems will drive the message to our civil servants that change can no longer be ignored by them.  Our strategy is well-engineered, our vision is focused and our committment unwavering.

Judge Tears Down House of God

NBC 6 South Florida

Overtown church and neighboring crack house to be destroyed.

By Todd Wright | Email …Read More

Judge Valerie Manno Schurr appointed Mark Meland as a receiver for a company after finding it in "default" for failing to turn over…Read More

South Florida Lawyers: Can Someone Explain This?

Judge Valerie Manno Schurr appointed Mark Meland as a receiver for a company after finding it in "default" for failing to turn over financial records to South Florida power broker Chris Korge, who is represented by Kendall Coffey. Huh? Was the "default" a discovery sanction?  Did the Judge strike the defendant's pleadings?  Is that what the…Read More

“Anyone who has ever worked in a legal aid office or law library has met people whose lives have come unhinged after a bad contact with the…Read More
Family Court is Traumatic - 2016

Courthouse Violations and PTSD:

What Is “Legal Abuse Syndrome”?

This is the first post on this blog to introduce Legal Abuse Syndrome (LAS), a condition proposed by marriage and family therapist Karin P. Huffer, whose books on the subject of posttraumatic stress stemming from court-mediated violations are Overcoming the Devastation of Legal Abuse Syndrome (1995) and Legal Abuse Syndrome: 8 Steps for Avoiding…Read More

Across the country women, children, AND MEN are becoming the victims of judges and the court system. It is time that we take a stand, and…Read More

Judges re-abuse children worse than abusers

When someone hurts us and/or our children, our first reaction is to protect ourselves or to call the police. We think that as victims that the authorities should be there to help us; that as innocent victims the police, and court system should there for the best interest of the…Read More

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